The Synthesizing Power of the Gemini Mind—Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 2019

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The Synthesizing Power of the Gemini Mind—Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 2019


December 11, 2019

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The Synthesizing Power of the Gemini Mind—Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 2019

Full Moon Astrology Report
Dec 11 to Dec 25

Gemini Full Moon is Wednesday, Dec 11, 9:12 PM PST
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 26 to Dec 25): An Awakening
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — The Synthesizing Power of the Gemini Mind

Our Gemini Full Moon is emphasizing the need to assimilate whatever was awakened during our New Moon in Sagittarius. In my last article, “The Awakening of New Wisdom” I discussed the unique astrological opportunities of our recent New Moon which included accessing a new quality of wisdom associated with expanded awareness.

This new aspect of wisdom from the New Moon works in tandem with Gemini’s intellectual and inquisitive approach to life. I’m encouraging everyone to reread that article (linked above) as it lays a solid foundation and context for our current Full Moon energies.

Lessons From Gemini

Each of the twelve universal archetypes within the zodiac supports the development our consciousness in a  very specific way. As the third zodiac sign, Gemini plays an important role in our personal development and the way in which we function in the world.

Gemini energy activates our mental approach to life and how we respond to our environment. It’s Gemini that gives us the desire to learn and ‘to know.’ Gemini allows us to differentiate and to be objective so we can experience and explore our world. Gemini also gives us the ability to integrate and synthesize what we learn. Without Gemini’s ability to be objective, we would not be able to distinguish fact from fiction or reality from illusion. It’s also Gemini’s ability to differentiate that teaches us how we are unique from everyone else.

Gemini relies on the inner strength developed in the previous sign of Taurus to move beyond what is already known. In fact, it’s this strength of body from Taurus that develops into a strong mind in Gemini, and that inspires Gemini’s curiosity and inquisitiveness to know more.

There’s a natural restlessness in Gemini that’s absolutely necessary to fuel our mental expansion. Without this restlessness ‘to know’ more, the development of consciousness would lack the necessary independence from one’s external environment. It’s through this ability to think independently that we are able protect ourselves from being gullible to external influences, including inaccuracy and misinformation.

In other words, Gemini supports the ability to be a critical thinker, inspired by one’s own curiosity and independence. It is absolutely critical for the ‘Gemini function’ of the mind to be free to discover and explore the world as one sees fit. This Full Moon is anchoring that ability and the desire to protect our freedoms of exploration.

An Inner Source of Inspiration

The awakening of wisdom that began with our Sagittarius New Moon two weeks ago now becomes fully active in the context of our Gemini Full Moon. What this means is that the active ‘fire’ element in Sagittarius is inspiring the mental processes of Gemini to rely more on inner wisdom rather than simple intellect.

Neptune in our Full Moon is providing an additional quality of inspiration to this activation. This inspiration is reinforced by a Neptune quality of inner guidance.  As these positive qualities of Neptune provide greater illumination, a natural form of intuition rises from the unconscious realms. It supports our Gemini Full Moon’s ability to see beyond a mere representation of the facts. Beyond this, it supports our ability to assimilate a more spiritual perspective to aid our critical thinking in seeing perspectives beyond the established status quo.

Gemini’s sense of curiosity not only supports this process of developing critical thinking, it also supports the ability to assimilate all new information that is discovered. This process of assimilation is one way to understand the synthesizing power of the Gemini mind.

The Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThere are two significant astrology patterns in our current Full Moon chart. The first pattern involves the historic conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, with Venus now conjunct as well. The second pattern is the T-square that Neptune makes to our Full Moon.

1. Our historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction, which will culminate with the Full Moon eclipse on January 10th, 2020, has Venus positioned directly between Pluto and Saturn. The significance of Venus positioned with Pluto and Saturn adds to the importance of seeing the value (Venus) and recognizing the long-term impact that this historic conjunction will play in the years to come. Read more information about this historic conjunction here.

This historic conjunction will have a very positive outcome for the individual, especially in terms of inner strength and personal awakening. Those individuals who are awakening are already promoting positive Aquarian values that anchor the foundation for new grassroots movements that support the freedoms of individuals.

Beyond the individual, at the level of the larger existing culture and status quo, this historic conjunction will continue to play out through abuses of power, and attempts to subjugate the individual to various forms of totalitarianism and globalism.

2. Our second pattern involves Neptune in a T-square with the Sun and Moon. This T-square forms two 90° angles that provide a concrete and stable solution to our current situations, both personal and global. With Neptune in the T-square, the traditional quality of ‘stable solutions’ is somewhat nebulous. This nebulous quality is present because Neptune operates at an unconscious level for the majority of the world’s population.

For those who have learned to work intentionally with these transcendent energies, Neptune is quite positive and allows for the flow of inspiration and guidance to come from an inner source. At the collective level, because of its illusive and transcendent nature, Neptune is often experienced through shadow qualities of fantasy and delusion. These unconscious factors result in individuals receiving their inspiration from outside factors, including the status quo and world events rather than inner guidance. For this reason, the processes of world events are rarely fully understood in their proper context.


Our current Full Moon is the last Full Moon before our historic Lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The most valuable way to work this current Gemini Full Moon is to realize how important independent thinking is to help you discover new opportunities and experience with more clarity what’s happening in the world around you.

With this Full Moon we have the opportunity to be inquisitive and curious, along with mental awakening and the wisdom to think for ourselves. As our awareness awakens to new realities that are forming around us, each of us can awaken to our own inspiration through the synthesizing power of the Gemini mind.

Happy Full Moon,

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