The Tale of Two Cosmic Kites — Pisces Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 1, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Sept 1 to Sept 17

Pisces Full Moon is Monday, Sept 1, 10:22 PM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (Sept 1 to Sept 17): The Threshold of a New Cycle
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — The Tale of Two Cosmic Kites

Our Full Moon in Pisces is part of a special Kite Pattern that features a secondary shadow Kite just beneath it. This rare lunar configuration mirrors the unusual historical times we live in. In this article, I’ll be discussing how these two kites are related, including how the shadow is being fed by our historic Capricorn conjunctions and the way in which we are seeing these powerful shadow elements being brought out into the open worldwide.

If you have been following this Lunar Journal over the past year you know that the shadow elements of the historic Capricorn conjunctions are a key part of what has been unfolding during this year of change. To recap for our new readers, this historic conjunction represents a 500-year cycle of revolution. The last time we saw this configuration in Capricorn was 500 years ago. One of the products of the previous cycle of revolution was the revolt against authoritarian control in the Catholic church, which came to be known as the Reformation movement that led to the formation of the Protestant branch of Christianity.

This 500-year-old cycle brings with it both good and bad. The positive element is the rise of individual freedom and prosperity. The shadow side is control and oppression. We dealt with both sides of this cycle then, just as we are seeing now. Currently, we are seeing the shadow element of this historic Capricorn conjunction as a push toward a new world order with totalitarianism, world domination, and world socialism. All of these ideologies represent different forms of total control over the people.

What’s important to understand about this cycle of revolution is that it is meant to have a positive outcome for humanity, through new forms of freedom, individuality and prosperity.

The Two Kites

Our current Full Moon chart represents a pattern that is too strong and dynamic to ignore.

There are big energies building. Our Virgo New Moon theme suggested that we are crossing a new threshold. For the first half of the cycle, the energies have been internal, gestating, and coming into form.

For the past two weeks, it’s been important to allow these new energies to build internally. It has been difficult to determine the specifics, and not necessarily a time for external action. (See New Moon article, The Threshold of a New Cycle.)

Now that we are at the Full Moon it’s becoming clear that the nebulous nature of those previous New Moon energies can be understood through our double Kite pattern.

We are calling these two Kite patterns the ‘Full Moon Kite’ and ‘shadow Neptune Kite.’

Kite patterns generally represent a highly organized pattern that is aligned toward a specific outcome. The specific purpose and outcome is dependent on the planets involved. Kites generally have a lot of stability associated with them. However, with the nature of these dual Kites, things aren’t necessarily stable. The instability stems from the nebulous nature of Neptune at the head of what we are calling the ‘shadow Kite.’

Referring to the chart, you can see how Neptune and the Moon are working together at the head (top) of the pattern to create the two Kites.

The Full Moon Kite (with the Moon at the head) is indicating the illumination necessary to move toward a new path of freedom.

The shadow Kite (with Neptune at the head) is indicating a new opportunity for revelation of what previously hasn’t been seen. Conversely, through the shadow activation, it indicates continued patterns of deception that are based upon control and distortion.

The Full Moon Kite

Astrology ChartThe Full Moon Kite pattern, led by the Moon, is a Kite of individual empowerment. It represents a new path of personal illumination as you learn to adapt (Moon) and clearly see new possibilities (Moon/Sun). This is a new path of illumination, where you can become aware of larger realities that you may not have perceived or considered in the past.

This Kite offers the power to bring your dreams and ideals into clear focus, so that out of duality, a new quality of unity is born, with a new type of wholeness that’s fit for choices and a new type of world.

This pattern gives you the ability to perceive what has been hidden. This due to the positive personal influence of the historic conjunction, through a healthy re-balancing of the individual and the collective.

This re-balancing of accounts is necessary in order to move forward, both as individuals and as a culture. This requires a new level of give-and-take between the individual and society, where both can learn again to trust each other. This new level of trust is especially necessary considering the level of corruption, censorship, and misinformation that’s currently occurring in our society.

The Neptune Shadow Kite

The shadow Neptune Kite represents the opportunity for a new awareness of a type of collective control that is promoted through fear and the false promise of unity based on absolute equality. The deception is based on a legitimate spiritual principle of equality of the soul, but the shadow element of distortion (Neptune) enables this principle to be co-opted for control.

