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December 22, 2022

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New Capricorn Moon

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Elizabeth Schermer

The Wise Use of Personal Power

Our Capricorn New Moon involves a tangible shift in power, both personally and within the larger collective. This Moon marks a pivotal point within the much larger Capricorn cycle of energy that has been at play for several years. This cycle of Capricorn energy represents a recalibration of power structures throughout our world.

Astrologically, the cycle began when Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008. One of the most significant aspects of the cycle started in January of 2020 with our historic Capricorn conjunctions involving Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. It will officially conclude next year when Pluto leaves the sign of Capricorn, beginning on the 23rd of March.

The Conclusion of the Capricorn Cycles

Our current New Moon will be the last Capricorn New Moon before Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. During the past three years we have witnessed the final effects of the shadow of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, with an increase in collective dominance over the individual.

This Moon is so pivotal because the current astrological alignment is facilitating a shift from collective dominance to the individual, specifically through the wise use of personal power.

With our Capricorn New Moon we have collectively reached a tipping point in which the shadow elements of Capricorn will now begin to fade as it’s exposed to the dominant light of the new Aquarian Age. This process will become even more dramatic in the near future, once Pluto is firmly established in Aquarius and no longer retrogrades back into Capricorn.

Worldwide, consciousness is now ready to support a greater framework of what’s possible. We can expect a greater degree of group cooperation that utilizes the wise use of power within all individualized people across the globe. This trend is an exciting astrological development and represents our ongoing shift into the Aquarian Age.

Saturn in Aquarius - Building Your Power of Appreciation

As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn plays an important role in personal empowerment. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn was also considered to be the ruler of Aquarius. As it is now transiting Aquarius, Saturn is able to hold more of the higher Aquarian frequencies.

The wise use of power comes in many different forms. One Aquarian aspect of power is the frequency of appreciation. The Sabian archetype for Saturn at the New Moon clearly highlights how you can benefit from the appreciation of the opportunities that come to you in various ways.

ARCHETYPE: The warmth of an early understanding which comes to those who are open to new possibilities.
COMMENTARY: The earlier in life an individual can understand and appreciate how basic opportunities set the stage for later progress, the quicker the individual can take advantage of new possibilities. Even the appreciation for the small things in life can cushion the challenges and harshness of one’s circumstance. Collective support for individual opportunity at every stage ensures the quickest development of a society.

New possibilities are the cornerstone of the Aquarian Age. All too often, challenging circumstances get in the way of our ability to appreciate or even see an opportunity that is potentially beneficial.

The quality of appreciation is a high frequency power that can shift your awareness to new possibilities. Using the power of appreciation for the small things in life can create a cushioning effect to offset the harshness of life or any challenging circumstances you encounter.

This cushioning effect is especially true for those who are able to quickly adjust and harness their ability to use their power of choice to see new possibilities. In this way, using your power of appreciation supports an individualized shift toward a greater awareness of the opportunities that come your way. It is important to wisely use this power to feel what opportunities resonate at a high frequency.

Our Capricorn New Moon: Wise Use of Power

Our New Moon is reinforcing positive Aquarian values to support healthy groups and a greater integration between the individual and the collective.

The Sabian archetype for our 2° Capricorn New Moon suggests that the wise use of power is needed to harness cooperation for the improvement and well-being of all individuals.

ARCHETYPE: The necessary realization that the violent use of collective power will inevitably lead to a decay in collective values and the destruction of healthy group integration.
COMMENTARY: The wise use of power harnesses cooperation for the improvement and well-being of all individuals. The power of Prime Creation becomes limited by the violent use of collective power, just as the flow of Spirit is thwarted by the abuse of power. When group violence compromises the freedom of people living in peace it creates a great toll on society.

Our New Moon Sabian reminds us that an abuse of collective power can have long-term consequences for the individual as well as the larger society. The undamaged windows represent the opportunity to use our power of choice to focus on the creative flow of Spirit and the freedom of what is good and true.

Currently you have the opportunity to use your personal power for the appreciation of what’s positive and inspiring in your life. An attitude of appreciation can offset the harshness of circumstance where those in power and control have attempted to limit your freedom through abuses of power.

In a world that recently thought that a ‘New World Order’ of totalitarianism was the ideal solution for the ills of the world, we have now come to the necessary realization that the collective can’t possibly know what’s best for each individual.

The fallacy of the group knowing what’s best for the individual is seen very clearly when we either see, or are reminded of, the long-term effects of war and warmongering. This is why our freedoms are so cherished and why we hold freedom with such reverent appreciation. Our opportunity with this New Moon, both individually and collectively, is to see a new way of moving forward without abuses of power dominating our reality.

Aquarian Update - The New Light of Capricorn

With the last Capricorn New Moon of 2022, Pluto’s influence in Capricorn wanes and the previous Capricorn cycles are coming to a conclusion. As the higher frequencies of Aquarius are being integrated through Saturn’s presence in Aquarius, we are experiencing new freedom from the Capricornian shadow of dominance that has ruled our world.

As we move further into the Aquarian Age, the positive elements of Capricorn can emerge. These include personal authority, practical spirituality, the right use of power, and healthy balance within groups that empower individual freedom.

Holding a clear attitude of appreciation for the smaller things in life gives each of us a greater freedom to see new opportunities as they arise. During this lunar cycle, be open to new possibilities. Expect the world around you to change as you appreciate all the possibilities that the Aquarian Age of prosperity and enlightenment has to offer.


Our Capricorn New Moon is having a pivotal effect on the collective, as well as on each of us as individuals. What’s pivoting is a shift toward new possibilities. On this individual level this pivot comes through an appreciation for the smaller things in life. This includes appreciation of your freedoms and an inner knowing that our world is on the verge of moving away from all forms of abuse of power.

The wise use of power can be as simple as holding your personal frequency and light within what inspires you. Appreciating those smaller thing may seem to be insignificant, but holding onto your inspiration keeps your frequency high and creates new possibilities for greater freedom. As we celebrate the winter solstice and begin a new year, I encourage you to feel the inspiration of the possibilities and the new opportunities that will be coming your way.

Happy New Moon & Winter Solstice,
Steven Shroyer

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