The Unique and Special Nature of the Astrology Kite Pattern

The most intriguing of the geometric astrology patterns is called the “Astrology Kite Pattern ” or the “Astrology Kite Formation.” This pattern’s most distinctive feature is its actual shape that outlines a simple kite. (See image below.)

The inspiration for this article stems from the upcoming Kite formation that’s occurring at the exact moment of the 2015 Winter Solstice.

My prediction is that astrologer’s will look back to the date of Dec 21st, 2015, and see this very astrology Kite pattern as a major signifier in world events. Will this December 2015 Kite pattern be recognized as a major astrological marker and a turning point in 21st century history? Time will tell.

When we look back in time and reflect on the current timeline of humanity, will the astrology historians label this era as global fate or an exercise in free will?

What follows is a presentation on the structure and fundamental meaning of the astrology Kite pattern. Intermediate astrologers will be able to recognize and relate to the concepts and pure principle approach presented here.

Intermediate Astrology Review

There are ten planetary bodies that correspond to the basic pure principle astrological counting system. There is a numerological relationship of the numbers “one through ten” that correspond to the Sun, Moon, and planets in the our solar system.

1 = Sun (Wholeness)
2 = Mercury (Polarity)
3 = Venus (Value)
4 = Moon (Adaptive Stability)
5 = Mars (Transformation)
6 = Jupiter (Managed Expansion)
7 = Saturn (Transcendence)
8 = Uranus (Creative Change)
9 = Neptune (Metamorphosis)
10 = Pluto (Total Transformation)

There is an additional hidden substructure contained within, and expressed through the numbers of: 3 — 6 — 9.

The astro-numeric values of  3 — 6 — 9 work in a harmonious cosmic manner as Venus—Jupiter—Neptune.

What you value (Venus), and how you manage that which you value, must be managed for growth and expansion (Jupiter). This expansion allows you to become something that is transformed through a quality of metamorphosis (Neptune). The overall impact of a Kite pattern in someone’s chart will undoubtedly have a transformative or metamorphosis effect on the consciousness of the individual. In other words, the astro-numerological meaning of a Kite pattern is hidden in the very number 9 (Neptune) itself.

Is There an Aspect of Fate in the Astrology Kite Pattern?

The Kite Pattern is much more than a recognizable shape. It also has a traditional association with fate and/or destiny.

This correlation with fate and destiny results from the combination of geometric relationships formed between its three distinct astrological patterns working together. Combined, these key patterns and the basic root meanings of the different planets involved, activate key astrological principles. 

Because of the Kite’s unusual power, its energy is often experienced as fate. An appropriate question to ask at this point is whether or not what is really happening is true “Fate,” or something else? I would assert that in order to understand the meaning of the Kite and answer this question about Fate, we first need to breakdown the meaning of the pattern by examining the three individual components of the formation.

The key patterns of the Kite are composed of three types of astrological aspects or angles. These angles are formed by the individual planets that create the pattern.

  • The first pattern is a grand trine, consisting of three planets approximately 120° from each other. The grand trine is special within its own right and is considered a major astrology pattern.
  • The second pattern is a double sextile, a partial grand sextile consisting of three planets. Two of these planets are separated by approximately 120.° The third planet is located at their mid-point, and forms two separate angles of 60°.
  • The third and final pattern is an opposition, in which two planets are approximately 180° from each other.

When all of these aspects are perfectly aligned, they form the Kite. This pattern can contain as few planets as four. In our example, the astrology chart for Winter Solstice 2015 has a total of six astrological points. These consists of the Moon, Jupiter, North Node, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto. The main point to take away from this section is that an astrology Kite is uncommon. It’s rare for this many planets to be located at these exact positions in the zodiac.

Overview of the Aspects within the Kite Formation

Winter Solstice Kite Astrology Chart 2015Each aspect within the Kite contributes to a specific principle of the over all formation.  The Grand Trine pattern holds the overall energy of the planet Venus, which corresponds to the astro-numerology of three (3). The planet Venus , with its vibration of (3), holds a tremendous amount of energy that translates directly into that we experience as “Love.” In general, this Venus-type of energy is harmonious, with a balancing element that inspires that which is full of beauty, esthetic form, and attracting to itself a vision of a greater life.

