The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma — Scorpio New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2020

New Moon Astrology Report November 14, 2020
Nov 14 to Dec 14

Scorpio New Moon is Saturday, Nov 14, 9:07 PM PST
New Moon Theme: Nov 14 – Dec 14: Accessing the Depths of Knowledge
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma

Our Scorpio New Moon brings forward emotions from the depths of our own highly charged experiences. These charged experiences include all those events and realizations throughout life that carry a high degree of emotional intensity.

These can include experiences from the past that, whether conscious or not, contain enough raw energy and charge that they are still anchored in the depths of our being. Some of these we refer to as “peak experiences.” A peak experience is one that holds a long-term emotional charge, regardless of whether it is experienced as positive or negative.

Our New Moon in Scorpio is revealing things that have been hidden beneath the surface, especially through our emotional responses. As these energies surface, we can use our emotional energies, including the memories of peak experiences, in order to connect with new forms of knowledge and inspiration.

Focus and self-control are needed now more than ever as we tap into the exhilaration of what we are learning about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Scorpio’s Emotional Tightrope

Scorpio is a powerful water sign capable of holding and releasing a great deal of raw emotional power. My recent Full Moon article (Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul ) suggested that Scorpio’s energy needs healthy outlets through the freedom to express one’s deeper emotions.

The recent article explained, “The warmth and authenticity of Scorpio is a beautiful quality and flourishes when nourished. But this quality of emotional nourishment can’t happen in environments of long-term emotional suppression. If we are to fully develop, our rising emotions must have an accessible and safe outlet for expression.”

The image of a tightrope walker expresses this new opportunity in a poignant way. This Scorpio New Moon is providing the opportunity for new levels of emotional self-control as we learn to express and release the authentic emotions that have built up over time within our subconscious.

We must also explore what happens when we’re not equipped to manage those raw emotions that have built up over time, especially if we don’t possess the necessary skill or when there isn’t a safe outlet of expression for moving forward.

Again, the image of walking a tightrope, in this case, refers to a potentially dangerous position in which multiple forces must be carefully balanced.

Scorpio’s energy is extremely powerful and requires a certain degree of control. At the individual level, we must all develop increasing skills to control our emotions, in the same way, the tightrope walker needs a high degree of finesse to successfully move forward and manage risk without being overcome by fear.

When an individual isn’t equipped, or can’t find a suitable outlet to express what has built up over a long period of time, then that individual reaches a tipping point.

How To Recognize Your Tipping Point of Balance

My analogy of the tightrope applies both to the individual and also to the larger society, especially because Scorpio’s energies are highly integrated within the roots of the collective and one’s culture.

At the individual level, the release of these deeper Scorpio emotions can manifest in a variety of ways.

The more conscious you are of this process, the more inspiration and creativity you’ll experience during this coming Lunar cycle. These rising emotions can also include extremes of anger, rage, anxiety, and fear. These uncomfortable emotions are all symptomatic of reaching a potentially unhealthy tipping point.

The balance point comes from working with these intense emotions intentionally so they can be expressed in creative and inspirational ways. In this way you can integrate the intensity, creating new levels of self-control with your emotions as they arise.

At the collective level, this process of reaching a tipping point is in most cases completely unconscious.

In our current situation, we can see what happens as suppressed emotions arise when a highly contested election disenfranchises half of our country’s population. Because of this, repressed emotions can become extremely toxic within our society and our culture.

Rage, when it operates within a society, can easily turn into mob rule or other extremely destructive behavior. At the most extreme level, powerful emotions operating in a divided country without a proper outlet at the cultural level can easily turn into a civil war.

It is for precisely this reason that adequate outlets need to be encouraged. A real-world example of this can be seen within our election. All officials should be encouraging transparency of all election results as well as all investigations into election impropriety.

In this way, our society has a healthy outlet in which to channel collective emotions through the knowledge that the elections are honest, and the process for electing our leaders can be trusted.

