The Wisdom in Seeing Past Patterns — New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology Dec 3, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Dec 3, 2021

Dec 3 to Jan 2

• 13° Sagittarius New Moon is Friday, Dec 3, 11:43 PM PST
• New Moon Theme: Dec 3 – Jan 2: Understanding Universal Law
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
• A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon creates a shadow on the Sun. When the Sun’s light is blocked the inner shadow of consciousness is exposed. This process of revealing what is normally hidden helps us recognize the presence of consciousness as the true source of light, both internally and externally.

Co-author Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — The Wisdom in Seeing Past Patterns

Our Sagittarius New Moon occurs with a Solar eclipse which allows each of us to understand the shadow patterns we hold within, especially those that relate to our current eclipse cycle. This solar eclipse will help you work with the universal principles within these patterns, and then use these new understandings to expand into a greater type of consciousness.

This eclipse holds a quality of expansion that is capable of manifesting at multiple levels, including the expansion of new knowledge that can grow into wisdom. One of the key ways that knowledge grows into wisdom is explained through the Sagittarius connection to principles of life that are universal in their scope. These are the principles we know as Universal Law. In Sagittarius we develop personal understandings of how these principles operate in our life and throughout creation.

The Expanding Principle of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign that is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius is associated with the larger principles and symbols of your relationship to life. This is why it includes systems of philosophy and education, as well as other pursuits of exploring the world for new understanding. Through Sagittarius we learn to connect the details, facts, and practical data of the world into some form of cosmology or belief about our connection to the universe.
As its planetary ruler, the energy signature of Jupiter is important to the overall understanding of Sagittarius, and how Sagittarius relates to the expansion of spiritual consciousness.
A practical way to think of Jupiter’s role is as a planet of creative expansion. Jupiter helps us manage our growth as we expand into new realms of awareness and connection. Creative consciousness is a powerful force. Jupiter helps us learn to manage that force. As an example, without proper management a nourishing campfire can quickly expand into a destructive forest fire.  In the same way, expanding consciousness must be managed so that its growing nature is controlled in a productive and meaningful way.
Learning how to manage one’s creative energy is necessary in order to grow in spiritual understanding of how the world works.  Using an astrological perspective, it’s through the masterful management of this fire element of Sagittarius that wisdom is ultimately born out of the pursuit of knowledge.

Both Jupiter and Sagittarian energies need to be managed in order to maximize their positive influence in your life. In your personal life, Sagittarius’ expanding nature is most apparent within the consciousness of your cosmology and your understanding of how the universe is operating within your circumstances.

Wisdom Operates as a Universal Principle of Expansion

The quality of wisdom is associated with Sagittarius. In astrological terms, the word wisdom refers to the expansion of knowledge through the understanding of spiritual principles that permeate all of life.
The expanding quality of wisdom held within this New Moon eclipse is giving us new access to understanding the universal principles of life, also known as Universal Law, which is associated with Sagittarius.
Universal principles are born out of the fractal relationship of the cosmos which is interconnected and always expanding. A fractal relationship involves an expanding or unfolding symmetry that exists within multiple dimensions and multiple levels throughout the universe. You can think of a fractal as an expanding pattern made of parts similar to the whole. This is a way of talking about how personal experiences scale into a larger cosmic relationship with wholeness.
These principles of connection and expansion are expressed in the two maxims “All is Mind,” and  “As above so below.”
The pursuit of knowledge develops into wisdom  through our expanding fractal relationship to the cosmos. In other words, wisdom is born through our understanding of universal principles, and the process of learning to live within the patterns of Universal Law.

The Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

In a Solar eclipse the Moon creates a shadow on the Sun, momentarily hiding its light. When the Sun’s external light is blocked the inner shadow of consciousness is exposed. This process of revealing what is normally hidden from sight enables us to recognize the presence of consciousness as the true source of light, both internally and externally.
The particular energy of this Solar eclipse contains a karmic seed associated with your past habits and the patterns of your past. When what has been hidden is exposed, you can specifically work with your knowledge of the past in order to see a new opportunity.
This eclipse exposes each person’s shadow to show the relationship to hidden patterns that can now easily be changed. The Sabian for our New Moon highlights this connection in a powerful way.

