Victory Over Inertia and Fear — Aquarius Full Moon Report Aug 11, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Aug 11, 2022

Aug 11 to Aug 27

• 20° Aquarius Full Moon is Thursday, Aug 11, 6:35 PM PDT
• Full Moon Theme: Aug 11 – Aug 27: Wise Use of Potential
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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Victory Over Inertia and Fear

Our Aquarius Full Moon is the most powerful of our current year. There has been a tremendous amount of momentum building toward this Full Moon, beginning six months ago with the Aquarius New Moon which occurred on January 31st. When I wrote about the Aquarius New Moon back in January (A Call to the Service of Humanity) I was inspired. I could see then how that New Moon astrology chart was directly connected to larger Aquarian energies, and would overlap with our current Aquarius Full Moon.

Over the past six months, from the Aquarius New Moon in January until our current Aquarius Full Moon, there has been a definite momentum shift in the energies of the world. The description is not easy to quickly synthesize but we are all aware of how much the world is changing at a rapid rate. The Lunar cycles of the past six months have created momentum that supports the rapid change we’re seeing in the world today. 

This Aquarius Full Moon is acting as a new catalyst for our Aquarian energies. It will trigger more momentum and new events, especially because of the Moon’s conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius. This Saturn conjunction is an important activator that is creating a new phase of integration for all the energies that have been building over the last six months.

Aquarian Energies: 2022 in Review

A quick look at the titles of my New Moon and Full Moon articles over the past six months gives an indicator of how things have been shifting and changing. Those of you interested in exploring how the Lunar cycles have built to our current phase of momentum may find it valuable to revisit some of these articles.

• A Call to the Service of Humanity — Aquarius New Moon Jan 31, 2022
• A New Path to Self-Expression — Leo Full Moon Report Feb 16, 2022
• A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity — Pisces New Moon Mar 2, 2022
• The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo Full Moon Mar 18, 2022
• Being a Cosmic Minded Individual — Aries New Moon Mar 31, 2022
• Aspiring to Participate Authentically in Life — Libra Full Moon Apr 16, 2022
• Growing Your Garden of Consciousness — Taurus New Moon Apr 30, 2022
• The New Age of Emotional Intelligence — Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2022
• The Power of Total Commitment to Life — Gemini New Moon May 30, 2022
• The Point Between What Was and What’s to Come — Cancer New Moon June 28, 2022
• The Power of Personal Potential — Capricorn Full Moon July 13, 2022
• The Freedom to Fully Express Yourself without Fear — Leo New Moon July 28, 2022

A Massive Change is on the Horizon

Our Aquarius Full Moon is a triggering event that represents the potential for a major shift in consciousness.  Many of us are already  familiar with the natural rise in consciousness that is associated with the Aquarian Age. This Full Moon will initiate a cycle of awakening, especially through new tangible signs and events that will activate and allow people to see what they haven’t seen before. On a personal level this shift will come through personal commitment, self-discipline, and the integration of self-worth.

The New Moon astrology chart includes a partial grand sextile that involves all of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and Venus. The structure of this grand sextile indicates that what you see, feel, and experience throughout all your relationships and circumstances will come from a new quality of perception. The grand sextile also indicates that you will have a personal say in the direction of your life and the way that the world is going. 

Astrology chartThe grand sextile in this Full Moon chart is further activated by the powerful T-square with midpoints to Uranus, Mars, and the North Node (see chart). The positive side of this T-square formation can act as a release valve for whatever is coming into form. This Full Moon T-square has a special significance in the concrete world because of its conjunction with Saturn. This Saturn conjunction in the T-square brings into form the energy that is representing a new direction, focused through the T-square midpoint.

Uranus, Mars, and the North Node

In this chart, Uranus, Mars, and the North Node are working together at the action (Mars) mid-point of the T-square to trigger a new direction (North Node) for the entire world. This conjunction has been operating throughout this Lunar cycle. These changes will be confirmed in the days to come in tangible ways as we all move further toward the visible Aquarian world. 

This movement in a new direction is further confirmed through the Full Moon’s conjunction with Saturn. As Saturn is contributing to the tangible and visible changes, what’s being initiated at this Full Moon will begin to alter things in the outer world around you. In your personal life you can expect the unexpected.   

This Full Moon is ideal for new realizations about your life and your role in the world. Prepare for the unexpected, and be ready to shift your perspective. Be prepared to make personal adjustments within your own circumstances. Confirmation that you are headed in the right direction will come in the form of spiritual messages and intuitive guidance. This is especially significant for those who are receptive in their own connections to these spiritual qualities of energy.

Aquarius Full Moon

The Sabian archetype for the Moon at 20° Aquarius points specifically to this idea of spiritual connection and receiving intuitive guidance through a personal message from the Universe.

ARCHETYPE: The guidance of spiritual agencies to acknowledge and sustain each individualized effort toward victory.
COMMENTARY: Spirit is always presenting itself, descending to the earthly realm as truth which resides in the heart. Every spiritual step taken in response to these messages is a victory over inertia, fear and destruction. Spirit connects each individual to the truth of their being, which is always moving forward with what is good and real.

This archetype offers hope, strength and encouragement, especially when an individualized person exercises their courage in order to move forward in life with a spiritual perspective.

This beautiful message confirms our personal worth as spiritual beings who are seeing each positive step forward as a victory over inertia and fear. This archetype is a personal message to each of us that reminds us that truth resides in our hearts and in the hearts of all those who seek to move forward with that which is good and real.


Our current Full Moon signals a definite shift toward a more visible and tangible Aquarian future. This Full Moon is very powerful, with the potential to set in motion concrete events and dynamics that will alter how we view reality moving forward. Only time will tell whether the catalyst of these Aquarian energies will result in an immediate major shift, or be a catalyst toward a more steady rhythm of major change.
I believe there is great hope for humanity as the beginning of the Aquarian Age continues to take hold. Expect the unexpected from this point forward, and be willing to accept your personal messages and guidance from above.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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