What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020

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What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020


April 22, 2020

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What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020

New Moon Astrology Report Apr 2020
Apr 22 to May 22

Aries New Moon is Wednesday, Apr 22, 7:26 PM PDT
New Moon Theme:  Apr 22 – May 22: Discovering What’s Real
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — What We Are Seeing Changes Everything

Our Taurus New Moon is energizing and bringing to our conscious awareness what’s real and what’s not. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and can be thought of as the energy we use to confirm what’s useful and productive. This practicality of usefulness is what Taurus thinks of as “real.”

Because it’s so important to question everything at this point in human history, and especially with all of the issues surrounding this quarantine, the spiritual seeker must be constantly asking the question of what’s real and what’s not. For many of us the first step in discernment of what’s real is simply asking the question.

Our New Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of quickening consciousness. This conjunction is providing an energetic boost to your ability to discern conflicting narratives so that you can decide for yourself what is real and useful.

Venus and the Importance of What You Value

Venus plays a significant role in our New Moon astrology not only because it’s the ruler of Taurus, but because the energies of Venus and Taurus work extremely well together. One significant aspect of Venus lies in how we personally determine the value of something. For example, love has always been associated with Venus because we love what we value. Our values are either given to us by our family of origin, or our culture, or they rise up from within as a process of individuation.

Ultimately it’s Venus that decides what has value and what is useless. Taurus, as an earth sign, uses what Venus values and then looks for confirmation and validation of our personal values. This is one of the ways that Taurus helps determine what’s real and what’s not. This process of confirmation does one of two things: it either reaffirms our own authority to decide what’s useful and real, or it defers to external authority to make that decision for us through external validation.

Taurus calls us to ask, “What do other people think and value?  What do I value? And how do my values influence my thinking process?” These are critical questions to ask in world where our access to truth is so obscured and there’s so much conflicting information.

As we look at our New Moon this month it’s important to understand the role that Venus plays in our life, especially if we are to fully grasp how the questions we need to ask ourselves are conditioned by our core values.

One of  the first New Moon questions the seeker of truth can ask is “Are my core values my own or have I been influenced by other people’s thinking?” Also “Have I given myself the personal authority to decide for myself what’s real and what’s not?”

Thinking beyond the Astrology Vacuum

Astrology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. What’s actually occurring in the world is the real astrology that’s actually occurring in real time. Remembering this connection of astrology to real-time events helps us to not get caught up in wild theories or speculation. Each astrological thinker gets to correlate in real-time how well their understanding of astrology is rooted in reality instead of what’s based in theory or worse, misconception.

I’ve been writing about each Lunar cycle in real-time for over ten years now. One of the unique aspects of my astrological perspective is that I’ve been able to study these cycles and see how each of the cycles actual play out in real-time. Over my years of study I’ve learned that these cycles don’t randomly introduce new energies. Rather they build one upon another. Each cycle is connected to a larger cycle that resembles more of an ongoing symphony than a isolated or one-off random tune.

Our Taurus New Moon is part of a larger cycle that is anchoring within each of us the desire to know what’s really going on in the world. Specifically, the Taurus New Moon is helping us determine and focus on what’s real and what’s not.

Each opposite zodiac sign holds a complementary energy as part of a larger cycle. To help us better understand this point of wanting to know what’s going on, we can look at the opposite of Taurus which is Scorpio. One of the ways that Scorpio complements Taurus is because Scorpio wants to get to bottom of things. Scorpio has an emotional depth that complements the Taurus practical desire for what’s real and useful.

In this way, getting to the bottom of what’s going on is implied in Taurus’ opposite sign. These qualities may come into play again in two weeks with our Scorpio Full Moon.

What Astrology Says about What’s Taking Place in the World

Since the current quarantine has been so impactful, what’s really going on in the world? This is the real question, is it not?

Your opportunity lies in discovering what’s real and what’s not. Because this is such a difficult thing to determine, wild conspiracy theories don’t serve us in this quest. What’s real is the fact that we are being forced to stay at home in quarantine for an undetermined length of time. We are receiving constant messages everywhere that we should be in fear, that our lives are about to change forever, and that we may in fact die in the meantime. This is a real situation, not a theory, and this is exactly what we are being told.

I believe astrology can shed some needed perspective on what’s happening. This article isn’t addressing whether or not the public is being lied to on a mass scale. What we are exploring is the opportunity you hold in this very real world event.

Let’s start with the Sabian archetype for the New Moon:

ARCHETYPE: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.
COMMENTARY: True wealth comes from a commerce made up of the sharing and commingling of minds. Wealth can also symbolize an exchange using contracts and commerce to form the basis of a deeper faith based in the validity of an honored promise. At a higher level, this promise becomes the fruit of relationship where beings of Light live by “The transformation of matter into wealth.”

On the surface this archetype may seem ironic considering the fact the world economy and personal wealth is in the process of collapse. If we look past the outer or concrete level of the POT OF GOLD, however, we see something real and of value (Venus) that’s beyond physical wealth. This references a wealth based on the exchange of information and ideas. What we see in this archetype is a process of turning anything, including the concept of communion with others, into wealth.

During our current quarantine the wealth of communion and community takes on a new level of importance that wouldn’t normally be seen as vital and necessary. Suddenly, the value of sharing and the commingling of minds has come to a heightened value.

This New Moon is reminding us that what’s real can also be that which is beyond the outer appearance of reality, or as the archetype suggests, having value beyond just the physical pot of gold.

Looking beyond the outer appearance of things is also a sure way to see what real and what’s not in the world. As we look back to our earlier discussion about Venus and Taurus, we can also see that core values can be centered within a personal choice, instead of simply what we are told by others.

