The Shifting Balance of Reality — Aquarius Full Moon Astrology Report July 23, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

July 23 to Aug 8

• Aquarius Full Moon is Friday, July 23, 7:37 PM PST
• Current Full Moon Theme (July 23 to Aug 8):  Shifting Realities
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — The Shifting Balance of Reality

Our Full Moon in Aquarius is highlighting a new awareness of our shift into the Aquarian Age. This new Age that we are stepping into is beginning to change our individual concepts of reality and this Full Moon is facilitating that shift.

The modern understanding of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus, stems from the Uranian energies of independence, freedom and individuality. These are the qualities of Aquarius that will blossom into a new Age of collective cooperation, based on mutual respect and appreciation for individualized contribution.

With this influx of high level Uranian energies taking hold within many individualized people, we are seeing and experiencing a worldwide shift in reality. This shift, which we call the Aquarian Age, marks a turning point within a larger 25,920 year zodiac cycle. Each Full Moon in Aquarius is jump-starting our consciousness with the energies we need to shift into the new Age.

The Aquarian Age and the Shifting Balance of Power

Uranus is the planet energizing the Aquarian Age. One of the qualities of Uranus is to activate consciousness and act as a catalyst or a tipping point, to jump start a person’s awareness toward a new level of realization.

As discussed in previous articles, the three outer transcendent planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto operate mainly in an unconscious manner until the individual reaches a certain quality of awareness. It’s fair to say that if you are reading this article you’re most likely aware of these Uranian energies, especially through your desire for individual freedom and personal rights. You’ll also be experiencing an expanded thought process that sees the possibility for a better world, free of coercion, free of censorship, and with more control over your own life.

The Aquarian Age began during 2012 which corresponded with the end of the Mayan calendar.
Since that time we have watched an explosion of new information, new technologies (both good and bad), and an awareness that the current power structures of control are crumbling under the weight of individuals who are awakening to the magnitude of our shifting reality.

Since that time, as a pushback to the expansion, we have also watched an acceleration of control within the balance of power, away from the people and toward big government, big tech, big pharma and control of information.

This shift in awareness is exposing the underlying systems of control and fueled new movements for freedom around the world. These trends lead us directly to where we are today and our Full Moon in Aquarius.

The Full Moon Catalyst for Change

Our Full Moon is allowing for each of us to have completely different experiences and perceptions of reality. In other words, there will be a great contrast among us, of not only experience, but in how we actually perceive what’s occurring.
There is no debate that divisive power structures are beginning to dismantle. Whether or not a person responds to their circumstances out of fear or an increased awareness, the importance is to realize that you do have a choice.
Specifically, unexpected events including the energies of crisis in one form or another, will give each of us the opportunity to look at reality in new and different ways. This type of individual choice, moving with new awareness rather than fear, helps move humanity in the right direction.
This point of choice within a crisis is good and necessary in order for things to change. The Sabian archetype for the Sun and Moon tells this story in a poignant way.

ARCHETYPE — The spreading power of an individualized experience moving through the collective.
COMMENTARY — Individual expression can spread throughout the collective if the conditions are perfect. The rapid spread of a new idea can have both a positive or a negative effect. The polarized response indicates that an individualized answer or cure may be needed at the collective level, especially if it can spread at a rapid or viral rate.

ARCHETYPE — The developmental need for inner security enables us to meet unexpected crises.
COMMENTARY— At any given time, nature may reduce seemly permanent endeavors into an impermanent state. The contrast we experience during an challenging event or crisis becomes a catalyst for a quick change. This is true regardless of whether or not the change is desired.

What we see within these two archetypes is that the unexpected challenges of life will help us create the awareness and catalyst we need to be aware of the new changes, and then share our new individualizing experiences.
In terms of the Full Moon, our perception of reality is about to shift, especially for those who are able to see with more than just their eyes. New ideas and new understandings about what we thought was real or true may be suddenly shifting for us all.
Whatever your personal experience is during this Lunar cycle, know that your perception of the healthy balance point between yourself and the collective will certainly shift. Each of us must use the events in our lives as catalysts, so we can begin seeing the world, not as we are told it is by those in control, but in light of a dawning new Aquarian Age of reality and individualized enlightenment.

Astrology Pattern

We have a rare “see-saw” pattern in our Full Moon chart. A “see-saw” configuration occurs when we have two oppositions that crisscross closely together. The visual look of this pattern of dual oppositions resembles a see-saw or teeter-totter.
This current pattern indicates that there are volatile energies that are competing with each other through the multiple oppositions that are occurring. This pattern requires flexibility in order to find the correct balance.
What this mean for you is that these competing frequencies will teach you through polarity and contrast. They will act like a catalyst for Aquarian and Uranian energies to take root in your consciousness. Through contrast you will be forced to face the unknown, in order to expand your view of reality, and thus come to new understandings of what is occurring in the world around you.
This is especially significant when we realize that our next Full Moon on August 22 is also in Aquarius at 30°, the final degree of Aquarius. This second Aquarian Moon will continue to emphasize the importance of accepting the changing energies of the new Aquarian Age. These dual Aquarian Full Moons are another indicator of massive changes taking place in the world.
The main point about these changes is to remember that as our collective reality begins to drastically shift, extreme contrast is needed as a wakeup call in order to continue the Uranian process of freedom, and the beginning of a new era. The balance point between the individual and the controllers is about to shift in a huge Uranian way.
During the coming time period, from July 23 to the Virgo New Moon on Sept 6, our back-to-back Aquarian Full Moons will activate the consciousness of many more people, enabling them to use their experiences as a catalyst for change. This activation will create an unexpected shift in the current balance point between individual awareness and blind acceptance of ruling authority.
These coming cycles are a clear indicator that the current balance of power and control is in the process of making a big shift. We won’t really be able to see the dawn of the new Age without seeing the true nature of our changing reality.


New events, circumstances, and world developments have the real possibility of triggering a massive change in how we perceive reality, both as individuals and within the collective. This process will begin to create a needed shift in awareness,  not just for individuals but also within the current power structures of the world.
This is the time to experience the catalyst of contrast, not as conflict but as an opportunity to better understand your place in a changing world.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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