The secret to being successful during this Scorpio Lunar cycle is to be authentic, willing to be present to your actual feelings, and then seek out healthy avenues or outlets for those emotions that run deep.

Emotional intensity creates a peak experience. The task on hand for each of us is to assimilate every peak experience so we can channel it into inspiration and creativity. Integrating experiences at this level, especially during this Lunar cycle, prevents life events from becoming toxic, either now or when they bubble up at a later date.

A Brief Synopsis of the Historic Capricorn Conjunctions of 2020

If you have been following the Lunar Journal for the past year you are aware that the key theme of 2020 is the phenomenon of our 500-year historic Capricorn conjunctions. It’s valuable right now to revisit this pattern because with this New Moon we are beginning the final three Lunar cycles (through Jan. 2021) which will set the final trajectory for generations to come.

This historic conjunction involves the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto which have been making powerful conjunctions and transits throughout Capricorn for this entire year. These conjunctions formally began on Jan 10th, 2020, with a historic Lunar eclipse. (The first direct conjunction of Pluto and Saturn occurred two days later, on Jan 12th.)

Of these three planets, Pluto moves the slowest and holds the greatest amount of raw power. As the last of the outer planets, its function is absolute transformation. Whenever Pluto is transiting Capricorn its raw power is amplified to support the transformation of systems of external authority. The Pluto amplification of power in Capricorn usually manifests as a shadow element. This is because the transformative power of Pluto usually operates unconsciously in the general population.

Capricorn’s zodiac energy works through the quality of inner strength that the individual uses to structure their life toward achievements that benefit themselves and the larger group or culture. However, when Capricorn’s energy is working through the achievements of a culture and their institutions, the shadow of Capricorn emerges as control and the corruption that stems from abuses of power that don’t benefit the individual.

As you can see, Capricorn operates quite differently at the collective level than it does for the individual. It is this unconscious collective energy that commonly functions within the “Capricorn shadow” of control through external authority. This isn’t new, it’s been happening for ages.

When this Capricorn shadow is energized by the sheer power of Pluto (especially amplified with Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions), then authority and control devolve into authoritarianism and ultimately complete totalitarianism. We can see examples of these trends in the world today as communism, dictatorships, and regimes that exercise excessive control over the individual.

The shadow of Capricorn results in this imbalance between the individual and an overwhelming dominance of control of the collective.

Looking to the Future

The energies of our historic Capricorn conjunctions will continue to develop through this coming January. As we watch these transits we can continue to see social trends becoming more restrictive and ongoing efforts to systematically vanquish our personal liberties. The counterbalance that we are looking for is creative transparency. This includes increased disclosure of control and corruption that has been in place for generations.

The critical juncture will occur during the upcoming Capricorn New Moon on Jan 12th. This occurs exactly one year from the first Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

The Lunar cycle that starts on January 12th, 2021, represents the final activation of the Capricorn stellium. This will set in motion a new great cycle of social structure, with a trajectory that will play out for hundreds of years.

Our current Scorpio New Moon, along with the following two Lunar cycles in Sagittarius and Capricorn, will set the stage for humanity’s transition into the coming Aquarian Age. The tightrope walker’s dilemma in our current cycle lies in understanding this complex balance between individualization and the collective. In a healthy society, there must be balance.

Astrology Pattern

Our New Moon chart is a bowl pattern. The bowl represents a concentrated energy in a particular area of the zodiac. What’s most interesting about our current bowl pattern is the exact degree at which the mid-point occurs. It’s this mid-point which indicates the overall energy of the pattern itself.

Bowl with Capricorn Midpoint

The mid-point of our bowl pattern is quite telling, and the Sabian archetype for 30° Capricorn can help us understand the significance.

