You Experience the Unexpected. Now What? — Aquarius New Moon Jan 21, 2023

New Moon Astrology Report Jan 21, 2023

• 2° Aquarius New Moon is Saturday, Jan 21, 12:53 PM PST
• New Moon Theme: Jan 21 – Feb 19: Neutrality
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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You Experience the Unexpected. Now What?

Our Aquarius New Moon marks another milestone in the unfolding developments of the Aquarian Age. With the current influx of the New Moon Aquarian energies flooding our consciousness, you can expect business-as-usual to be altered in unexpected ways.

Our Aquarius Moon is showing you an alternative way to face unexpected circumstances in order to maximize your forward momentum. When life doesn’t go as planned and the unexpected occurs, the New Moon is offering each of us the opportunity to free ourselves from our old habits and expectations.

This article explores how a new quality of energy is available for you to use as you encounter the unexpected.

Themes of Aquarius

Aquarius energies are unique in that they are both individualized and socialized, or group-oriented. The theme that runs true through both orientations, individual and group, is that of freedom. Aquarius is future orientated, and its impact is centered on re-balancing the collective through a full integration of each person’s individuality.

Aquarius enables us as individuals to shed our programming. This includes all of the bad habits of group-thinking we have adopted as a default approach to life. Aquarius helps us release the programming of the past in favor of expanding into new social horizons where freedom, respect, and personal sovereignty are foundational themes for everyone.

The Aquarius New Moon: Neutrality and Inner Security

Unexpected developments and change are a part of the natural cycle and rhythm of nature. The unique energy signature of our Aquarius Moon holds an important key strategy to use whenever you find yourself facing circumstances that catch you off guard.

The New Moon strategy is related to the quality of neutrality. Neutrality enables us to remain calm within, regardless of the intensity we encounter. This explains why the ability to remain neutral and calm is one of the higher frequencies within the Aquarian archetype.

An important aspect of neutrality is inner stability. Our Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 2° Aquarius brings our awareness to the need for inner stability in order to negotiate the contrast we experience when things change.

ARCHETYPE: Developing inner security enables the individual to meet any unexpected situation.
COMMENTARY: At any moment, either nature or society may produce a catalyst that results in an unexpected change requiring our immediate attention. Disruption may come to what was previously seen as a permanent endeavor. The contrast we experience during an unexpected situation or crisis can become an energizing dynamic, used for positive change. This is true whether or not the desire for change was initially welcomed.

This archetype in the position of our New Moon is emphasizing the importance that inner security plays in developing a healthy attitude toward the natural and often unexpected rhythms of life and change.

We all know from life experience that positive things often come from the unexpected. In retrospect we can see that positive changes have often occurred when an unforeseen catalyst initiated the change.

The idea understanding of impermanence is an important spiritual concept that is often overshadowed by fear and the false idea that things shouldn’t change. With a better understanding of the rhythmical nature of life we can adapt to the unexpected with more grace. This brings a neutral approach to the ups and downs that are part of everyone’s natural experience of life.

Nothing is permanent in our organic, evolving and ever-changing world, especially now that we have entered the Aquarian Age. Cultivation of inner stability and neutrality enables us to weather every storm

Pluto and Courage: The Final Degrees of Capricorn

Astrology chartPluto’s conjunction with our Aquarius New Moon plays a big role in the significance of the New Moon energies.

With Pluto in the final 2 degrees of Capricorn and the New Moon at 2° Aquarius, the conjunction is literally activating a bridge between the past and the future, between what is seemingly permanent and what must change.

Pluto has an important role to play as we move forward, providing the raw power for transformation and positive change. These potentials will come into a fuller picture once Pluto enters Aquarius beginning in March of this year.

As Pluto moves through the final degrees of Capricorn we can continue to expect transformational change both personally and globally.

On the personal level, Pluto’s power for transformation is building character within each of us, especially for those who have begun the individuation process. Building character occurs through the hard or difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves. Each challenge enables a new opportunity to use courage. Your increase in courage becomes an important sign of personal character being built.

On the collective level, Pluto is operating globally through its powerful ability to completely transform larger aspects of worldwide culture. Over the past 15 years as Pluto has transited Capricorn we have witnessed an intensification of the worldwide shadow of Capricorn control. The extensive abuse of power through Capricorn’s shadow includes attempts to control the world’s systems of information, governance, health and finances.

Our Sabian archetype for Pluto at 29° indicates how the shadow of Capricorn is exposing the hidden agenda that accompanies the current abuses of power we see worldwide.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to see the hidden signature of meaning in every moment of true significance.
COMMENTARY: This is a holistic ability to see through the facts and discover a more basic realm of relationship that is hidden by the outer shell of perceived reality. Hidden within every moment is the larger picture and pattern of inner connectedness to its larger archetype of wholeness. With practice, each of us has this clairvoyant ability to see these underlying signatures or patterns hidden within everything.

Pluto at this degree of Capricorn is exposing the hidden signature of events, both in your personal life and in the larger world. This gives you the ability to see beyond the official facts or propaganda of any situation. You can see beneath the surface of what’s being presented as reality.

This process operates through the principle of holism. A holistic approach to life sees the connections and manifest form in our world beyond the physical plane. This signature of omnipresence exists within every moment.

As Pluto moves through the last 2° of Capricorn before its entrance into Aquarius, expect the world to change in unexpected ways. Your own circumstances may even suddenly change. Should this happen to you, stay neutral and out of fear with the realization that change is inevitable.


This is an exciting time to be alive. Collectively we are witnessing the changing of old guard and the birth of a new age. Each lunar cycle we experience the rhythmic alterations to our consciousness that are occurring worldwide as we move further into the 5D Aquarian Age.

I believe that our movement into the Aquarian Age will be quicker that any of us anticipated. In the midst of change, use every opportunity, and every catalyst, to practice developing the courage that is your birthright.

Stay true to your alignment as a Being of Light and to the positive developments that the Aquarian Age is bringing. When change occurs, stay calm, remain neutral, and use your inherent courage to gracefully move forward into the new world.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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