ARCHETYPE: The karma of past actions as they affect the opportunities presented by a new cycle.
COMMENTARY: Once a cycle of activity is concluded, it may be easier to see the limits of past patterns as they affect current circumstances. In order for the new cycle to begin, unfinished business must now be dealt with through the knowledge of the past.

We can see from this Sabian archetype that in order for the new cycle of this eclipse to expand into something positive we must see the patterns in a new light so we can understand how easily our past patterns can affect current circumstances. Once these patterns are seen you can deal with them in a new way so they no longer limit you.

This New Moon will help you access the wisdom of Sagittarius, drawing from the knowledge of your past, as it connects your current opportunities with your past.  This New Moon is an opportunity to expand the knowledge of how the shadow elements of your own past patterns are connected karmically to your present situation.  

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur pattern is another bowl pattern. Over the past several months nearly all of the New Moon charts have been bowl patterns, indicating a major concentration of energy that is carrying through from Lunar cycle to Lunar cycle.

This bowl’s midpoint is 15° Aquarius, which signifies the overall theme of the bowl.  This is significant because it is one of the four great power points of the zodiac. The other power points are 15° Taurus, 15° Leo, and 15° Scorpio.

With the bowl midpoint at 15° Aquarius there is an increased power signature of the bowl’s potential. When we look at the Sabian for 15° Aquarius, we have a very encouraging message that speaks directly to the soul.

ARCHETYPE: The blessing bestowed upon personal achievements by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul.
COMMENTARY: Inner happiness is the reward for those who have made a valuable contribution to their community or to humankind as a whole.

With this archetype as the midpoint of our New Moon chart, we can understand that this Solar eclipse is an opportunity to work directly with the shadow patterns of your karma as a tangible way to find fulfillment and happiness, at the soul level of your consciousness in the now moment.
The chart’s midpoint is very close to Jupiter, which is located at 26° Aquarius and has the following Sabian:

ARCHETYPE: Skill in applying knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life in a technological society.
COMMENTARY: The need for management as new mental vistas of technology and social complexities are discovered.

Jupiter in this position indicates the need for personal management in order to fully integrate our New Moon energies.
With Jupiter ruling the zodiac sign of our New Moon (Sagittarius), it becomes crucial that each of us utilizes our skills in order to turn knowledge into wisdom, by applying new insights into the patterns of natural law and universal laws and principles as they appear in your life.

Aquarian Age Update

When we speak of the astrology of the Aquarian Age it’s important to remember that the planet Uranus rules Aquarius and the energies of the Aquarian Age. 
A very positive indicator in our current chart is the fact that Uranus is at the leading edge of movement in our astrology pattern. This is due to the fact that the planets move in a counter-clockwise rotation in the chart. With Uranus leading the way, the Uranian influence of freedom continues to quicken and accelerate the planetary expansion of consciousness, which is a major theme of our New Moon eclipse.
With both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in our New Moon chart, we are encouraged that the expansion (Jupiter) we are going through represents a shift that will be tangible and real (Saturn).
Jupiter and Saturn both have components that are social in nature, meaning that the growth of society and the social forms that emerge is changeable and influenced by the higher vibration of Aquarius. This is good news as we continue to shift socially away from the current authoritarianism the world is experiencing.
With the eclipse shadow working through Sagittarius, our hope is that the Shadow elements that have been so firmly  entrenched within our society will be exposed now for all to see. It’s positive and tangible shifts, such as our current eclipse cycle, that give us real hope for positive changes on our path of planetary evolution.


Our powerful Solar eclipse is exposing the shadow of our own patterns that in the past have affected new opportunities. These new understandings can carry over now to positively influence our current circumstances.

Every type of creative expansion needs the wisdom of good management. This eclipse allows each of us to see our past patterns in order to break the limiting cycles that have held us back. This isn’t only a positive opportunity in the present moment. It also represents a tangible path toward the future, full of expansion and a greater consciousness.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  1. Thank you so much. As a Sagittarian, this reading has special meaning to me. I will be ordering the journal for 2022!

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