ARCHETYPE: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after a mature discussion with those who share this power.
COMMENTARY: The highest form of these top-level social interactions lies in the planetary and evolutionary guidance that spiritual energies provide. It takes power to assume the responsibility that accompanies it. Without the guiding perspective of wholeness, leadership deteriorates into self-interest and darkness and the connection to wholeness and spirit becomes lost.

This is an extremely powerful Sabian archetype to hold the seat of synthesis at our bowl’s mid-point. This indicates that today’s leaders are responsible for the direction of world affairs, a position of vast power, and control. With Pluto yet to transit this degree, the shadow of Capricorn will continue to influence world affairs for at least the next two years. (Pluto begins transiting 30° Capricorn on Feb 12th, 2023.)

Uranus-Mercury Opposition

Astrology ChartThe Uranus -Mercury opposition is providing a powerful burst of Uranian energy to spark or quicken your awareness of all things of a higher vibration (Uranus). I discussed earlier how inspiration and creativity are healthy outlets for Scorpio’s energy. The objective nature of this opposition is bringing those Uranian qualities of inspiration and creativity into a clearer perspective.

It’s important to note the potential shadow influence. With Mercury opposite Uranus, the individual is susceptible to being overwhelmed by the intensity of the quickening energies of Uranus. When the mind (Mercury) is unconscious of these energies operating in the mental realm, fear and rage can become a very natural reaction.

Our Mercury/Uranus opposition is primed to bring new levels of brilliance to our world. Combine this intensity with Capricorn’s shadow of misinformation, and we can see Uranus playing a crucial role throughout the coming cycle. The shadow influence could result in more chaos, while the positive result could be new realizations or understanding about what transpiring in your life and in the world.

Even though mental energy is abundant in this lunar cycle, this is a time to be prudent and not overestimate your capacities. It may be difficult to know the risks of overcommitting.

The tightrope walker’s dilemma represents the razor’s edge of balance between multiple challenges. This applies to our work in the world, our emotions, and our minds. It indicates the need to control how we integrate the guiding principles we use for moving forward in a precarious world.

Mars-Venus T-Square

Our astrology pattern also has a T-square that’s focused on our historic Capricorn conjunctions (circled in red). This T-square has Venus and Mars opposed making squares to Capricorn as the integration factor. The T-Square continues to emphasize the need to show our highest inner character (Capricorn) while being consistent with both our actions (Mars) and our beliefs (Venus).

The highest quality of Scorpio energy that we can access at this New Moon is the ability to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday life. Scorpio’s energy can be raw and intense, and the T-Square is helping us anchor our peak experiences into something more personal and authentic.

The New Moon Peak Experience

The specific degree of the New Moon is a further indicator of the significance of this chart, indicating the necessity now of integrating our peak experiences into our daily life.

ARCHETYPE: The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday life.
COMMENTARY: The emotional assimilation of peak experiences enables one to retain light within the ‘upper chambers’ in order to illuminate and transfigure everyday situations into the opportunity for inspired transformation. This is necessary in order to avoid these experiences becoming confusing or toxic through the lack of integration.

Our New Moon is introducing a new way in which we will be able to receive knowledge and information that can transform our consciousness.

We are developing the skill to assimilate the emotions and knowledge from our experiences so we can apply them to our daily lives. It’s not enough to simply experience something that is inspirational or challenging. We must take any peak experience to the next level by practicing to fully retain the light and using it to transform our everyday situations.


This New Moon holds a complex set of energies and opportunities that are held within a delicate balance. Because of the depth of Scorpio, this Lunar cycle also has a powerful emotional component that’s emerging from the depths of our beings. This is occurring both individually and collectively and represents an alignment of cosmic energies that are setting the stage for what is about to come.

As we come out of the age of Capricorn control we further enter the Aquarian Age of enlightenment. Collectively, we are still in the very early stages of the Aquarian Age.

We are moving forward together in a delicate balance, as if on a cosmic tightrope. How we all transition into this new age, and how events transpire, depends on our collective decisions and the free will of humanity.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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