This pattern features Neptune at the head of the Kite and leverages the shadow elements within the historic Capricorn conjunctions. With Neptune in the head position in Pisces, this Kite takes on even more of the collective shadow elements.

Neptune has the ability to link together a spiritual web of energies. The positive side of Neptune occurs when your soul feels nourished through this spiritual web. Soul nourishment is the experience of fulfillment when your practical activities are aligned with your purpose and destiny.

Soul nourishment enables us to let go of habits or behaviors that don’t serve our freedom. An example of this, with our current Kite pattern, would be when an individual realizes that they no longer need to be limited (Capricorn) by their heritage, circumstances, or karma.

This form of nourishment produces the experience of fulfillment and freedom within one’s personal soul’s essence. This Neptunian experience is what I refer to as “soul nourishment.”

The shadow of the Neptune Kite occurs when the soul is not nourished. This happens when we’re unable to connect to a more transcendent personal identity, and instead have a false sense of identity, based on the collective distortions.

In this case, the Neptune shadow kite replaces soul nourishment with the feeling of collective identity. In part, this collective identity results in ideological superiority or victimization. The superiority attempts to control those who don’t support a particular way of thinking or a particular ideological standard. The flip side to this type of distorted thinking is victimization and surrender of personal power to external authority and control.

In short, the shadow of the Neptune kite highlights the Capricorn shadows of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter working together to create division and conflict. This confirms the experience of those who perceive themselves as victims, It also leads to the shadow form of unity, uniting those who feel superior either through moral conviction or political affiliation.

We are witnessing this very phenomenon worldwide as the shadow of our historic Capricorn conjunction is currently setting up the circumstances of control for future systems of socialism leading to totalitarianism.

A Favorable Outcome

Our Full Moon chart with two prominent Kites shows the potential for a very positive outcome.

The energies that have been building since the New Moon two weeks ago are big. We have not yet seen exactly where these powerful energies are headed, but our dual Kites indicate a new ability to see the clear differences between two distinct trajectories for the world.

Our current Lunar month represents the opportunity for humanity to experience the threshold of a positive new cycle. With the Moon and Neptune making a conjunction at the head of the kites, your challenge is to find your path of illumination within, through greater awareness of your own spiritual alignment. Extend this same awareness out into the world so you can more clearly see the bigger realities that are trying to unfold.

I would like to think that our current Full Moon is helping us all to see the path of personal illumination, and equally to become aware of the forces of power that don’t have our individual interests at heart.

As we move into the fall, I encourage you to work at seeing larger realities at play. Notice which of these larger realities are spiritual in nature and support individual freedoms, and which are purely politically motivated. Those realities representing the shadow element are interested only in outcomes that involve greater enslavement and control.

Our current dual Kites are clearly defining the key differences between personal empowerment and collective control.

This divergence of perspectives is being clearly outlined within our Full Moon chart. The kites represent two divergent paths and potential outcomes that are becoming more clearly defined with each Lunar cycle.

Until now we have been largely aware of the shadow elements of our historic conjunction, however, this 500-year-cycle of revolution indicates the potential for a very positive outcome moving forward.


This Full Moon brings with it a powerful pair of connected kites, the Full Moon Kite, and the corresponding Neptune shadow Kite. Each kite holds quite different energies. They are connected through your ability to see the shadow (hidden) elements playing out both internally through personal experience, and in the world as a collective force.

With the Moon and Neptune making a conjunction at the head of the kites, your challenge is to find your path of personal illumination through greater awareness of your spiritual alignment. Realizing the power of what nourishes your soul and your essence during this Full Moon period can lead you toward greater freedom and fulfillment, especially as your awareness of the hidden shadow elements becomes more clear.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  2. OMG! I have a kite in my birth chart, air grand trine opposing my Chiron and Mercury both in Leo. I was born during a Virgo new moon (08/28/1992).
    After almost 6 years married, I found out my ex was cheating on Sept. 01, 2020. We were separated by the end of September. I had to learn how to live independently and have learned parts of myself I didn’t even know existed, definitely a whole new path. This makes so much sense, thank you!

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