The first pattern of the Kite Pattern utilizes the power of the Grand Trine. This (3) sided trine can be understood through working with its three elements, or sides of the triangle, which represent three fundamental areas of life. These three fundamental cornerstones are: the generation of power, the concentration of power, and the distribution of power.  One of the mysteries of “Love” is the process whereby Love can be generated, concentrated into something that is cherished, and then distributed to others. This generative process explains why life cannot exist without love.

Jupiter: The (6th) Planet with (6) Phases of Development (6 x 60° = 360°)

The second pattern, the Double Sextile, also know as a Partial Grand Sextile, holds the magic of Jupiter and the frequency of six (6) embedded within its astrological section. The Full Grand Sextile pattern consists of six planets, each separated by a 60° phase within the entire cycle of 360° (6 x 60°=360°).  Each individual phase of the six Jupiter phases represents a distinct stage of sequential development. Understanding these six Jupiter phases is also the key to understanding one of the more hidden secret of Jupiter. The secret is in identifying the individual phases within the overall Jupiter process.

The Six (6) Jupiter Phases of 60°
1. Emergence
2. Development
3. Expression
4. Incorporation
5. Cooperation
6. Full Maturity

The Partial Grand Sextile of the Kite pattern consists of only three of the six phases of the Full Grand Sextile. Determining which of the three phases are involved in the Partial Grand Sextile is the key to understanding its deepest meaning. For example, the three phases of the Partial Grand Sextile in the 2015 Winter Solstice chart (starting from the Moon) are calculated to be 3rd, 4th, and 5th phases. As you can see from the list above, these phases correspond to the processes of Expression, Incorporation, and Cooperation.

Neptune holds the Key to Metamorphosis

The Opposition is the third pattern of the kite, and forms the backbone that holds together the entire configuration. It is created by the combination of the Partial Grand Sextile together with the Grand Trine. Working together the two patterns create an opposition which forms the backbone of the Kite.

When we break down the energies, we have Venus (3) plus Jupiter (6) combined together to create something more encompassing and part of a higher order or higher-frequency.

Venus (3) + Jupiter (6) = Neptune (9)

The overall higher-frequency of the astrology Kite pattern is the number (9) Neptune, the 9th celestial body in our solar system. This Neptunian energy is the secret to understanding the significance of the Kite.

The activation factor is triggered by the opposition of two of the planets located in the kite at 180°. This opposition factor of the kite needs to be reconciled as a way of coming into relationship with the two points in opposition, but at higher-frequency.

Neptune is the final key to unlocking the full meaning of the astrology kite configuration. At the most basic level, Neptune activates a rebirth, or metamorphosis and transformation that is either spiritual in nature, or illusionary within the 3D realm. When we understand the transcendent elements of Neptune, we can see the way that Neptune’s spiritual perspective is being activated within the Astrology Kite Formation.

What’s activated by the opposition created by the patterns of Venus (3) and Jupiter (6) is a paradox resulting in two opposites that need to be reconciled. This is the same paradox that occurs within the meaning of the Neptunian concept of metamorphosis. There is a Mystery embedded here. How can a crawling caterpillar completely transform into a flying butterfly? Metamorphosis is the single work that describes this mysterious process and is the key to understanding both Neptune and the pattern of the astrology Kite.

Now that we have broken down the numerological and geometrical meanings of the Kite, let’s explore the overall meaning a practical way to understand its application within a chart.

What is the Overall Astrological Meaning of a Kite Pattern in a Chart?

The meaning of a Kite configuration in an astrology chart can vary depending on which planets are in the four main Kite locations. Remember, for a Kite pattern to exist, it must contain planets in each of the locations that create the correct geometric formation. The planets must be on of the chakra planets. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. Nodes, Chiron, ascendant, and Midheaven don’t count.

The basic generic meaning of the Kite is an active and dynamic demonstration or expression of how an individual can use the power of “life and love” to expand into a greater role of responsibility through cooperation and maturity.

Each person that experiences an astrological Kite will also have the chance to activate their own paradox in order to solve it. The solution for unraveling the paradox will point to each of the two sides of the opposition that occurs within the kite. One side of the opposition will correspond to the grand trine, while the opposite side will correspond to the partial grand sextile. The conflict is symbolized by the opposition’s theme and acts as the activation trigger.

