The Wise Use of Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Jan 5 to Feb 4

Capricorn New Moon is Saturday, Jan 5, 5:28 PM PST
• Solar Eclipse
• Current New Moon Theme  Jan 5 to Feb 4): The Wise Use of Power
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article – The Wise Use of Power

Happy New Moon and New Year to all my friends. This brief astrology report will set the stage for the current lunar cycle that began with our New Moon in Capricorn.

Our Capricorn New Moon is energizing all forms of achievement. The question that each of us can ask ourselves during this lunar cycle is “What does achievement mean to me personally?”

In our culture we tend to link achievement with success. Many astrologers, however, recognize that achievement and success are not necessarily the same thing. It’s my belief that we can “achieve” either failure or success. Every outcome may be considered as some form of an achievement, but it doesn’t mean you must be satisfied with what you’ve achieved.

The genesis of this holistic interpretation of achievement stems directly from the archetype of Capricorn, which we’ll now briefly explore.

Insights into the Capricorn Archetype

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is one of the most powerful zodiac signs. The archetype of the earth sign of Capricorn draws its potency from a hidden and inner quality of strength. One of the most significant elements of Capricorn’s inner strength is the way that it embodies its power over a period of time.

Time is traditionally associated with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler. There are many qualities of time, both practical and hidden. The hidden quality of time is because the significance of something only occurs over a period of time. In other words, significance doesn’t exist without time. Time, as we experience it, flows in a logical and organized pattern that reinforces the earthy and practical aspects of the Capricorn archetype.  In this way, the element of time is not only associated with Saturn, but is also related to Capricorn’s power of achievement because what is achieved must unfold over time.

Saturn is not only associated with time, it is also associated with structure and form. A lesser known quality of Saturn, and perhaps the most significant, is that it has the ability to transcend  outer form or appearance. This transcendent quality rests on the development of significance and meaning over a period of time. Perhaps an example will help illustrate this abstract concept. The declaration of independence is a physical object composed of paper, ink and words. Over a period of time, the meaning and significance of the document has evolved.

Astrology ChartAs consciousness changes over time, it’s Saturn that anchors these changes into the existing physical form. A deeper discussion of this is beyond the scope of this article, but the main point here is that there is always a hidden type of strength and form contained in the Saturn archetype.  Over time, Capricorn draws upon this hidden form to create all forms of social structure.

With our Capricorn New Moon, the key touchstone is the use of power over time.  The ability to transcend limiting ideas of achievement is a cornerstone of how to best utilize our lunar energies in the coming month. Rather than looking at achievement in terms of failure or success, achievement is a process over time. This New Moon is having us focus more on using our power wisely over a period of time.

The most dramatic signature in the chart is the stellium occurring in Capricorn, which is activating all issues of power and achievement. This includes shadow aspects of Capricorn, such as systems of control and bureaucratic structure, both personal and cultural.  Capricorn’s shadow is also the abuse of power.  At the most extreme this manifests as institutionalized abuse of power over time.

Working at the individual level, it’s the wise use of power, including the (hidden) inner strength needed to avoid the abuse of power, that’s at the crux of our Capricorn New Moon. It’s the hidden strength of Saturn, with an expanded understanding of achievement, that helps us practice the wise use of power.

It is precisely this concept of learning how to live our lives beyond the limited ideas of failure and success that this New Moon is supporting. In ultimate terms, success can only truly be understood at the very end of one’s lifetime. In the same way, the wise use of power, as related to Capricorn, is also measured over time.

Happy New Year,
Steven Shroyer

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