Scorpio New Moon October 2014

Widening Your Experiences through Relationships: New Moon Astrology for Oct 2014

Article Window: Oct 23 through Nov 22
• The New Moon: Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm, PDT
• Sun is 1° Scorpio, Moon is 1° Scorpio (A Solar Eclipse)
• New Moon Theme (thru Nov 22): Widening of Experiences
• Next Full Moon is Thursday, Nov 6

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

A Solar Eclipse occurs at the New Moon immediately following a Lunar Eclipse. It supports the energies released at the Lunar Eclipse by blocking the Sun for a short period of time. This blocking period places the Moon between the Sun and the Earth to reinforce the organic influences of change initiated by the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago.

Scorpio New Moon October 2014

Astrology Article: Widening Your Experiences through Relationships

As the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, relationships will take on an increased importance, especially considering the New Moon is also conjunct with the planet Venus. Venus’ energy when combined with the New Moon’s brings an energizing element to all types of relationships. This will be especially true with your own willingness to seek out a deeper experience within your intimate relationships.

Neptune is playing a key role in expanding your understanding of your relationships to include all types of social and personal relationships. Although the New Moon and Venus specifically involve the energizing of personal relationships, Neptune is also supporting a broadening of all of your experiences in general. This widening of experiences brings all types of social and cultural interactions into clearer focus, not just your intimate relationships.

Re-Vitalizing Your Relationships

This Lunar month (until the next New Moon) is an excellent time to bring new life and vitality into all the relationships you cherish. Because the New Moon is increasing the potential for vitality within relationships, this can be an especially useful time for relationships which have become stagnant or depleted.

Scorpio’s desire is to relate and connect, even if it is through conflict. However, stagnation is a quality Scorpio won’t easily tolerate. With this New Moon there is a solution to any feeling of stagnation or conflict. The solution is through the developing of a more conscious awareness of how polarizing energies can bring both tension and vitality into a relationship. Tension is a shadow quality, where as vitality is a beneficial quality.

Polarizing energies need not be divisive or negative. Day and night are two examples of polarizing energies which, when harmonized, result in vitality. Polarizing energies are always in some type of relationship. Widening your experiences to discover the hidden vitality of these relationships is an important key in working with this New Moon.

Another type of polarizing energy we all carry internally is the masculine and feminine principle. This isn’t a specific reference to only male and female. All of us have both masculine and feminine energy. We manifest the combination of these in ourselves as different expressions of creative, intuitive, decisive, and active energies.

Polarizing energy can be one of the cornerstones of relationship if the focus is on vitality. Vitality becomes the dominate quality if there is a healthy exchange of compassion, intimacy, and empathy which feeds this vitality. When these are in depletion, or polar energy isn’t adequate exchanged, tension can be the result.

As you widen your perspective though embracing polarity, especially through the dynamics of relationship, the possible tension will be replaced with vitality.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon astrology chart for Oct 2014.With the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn all in the sign of Scorpio, it’s necessary to dive into the depths of all types of relationship in order to widen your experience and find the commonality of opposite energies.

Scorpio has a depth associated with it that can become murky if it’s not fully penetrated in the context of relationship. Within these depths you’ll to find a “common ground,” which is Scorpio’s strength. With the New Moon and three planets in Scorpio, there’s access to a great deal of untapped energy. This can be useful in directing energy toward a positive outcome, but it must be directed, or a becomes murky.

To offset this concentration of Scorpio energy, we have both Neptune and Uranus in excellent positions.

Neptune in Pisces brings a universal and shared beneficence to Scorpio’s search for commonality. With Pisces there’s the shared compassion and empathy that is needed to sustain relationships under stress.

Uranus take on an extremely unique role in providing a powerful solution (Pluto T-squared Mercury/Uranus) to prevent getting stuck in Scorpio’s intoxicating journey into the depths of the unknown. Uranus sits on 14° ARIES and hold a powerful archetype as seen in its Sabian Symbol.


The archetype speaks to the conscious acceptance of polarizing energy in intimate relationship. It also speaks to a solution to the problem of individualism without integration in one’s community (Aries New Moon trine Neptune). In this case, individualism is one polarity and community is the other. As such, Uranus offers a new vitalizing energy into all types of Scorpio relationships.


A new wave of New Moon energy is providing a new depth of experience to all types of relationship. It’s through a more conscious use of polarity within relationship that you can experience greater vitality to re-energize all forms of stagnation. As a result, you can experience a widening of your experience in the world and integrate your purpose more easily in your community.

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