The only viable solution to the apparent contradiction of the opposition or paradox, is to creatively act through the power of love, harmony, and beauty (the trine of (3) Venus) through an active and organized type of integration (the partial grand sextile of (6) Jupiter). From the individual perspective, this solution seems so natural, engrained and compelling that it’s often mistaken for “Fate.”

"Free Will" verses "Fate"

The energy operating behind the astrology Kite pattern is so geometrically dynamic that the corresponding details and events that play out in one’s life can feel as if they are scripted. To the contrary, life is not scripted, nor are we controlled by fate.

There is a phenomenon, however, that surrounds the astrology Kite pattern that resembles fate. This occurs when individual “free will” isn’t exercised and the astrological opposition or paradox within the kite cannot be resolved.

This can be clearly seen within the (6) Jupiter energy of the Kite, found within the Partial Grand Sextile. Jupiter’s expansion within human consciousness only occurs through a type of integration that ends in maturity. This can also be seen within the naturally occurring six phases of Jupiter mentioned earlier, where the cycle ends in a state of “full maturity,” indicating that the cycle of expansion was complete or successful.

Activation of the “kite principle” in one’s life occurs through a free will attempt to reconcile the paradox contained within the astrological kite pattern itself. Each time this free will exercise occurs, it creates an ease or flow that allows for Neptunian types of creative change to occur. As such, whenever the paradox cannot be resolved, the shadow side of Neptunian illusion can also manifest in a negative way (shadow) that may resemble a fated outcome.

Overall, the Astrology Kite Pattern represents an extraordinary opportunity for growth, creative change, and even a Neptunian type of total metamorphosis, rebirth, and transformation.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing Kite Pattern, there is a complete online astrology course on the Kite Pattern at Seattle Astrology University (Link will be active on Dec 15th).

Written by Steven Shroyer, a Seattle astrologer currently writing and working on the cutting-edge field of Astrological Pure Principle.


26 thoughts on “The Unique and Special Nature of the Astrology Kite Pattern”

  1. Thank you Steve this is very informative and much appreciated. My daughter has a kite formation.

  2. Aloha Steve,
    I’m interested in the profundity of my granddaughters’ natal chart, which, has 5 kites, 2 grand trines, 2 envelopes, and of course 2 rectangles. (8) trines in total, (6) sextiles, (6) oppositions, (3)squares, and (1) conjunction, which happens to be Neptune conj. Midheaven.

    I’m wondering your opinion regarding this sacred geometry. Any feelings?

  3. Hi – I saw you respond to a 2021 post, so thought I’d give it a try :). Do you have an insight on a double kite/envelope formation. Do the same principles apply? Information on that formation seems more illusive; especially how to leverage it. I also enjoyed the numerology piece, but wasn’t sure how that would factor in – especially considering the focal point of the configuration is Neptune conjunct my midhaven.

    Trine: Uranus in Sag conjunct MC. Saturn Leo. Venus Aries
    Kite1: Uranus, Saturn, Pluto in Libra
    Kite2: Uranus, Venus, Merc/Mars in Aquarius


  4. Hi Steve,
    I have 2 Grand Kite (with Chiron)in my natal, also my son has a Grand Cross and Grand Trine.

  5. I have a kite do you have any insight into its meaning?

    Mercury in 12° Cancer
    Uranus in 14° Pisces
    Jupiter in 9° Scorpio
    Venus in 14° Taurus

  6. I have fallen down an internet rabbit hole. I thought for years that I only had a grand earth trine. I just looked up my chart again and come to find out not only do I have a grand earth trine….I also have two kite formations AND a grand fixed cross. Now im lost lol.

  7. Hi — thank you for this! Wondering about your thoughts on Grand Kites in composite charts? My partner & I have one which includes all personal planets and Jupiter as our sextile planet. Thank you!

  8. Good after noon Steven I a little confused due to the fact that according to Astro charts I have 2 trines, 2 kites both with 7 planets and one t square . Seen your information on the 6 planets but nothing on 7.
    Kite1 moon- Libra,Saturn- Gemini, Jupiter- Pisces, mercury- Aquarius. Mc- Libra, Uranus -Libra and ascendant Capricorn
    Kite2-is the same but with opposition in Sagittarius which is my north north and excludes Capricorn ascendant.

