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The Wisdom of Active Peace Energy


October 8, 2022

Published on

Full Aries Moon

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The Wisdom of Active Peace Energy

Our Aries Full Moon is creating an opportunity to experience a new level of calmness and inner peace, including whenever challenging circumstances are presented.

The energies of change are embedded within our current Lunar cycle, and our life experiences are continuing to shift on a daily basis. Change and uncertainty is naturally challenging. It’s helpful to remember that these changes and shifts are normal as all of us continue transitioning into the higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age of enlightenment. (See article, Big Change is in the Air — Libra New Moon Astrology Report Sept 25, 2022.)

As the frequencies of Uranus become higher they are supporting your ability to navigate change by amplifying your own connection to Source energy. As each of us moves upward along this scale to higher frequencies we all have the opportunity to directly participate in our daily activities without experiencing stress or fear.

The Aries archetype at this Full Moon is supporting your ability to access calmness in the face of change or challenge. You can do this by generating a very active type of inner calmness that is also associated with the frequency of peace.

By exploring the Full Moon polarity between Aries and Libra we can better understand the natural connection between wisdom, peace and calmness. When you experience our current Aries quality of peace energy, the realization of inner wisdom that naturally follows can become extremely satisfying and fulfilling.

The Dynamic Aries - Libra Polarity

The zodiac polarities, such as those at the Full Moon, always work in harmony to complete a higher level of wholeness than either zodiac sign can possess on its own.

The polarity that exists between the Aries and Libra archetypes is especially interesting because of the way that the elements of cardinal fire (Aries) and cardinal air (Libra) work together. As the air element fans the flames of fire, the creative aspect of life (Aries) is amplified by the inspiration of awareness that the bigger picture (Libra) of your life reveals.

Both Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, meaning that they generate energy. Aries is primarily focused on the energy of the individual, while Libra expands the awareness of the individual to function within a larger reality.

Aries’ fire is a source of light (cardinal) that Libra is expanding. Aries qualities are active, dynamic, pioneering and energizing (Mars). Aries moves us forward in life and not backwards, and is supportive of new paradigms through the individualized experience of life.

Libra generates an expanding energy of awareness and participation (cardinal air), that Aries is dynamically fueling. Libra loves to observe how reality is always expanding and changing. Libra is inspired by all types of positive relationships as well as the expansion of consciousness, and the appreciation (Venus) of a calm and balanced mental perspective.

The Aries-Libra polarity operates in two directions. Moving from Aries to Libra, the individual expands into the bigger picture of life. Moving from Libra to Aries, the individualized awareness of larger realities, including spiritual dimensions, is brought into an individualized or personal relationship with Source. The dynamic and expansive qualities of this polarity enable each of us to experience more of the universe in a personal way.

The Aries Full Moon

We typically think of Aries energy as being outwardly focused or expressed. What would happen, however, if the active and dynamic energies of Aries were turned inward instead of in an outward direction?

The unusual reversal of this flow of Aries energy is exactly what is occurring at this Full Moon. Each of us has a rare opportunity to actively (Aries) turn inward in order to experience a new quality of calmness and inner wisdom.

The Sabian archetype for 17° Aries describes how to transform the outer potency (Aries) of one’s external circumstances, and to reverse the flow directly inward. This inward flow of Aries energies to one’s heart center creates a new experience of peace energy.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to transform the potency of one’s outward circumstances directly into the peace energy and poise of inner vitality and inner calmness.
COMMENTARY: Inward withdrawal has an increased value when the biological compulsion to thrive is replaced with a spiritual compulsion to shine. When one uses their inner light to hold an increased frequency, their experience will be full of peace, calmness, and unseen vitality. This describes the active principal of Aries working within the heart center.

This archetype highlights the connection between Aries’ inner vitality and the inner calmness that’s naturally produced when the dynamic flow of life force energy is turned inward toward the heart. In this way, when the active principle of Aries with all of its potency is turned inward in silence, peace energy is the natural experience.

The Peace Energy of the Heart

The Sun and Moon always work together and shouldn’t be considered independently. For this reason, to accurately understand our Full Moon lunar energies we must always take the Sun into consideration. After years of personal research and observation I’ve come to realize this important principle, which is why I always take into consideration the degree of the Sun whenever I look at the Full Moon. 
Our Sun at 17° Libra is crucial to understanding the power that this Full Moon has to offer at this time.

ARCHETYPE: The capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of our human experience through the realization of what has changed over a period of time.
COMMENTARY: When the ego-thinking portion of the mind retires, one is able to clearly see the storms and conflicts of the past, only to realize that the past no longer exists. The heart is able to reveal to us how much we have changed and evolved over a period of time. After seeing one’s life from a larger perspective with a calm mind, one is able to gain wisdom and inner serenity. When the present moment is observed with both joy and wisdom, one’s experience becomes that of peace energy.

As we can see from this archetype, our capacity to expand our consciousness at this Full Moon is directly connected to our objective outlook and calm perspective of the bigger picture of our life.

As you objectively reflect on what has changed and evolved in your life, the eternal moment expands and you’re able to experience joy and wisdom of a higher frequency. This is what we mean by peace energy.

This is a remarkable Full Moon as we continue to access the new frequencies of the Aquarian Age. In astrological terms, we are evolving beyond the stereotype of Aries as only functioning through outer expression. This is a new opportunity in our own personal adventure of life (Aries) to turn inward and discover a new type of adventure within.  

It’s extremely inspiring to realize how Aries and Libra, working together at higher frequencies, can operate spiritually when the flow of energy changes. When the direction of Aries energy begins to flow away from the brain and directly into the heart, it produces calmness and peace and connects us with the wisdom of the moment.


Setting aside personal time for reflection is a great way to process any Full Moon energy and this is especially true with our current Aries Moon. Our lunar energies over the next two weeks will be best utilized through an active and dynamic inward focus, through which you can cultivate and create your own experience of inner calm and peace.
This active quality of calmness is centered in the heart and is considered very dynamic (Aries). The inward flow of heart-centered energy allows for reflection and cultivation of peaceful neutrality.
The Aquarian Age has arrived with new tools and skills that are being revealed with each lunar cycle. This is a period to be objective as you expand into the bigger picture of your life and you realize just how far you have come. May you deeply experience the joy and the wisdom that flows from your heart.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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