When New Information Becomes Knowledge — New Moon Gemini Eclipse June 10, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report June 10, 2021

June 10 to July 9

  • 20° Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse is Thursday, June 10, 3:53 AM PDT
  • New Moon Theme: June 10 – July 9: Knowledge Integration
  • The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
  • A Solar Eclipse creates a shadow on the Sun, hiding its light. By exposing this shadow for what it is, it forces the consciousness to recognize the source of light, both internally and externally.

Co-author: Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — When New Information Becomes Knowledge

Our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini marks a turning point in the ways in which we receive information, and then what we are able to do with that information once we get it. Whenever we encounter something new it challenges what we have known in the past. This experience of exposure to new information can be met with either excitement or resistance.  

Life is an ongoing process of learning.  How we receive new information depends on multiple factors. This New Moon explores the concept of expanding our access to healthy information and how new information becomes knowledge. What we mean by knowledge is the ability to assimilate information through the integration of higher mind, which includes intellect, intuition and emotional awareness.

The Pursuit of Knowledge is the Backbone of Gemini

Gemini is often associated with information and the intellect, however the archetype of Gemini involves much more.  As we take a closer look at the opportunities of this eclipse, it’s important to expand our understanding of the essential properties held within this archetype.

At the core of the zodiac sign of Gemini is the desire to expand beyond what has been known before. It’s this desire to know more, to explore contrast, and to discover new insights and understandings, that enables us to differentiate details and explore the subtleties of life. 

Gemini rules the mind. From an astrological perspective, the mind is much more than the intellect and the logical information processor that we have been taught. Logic and information processing is only one aspect of the mind.  The mind also gives rise to imagination and intuitive abilities. It’s your mind that gives you the desire and capacity to reach beyond what you have known, so you can explore and discover new aspects of yourself and the world around you.

From the astrological point of view there is one more critical aspect of the mind, which is the role of integration. It’s the mind that integrates our new abilities in order to make them useful.

This integrating power is able to synthesize information, logic, experience and emotion to create personal knowledge and understanding. As such, the development of knowledge becomes a creative and integrative process of the mind through the archetype of Gemini.

Another important ability of the mind is problem solving. The integrative function of problem solving gives you the power to overcome anything standing in your way, by expanding your knowledge and then sharing that knowledge with others.

The shadow of Gemini is to separate the intellect from the larger aspects of the higher mind. The intellect reduces information to isolated facts and data points, removed from emotional context, imagination and intuition.  

Pursuing true knowledge is a spiritual process of integrating all of the capacities of the mind. As you expand your spiritual knowledge and understanding of the world around you, your Gemini mind can transcend what you have known before and begin to operate independently from your external environment.

This spiritual perspective of independence enables you to rise above the natural polarities and oscillations of life. This level of clarity connects you to the hidden power of Gemini. This hidden power of Gemini involves the pursuit of knowledge, through the power to make un-conditioned choices and the power to think independently.  

In short, the healthy pursuit of knowledge that we speak of in Gemini is the result of a liberated freedom of choice.

The Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse

A Solar eclipse brings to light what is hidden by illuminating the contrast between light and shadow. This natural phenomena exposes the contrast of the shadow so that we can consciously work with it in a positive way. Working with contrast is a natural ability of Gemini, so understanding these principles can help you work with the positive elements that the Gemini shadow reveals in your life.

The Gemini shadow revealed by this eclipse exposes new ways in which we can think independently and see the areas of life where we’ve been conditioned to think a certain way. 

The first step toward seeing the positive aspect of the Gemini eclipse shadow involves working to integrate knowledge from your environment, including the information you receive from others. This is a time to increase your ability to work with diverse information. It’s also a time to explore the ways in which difficulties with diverse information may be holding you back in life. In fact, when new experiences or information aren’t properly assimilated these same experience or information can become toxic.

To further emphasize the importance of assimilation, let’s review the Sabian archetype for our New Moon at 20° Gemini.



ARCHETYPE— The assimilation of multi-faceted knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

COMMENTARY — A healthy environment is supported by diversity where a utilization of resources produces both abundance and variety. As abundance flows, the vast ocean of unconscious potential of the collective will give rise to a complex variety of elements. Care must be taken to discern what’s healthy and what’s not so that the individual may assimilation what’s important without waste or toxicity.

This archetype emphasizes the importance of choice amid huge complexity and diversity of possibilities. In Gemini the information we absorb, like food, is what nourishes and develops our psyches. This requires discrimination and personal assimilation, so as to avoid consuming what is not healthy. What is not personally supportive becomes toxic.

