Cosmic Update: Aug 14 to Aug 20

Weekly Cosmic Update – Aug 14 to Aug 20

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon provides the opportunity to take actions that put you in alignment with your intentions for the future. Last week’s New Moon released a wave of creative potential. Circumstances this week may create tension or a possible “crisis” in order to allow you to shift direction and come into alignment with the new potentials. Right action and good decisions will keep your momentum on track.

This Week’s Astrology – “Asserting Your Creativity”

This week there is an abundance of creativity, which is inspiring us and supplying us with new ideas. The First Quarter Moon is supporting your natural assertiveness to take charge of the creative energies available this week. With so many new possibilities and directions to pursue, the challenge in the coming days is in choosing among the options and then taking action.

The amount of creativity may be overwhelming. In this case, it may be easiest just to do nothing resulting in procrastination. Or, it may seem like what you really want to do is out of reach resulting in discouragement. Either way, the opportunity for you this week is to move through your own patterns of overwhelment. Use your assertiveness to move through inertia, or to creatively pursue new options where perhaps they didn’t exist before.

As you work with the natural assertive energies available this week it’s important to note the differences between assertiveness and aggressiveness. In the context of creativity, aggressiveness is when your personal expression is at someone else’s expense. Assertive creativity, on the other hand, is when you act for the good of all by using your willpower to push through any barriers which are holding you back.

Your potential for creative success is infinite. The key in moving forward this week is in using the extra boost of assertive energy to make it happen.

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