When our values are handed to us from a culture built on misinformation, half-truths, and information designed to manipulate us for corporate profits, we must ask ourselves difficult questions.

Using an example from our current world circumstance, we can now ask questions that in the past would have been unthinkable. For example, can we trust world authorities, who are seeking more power, to give it to us straight? Can we trust organizations who stand to make trillions from vaccines and are also in the business of creating bio-engineered viruses for bio-warfare?

These are tough questions that must be asked.

Using astrology, we see long-term patterns that have developed over time. Perhaps each of us needs to ask what is real, given our current world situation.  The fact is that we have just passed over our historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. The most extreme shadow of this archetype is total world control and domination. Given this light, it’s possible that bio-weapons are not simply a wild speculation.

Our opportunity in all of this is the faith in an honored promise. Taken directly from the New Moon Sabian above, we can put our faith in what we are working toward. Despite the shadow elements that may be actively working against humanity, those working together can cultivate the spirit of our Aquarian age to bring about a new prosperity that will flow to the entire world. This new prosperity is humanity’s “pot of gold.”

Astrology Pattern

This entire New Moon astrology pattern occurs over only 140° of the zodiac. This is a very tight grouping for all the planets to operate within, and it represents the quality of focus each of us needs in order to take advantage of these astrological energies.

Another significant feature are the planets Pluto and Venus which form the edges of the grouping. As the slowest moving planet, Pluto has the most prominent role. All the other planets are moving away, carrying the signature of Pluto in Capricorn. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is at other side which is the leading edge of the planetary pack and helps us focus on the value of determining what’s real.

In addition, with the exception of Venus, all of the remaining planets are between Pluto and Uranus. Uranus’ position in this pattern indicates a shift in consciousness based on a “new factor,” according to the its Sabian archetype. What is the new factor that represents a worldwide shift in consciousness? At this point we don’t know.  I will be keeping my eye on this “new factor” as we proceed into the summer months.

The Astrological Dynamics of This Chart

Astrology ChartAt this point I would like to talk about the overall dynamics of our New Moon Chart. When we look at the chart itself, you’ll notice right off there’s an extremely strong crisis of energies that are symbolized by the multiple squares (all the red lines). In many charts this pattern can indicate a simple nudge toward a new path. Ultimately, however, it’s the overall context of the chart that determines how to look at astrological squares.

The overall pattern of this chart, including the preponderance of squares, is that of a crisis chart (very rare). The word “crisis” is a strong signifier that something needs to shift, and to shift rapidly to avoid a cascading negative effect.

One of elements I really like about astrology is that astrological energies show both the shadow (problems) and the  opportunity (solution).

Currently there’s a lot of fear in the public domain concerning our worldwide pandemic. What I’m suggesting is that the dynamics of this crisis chart should be seen as an opportunity for a potential solution, and not just a further trajectory of fear. Having said that, the most positive element in this chart is to become aware of what’s going on to the best of your ability, and then adjust your perspective and then take whatever appropriate action is necessary for your circumstances.

This Lunar cycle needs to be looked at with the larger cycles in mind, especially with respect to the historic Pluto/Saturn shadow of worldwide control and the confiscation of personal rights. The positive outcome is the dismantling of these shadow Pluto in Capricorn control mechanisms that are becoming highlighted during this forced lockdown.

In past articles I’ve discussed in detail about the dangers of the Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn shadow. Our current dynamic recognizes this dynamic and offers us a Venus-based solution. Venus is forcing each of us to reexamine our values, where our values come from, and then providing us with an internal sense of what’s real and what’s simply propaganda.

This Venus solution is being emphasized because it’s the leading edge of our tightly packed grouping of planets. Remember, Pluto as the trailing planet, and as the slowest moving planet represents the base energy that all the other planets are carrying forward with a solution for positive change.

We can also see this dynamic playing out through the Sabian archetype of Venus:

ARCHETYPE: A passionate response to a deeply felt new experience.
COMMENTARY: What has been discovered must be discussed and tested through intellectual exchange in order to allow for a more complete formulation to occur. Organized activity is needed to convince others of the importance of what has been discovered. An emotional or dramatic presentation is often needed to overcome the natural inertia and resistance to what needs to change within the larger group, so that what has been discovered can be successfully shared.

What we are witnessing, in real-time astrology, is a call to those who are beginning to see what’s real, and what’s really going on in the world. By “real” I mean seeing what’s happening that’s been hidden in the past. The age of Aquarius is still in its infancy, but the Capricorn shadow is very active and without notice is taking our freedoms away by force.

Our Taurus New Moon is promoting the value of what’s real and useful. What we love, including our core values, cannot be legislated, mandated by popular opinion, or manipulated by those who don’t have our best interest at heart.

Your opportunity now is in overcoming the natural inertia and resistance to what needs to change. The spiritual promise of this New Moon lies in focusing on what has value, freedom, and prosperity for humanity. This is our true guide for what is real and what’s not.


The primary focus of our Taurus New Moon is a new process which the whole of humanity is beginning to traverse. We have an opportunity to come up with new ways of determining what is real, practical, and useful for moving forward. We can all begin by seeing where in world the controls over humanity are being engineered. We all need to ask the tough questions so that we can use our own authority to align with agendas of freedom, prosperity, and independence.

During this Lunar cycle, stay positive and have faith that the promise for humanity’s future will unfold as we discover what’s real and good for everyone. Have faith that if we can embrace a mind that’s free from control, each of us will find the pot of gold that awaits our future, especially if we are willing to see what is real.

Happy New Moon,

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