The Revolutionary Mind Continues to Awaken — Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report June 5, 2020

Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Report
June 5 to June 21

Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse is Friday, June 5, 12:12  PM PDT
Current Lunar Theme (June 5 to June 21): Normalcy of Nature
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.
The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Astrology Article — The Revolutionary Mind Continues to Awaken

Our Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse is extremely charged with inspiration to connect with new ideas and understanding. In addition to inspiration, the astrology pattern speaks directly to the challenges that are being presented to the world at this very moment. This intensity of challenge is amplified by our Lunar eclipse.

There is a revolution happening. The astrology pattern suggests that the highest form of this revolution occurs within the mind.

To understand what is taking place in our consciousness during this Lunar Eclipse, we’ll first explore the astrological context of these energies of revolution.

Understanding the larger context of astrology is often the key to successfully applying the Full Moon energies in your individual life circumstance.

Completing the Pluto Cycle

Our current Eclipse is emphasizing the karmic factors and patterns that are playing out in our consciousness and our culture during the current Lunar cycle.

Throughout my articles over the past year, we’ve talked many times about the significance of the Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we experienced an American revolution. We are currently in the process of completing that Pluto cycle. The balsamic energies now at the end of the cycle are intensifying with momentum and playing out at an unconscious level.

In short, the Pluto cycle that began with revolution is now coming to its end and the karma of revolution that has been playing out over the past 250 years is collectively active now in an unconscious way.

In order for these energies to become conscious, the cycle of revolution needs to operate now at an individual and internal level, in order to fully complete the cycle and begin anew.

In 1776, the revolution that took place was an external response to tyranny.

In 2020, at our current stage of revolution and in particular this Lunar Eclipse, the tyranny we are experiencing is a new awareness of the way we have been controlled. With both Gemini and Sagittarius being activated with our current eclipse, the emphasis is on revealing the controls that have been placed on information.

The energy of Sagittarius is about principles involving the value of humanity. This includes our systems of philosophy and cosmology. The shadow archetype of Sagittarius is based on dogma, which is currently active in the social trend of telling people what to think. What’s new and building is the level of inspiration behind this new form of dogma and control.

An Inner Source of Inspiration

The archetype of Gemini often emphasizes a dual nature of experience. With the Sun at 16° Gemini, our Full Moon is emphasizing our ability to experience inspiration as a duality.  Within this duality, we can currently experience a new awareness of where we’re receiving our inspiration. Specifically, whether it comes from an internal source or an external source.

What our current astrology suggests is that the tyranny we need to react to is actually within consciousness itself.

The source of inspiration needs to be from inner guidance and higher principles of freedom. Slavery over this last Pluto cycle that we’re now completing has become an internal process within the individual mind. Each of us can now courageously face these internal processes during this eclipse.

Instead of reacting to external sources of tyranny, as spiritual individuals with this Lunar eclipse, we have an opportunity to react to the tyranny and slavery within our own consciousness. In this way, freedom begins as an internal source of inspiration and then extends into the creation of a new consciousness able to think for itself. This is the true revolution of consciousness, which lies in freeing the mind from external control and influence.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartWe have a prominent T-square with Neptune conjunct Mars square our Full Moon Eclipse. A T-square always presents an opportunity for a choice. The emphasis of the current pattern points clearly to the choice to act from a place of inner spiritual integrity versus reacting to an external stimulus or outside suggestion.

The true revolution is a spiritual revolution of the mind with a new ability to think for ourselves.

The Sun in Gemini is energizing a new quality of mind that is revolutionary and deeply felt. The Moon in Sagittarius gives us a perspective on what type of information we have collectively become dependent on. Mars and Neptune in Pisces square to the eclipse are providing opportunities and actions to make new choices that are authentically related to our internal guidance and personal inspiration.

The Sabian archetypes of the T-square help to clarify this more clearly.

ARCHETYPE: A passionate response to a deeply felt new experience.

ARCHETYPE: The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires through the stimulation of social circumstances.
COMMENTARY: Natural instincts feed on the reactions, and often perversions, of the socially conditioned mind. Natural responses to life can become perverted and subservient to a restless ambition that dominates through social organization. At times, the need to feed on spiritual teachings is necessary until the external dependency is transcended.

ARCHETYPE: Reliance upon the inner source of inspiration and guidance.
COMMENTARY: Inspiration by its nature “flows” from an inner source through the individual.

What needs to be highlighted from these archetypes is the revolutionary mind becoming free and independent from easily acquired garbage that’s being externally fed to us. Our reaction to life during this current cycle needs to be deeply felt from within our own guidance as our inner source of inspiration.

Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses 16° Sagittarius again during the coming Lunar cycle.
The opportunity with our current eclipse is two-fold, both through organized activity and a new level of awakening.

As revolution takes hold within the mind, we will be released from the various ways that we have been controlled by misinformation or distortion. We will begin to experience new inspiration coming from our inner guidance.

As astrologers, we can clearly see that this eclipse shadow is now active within the collective. The shadow of this eclipse, especially when combined with the ending of the Pluto cycle, will most likely continue to play out through the summer.

The strength of this eclipse is in the revolution of the individualized mind. As we awaken to new levels of freedom we are inspired and released from our own forms of mental slavery. This is the true revolution.


Revolution is currently active in the consciousness of humanity. The dual nature of Gemini is bringing awareness to the need for freedom within our consciousness. This is a spiritual revolution of the mind, with a new ability to think for ourselves.

Our eclipse is providing an opportunity to be inspired by an inner source and not be influenced by the external distortions currently being fed to us. This eclipse will continue to draw humanity’s attention to internal sources of inspiration for those who are willing to have a revolutionary mind.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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