    Can you explain it further with 7 planets

  9. I have a kite. Grand air trine with mars, jupiter, and saturn. Saturn is opposite sun. I’m a Leo Sun Cancer moon with sun opposite saturn and moon square pluto. Any advice for how to motivate myself out of depression?

  10. Awesome article! “The kite is about finding transcendance through expansion and maturity through orienting oneself based on ones inner set of values” how does this look in other charts? Can you give other examples?

  11. Seattle Astrology University will have an online course on the Kite Pattern very soon. You will like it. You will receive an email then.

  12. Hi I have a triple kite formation in air , the top and bottom planets are pluto top and mars below . 11 march 1943 11,50 pm both square my Scorpio ascendant, complicated ??? Peter

  13. Hi Steven , the reason I say a Triple Kite is because 6 Planets form the Kites , 3 of which are on the same Trine angle ! my conjecture being that this creates 3 Triple Kites ? the exception to this is that 1 of the 3 is in Taurus , not Gemini again this fact according to some would make it void, but it is still within the parameters of a Trine , just adds a bit more flavour ! that is my conclusion after 60 years of Astrology , then we all used a Paper book Ephemeris . hard work me says ! regards Peter

  14. Great question, Janine. The Kite pattern is activated by the chakra planets, meaning the Kite points need to be trigger by great cycles of planetary growth within the individual. These cycles only occur with planetary energies that are also connected the soul, hence the chakras. These planets are the Sun — Pluto.

  15. Hi Steve,
    How long can the comment be? I wrote a lot and I have a couple of questions. I think I just had an epiphany…

  16. Hi Steven, I have a very tight kite, with moon, Pluto and Jupiter all at 3 degrees in air, while Neptune sits at 7 degrees in sag and is opposing the gemini moon. My progressed ascendant is one degree from being conjunct my natal Pluto in the 2nd house. I’m a singer/songwriter and what unearthed my songwriting ability 15 years ago was a very powerful spiritual awakening. I had my first awakening or satori at the age of 12 while watching the movie, the dark crystal. It happened when the mystics chanted the mantra om, of course I had no clue what had happened back then, but now I know :-) I resonate so very much with your description of the kite formation. Would you say that it’s likely that the progressed ascendant will activate the kite formation in a big as it hits Pluto, the agent of transformation? Thanks for the very thorough deep dive into the kite formation, the best by far that I’ve ever come across.
    – CJ

  17. Tristan Naramore

    Is it too soon to observe that, the Kite of Winter Solstice 2015 was indeed a major turning point for humanity?

    I feel like that was the last year there was anything like stability and sanity in the world, both personally and globally.

    I only just today learned about the kite pattern. I have one! And the description of free will vs “fate” has always been at the center of my life path. The Big Lesson for me is: Take the reins!

  18. Hello, fascinating article! My name is Kevin. I just noticed I have a kite in my chart. I have an Air grand trine: Mars in 2 degree libra, MC in 8 degrees Gemini, and Uranus in 3 degrees Aquarius. The the tail end of the kite is Pluto in 4 degrees Sagittarius. Can you help interpret what this all means ? Thanks!

  19. Would the following configuration constitute a Kite? I have:
    Sun at 19° Taurus in the 10th
    Uranus at 20° Gemini in the 11th
    Mars 22° Aries conj Venus 19° Aries in the 9th
    Jupiter at 25° Scorpio in the 4th

  20. I believe what you are describing is considered a yod, sometimes referred to as the “Finger of God.” Factors of destiny, depending on additional chart verification, will play a decisive role in how your life unfolds.

  21. Hi Steven,
    Thank you for your excellent article on Kites. I’ve never been able to find a complete meaning of the Grand Air Trine Kite in my natal chart. I’d very much appreciate any comments you may have on the Kite which involves:
    Pluto 01 33 10 Libra
    Moon 03 00 17 Aquarius
    Saturn 03 13 55r Gemini – which forms opposition to:
    Sun 00 30 42 Sagittarius and
    Neptune 02 42 57
    -dob 23 Nov 1971 @ 11:23am @ 01w35-53n50
    With thanks and best wishes, Ed

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