This archetype takes on additional meaning when we objectively consider the degree of both censorship and propaganda that has now become inescapable in our current society. As we continue forward through the summer months of 2021, keep in mind that planetary evolution has reached a new threshold of momentum. In terms of information, the need to take what we need and leave the rest is more true now than ever before.

Tapping into our full potential requires each of us to rise above and beyond what is easily available for mass consumption or, furthermore, what has become polluted. Rising above to gain personal perspective will help us each make healthy personal choices. This is the time to utilize the solar eclipse shadow in order to expose what we each need, so we can choose to assimilate, without consuming the waste. This is the Gemini principle of liberated freedom of choice that is available to each of us at this time.

Our Lunar eclipse two weeks ago emphasized the importance of rising to the occasion. (See Redefining what it Means to Rise to the Occasion — Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse May 26, 2021.) Now our Solar eclipse is exposing the shadow so that we can use this new knowledge to continue to develop our own ability to “rise to the occasion.”

Astrology Pattern

Our Gemini New Moon Solar eclipse is a bowl pattern with Pluto and Mars marking the two edges of the bowl. The specific pattern of this bowl sets the context for our New Moon energies. It also sets the container for the broader energies that are playing out in societies around the world.

The Pluto/Mars opposition at the edges of the bowl reflects the larger dynamic that’s playing out in our world, specifically between the individual’s right to freedom, versus the globalist attempts to establish total control and authority over the individual.

During the eclipse we have four astrological points that are being activated in Gemini. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node. As described earlier, the Sun and Moon in Gemini are activating the need to make healthy choices among the vast and complex array of information that is being presented to us. The North Node in Gemini represents the direction humanity needs to go. The current North Node’s theme of rising to the occasion is the same theme that we saw in the Lunar eclipse two week ago; the location has not changed with our Solar eclipse. The specific energies represent the courage to leave behind what is known and familiar, in order to explore new territories and frontiers.

Mercury Conjunct the Solar Eclipse

Mercury is definitely worth talking about, as it is making a conjunction of less than 1° to our Solar eclipse. Remember, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. This conjunction with the Gemini New Moon means that the positive qualities of Mercury directly support the positive qualities of Gemini that are available to us now.

To better understand the impact of the conjunction, let’s go directly to the Sabian archetype for Mercury.



ARCHETYPE: The revolutionary impact of mental concepts upon the collective emotions and desires of humankind.

COMMENTARY: Mental organization around an emotional process of awareness leads to the realization that the support of society must support the individual’s involvement within the collective. This highlights the importance of a people-before-profit thinking process.

It’s clear from reading the Sabian archetype that Mercury is bringing a revolutionary impact for change that needs to be integrated in order for us to avoid any unnecessary disruptions from impacting our life. Each of us who understands the power of individuality has a role to play.  Fueled by the Solar eclipse, the emphasis switches now from being told what to think to the realization of what must change.

The power of knowledge is on the rise. Society needs your voice and participation, as you rise to the occasion to ensure that the rights of the individual are insured and not disenfranchised or oppressed.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

With both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces we have large-scale patterns and cycles coming to the forefront. This enables us to see and integrate what is really important in life. This includes new understandings of the shadow pattern of our current push toward total collectivism, and the way this momentum will continue as a shadow pattern until there is a greater balance between the individual and the collective.

For those willing to see, Jupiter and Neptune represent your ability to see, with eyes wide open and without fear, what is happening directly under our collective noses. At the collective level, the bigger picture of disruption and control must play out in order for the unconscious perceptions of humanity to see and then awaken. This awakening to the Aquarian Age must reach a tipping point within the collective before any tangible shift can occur at a large scale on the planet. 

For those who are able to access the shadow elements, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will have a spiritual impact. Their combined influence in Pisces gives each of us hope and faith in the larger processes of the evolution of consciousness. I’m encouraged when I see the number of people willing to stand up and rise to the occasion with the commitment to take a stand for our collective evolutionary destiny and the outward manifestation of the Aquarian Age.


This Solar eclipse is about new levels of discernment regarding healthy forms of information, and how new information can become knowledge. The power of knowledge is fully available to you once you’ve learned to discover the subtleties of your life experiences, as well as your healthy relationship to the shadow.
When we are able to properly assimilate information, we can also more clearly see the shadow of what our minds cannot digest, including the waste products and pollution within the information to which we are exposed.
With this eclipse, integration is now the key to successful living. This involves using your mind to assimilate information so that it grows into new knowledge. This creative process is being highlighted during our eclipse. As we are able to discover healthy information and experiences we discover the true power of knowledge.
Happy New Moon Eclipse,
Steven Shroyer

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