A Point of No Return — Cancer New Moon & Solstice Eclipse Astrology Report June 21, 2020

New Moon Astrology Report June 2020
June 20 to July 20

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is Saturday, Jun 20, 11:41 PM PDT
New Moon Theme:  June 20 – July 20: Point of No Return
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
A Solar Eclipse brings a direct emphasis to the adaptive qualities of the Moon. The darkening of our Sun also produces a unique shadow that affects our consciousness in a significant manner. This interrupts the normal relationship between the Sun and Moon activating unusual potentials and creating a shadow distortion within individuality.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — A Point of No Return

Our Cancer New Moon occurs dramatically on the summer solstice and during a solar eclipse. This convergence of energies will initiate a powerful opportunity to revaluate your individual alignment in the world. In particular, the eclipse and summer solstice is initiating a new level of individuality that will bring a higher level of equality between you and the rest of humanity.

What’s beginning to emerge in the consciousness of people across the planet are questions of personal allegiance. These include questions of what to support, how to align personal and collective values, and where our sense of security lies.

Through this process, we will now be called to ask, in some form or another, “Where does my true allegiance lie?”

This is the key question of this Lunar cycle, and exactly what this article will be exploring.

Threshold of Individual Freedom

These dramatic energies have been building over the past year, including our historic Pluto-Saturn conjunction six months ago.

Now we have a dramatic solar eclipse occurring on the summer solstice. When a New Moon eclipse falls on the summer solstice it becomes one of the most powerful New Moons one could ever imagine.

The summer solstice always occurs at 1° Cancer. At this point, the potential of achieving absolute individuality is the highest of the entire year. This is because the day-force (the period of daylight in the northern hemisphere) is at its peak. This day-force emphasizes healthy autonomy, independence, free-thinking, and freedom from outside control.

There is no doubt that the energies that have been building for individual freedom within our US culture are mirroring the astrological energies. Even here in Seattle, we have a new “Autonomous Zone” that has declared its independence from society.

With this Cancer New Moon, reorienting to true independence is an important key to success for us all.

A New Allegiance

Now we’re back to the question we asked earlier: “Where does your allegiance lie?”

I’m bringing this up because this key question for the eclipse is not only relevant to each of us as individuals. It’s also a question that is currently active in the collective mind. The differences between the personal and collective meanings of allegiance may indicate a misunderstanding that can easily be cleared up.

As opposed to current collective thinking, true allegiance isn’t about whose side you’re on. Rather, it’s about alignment. Allow me to share some Sabian insight that will bring this to light.

The Sabian archetype for the Cancer New Moon:

ARCHETYPE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolic act, signifying ‘A POINT OF NO RETURN.’
COMMENTARY: There is now a freedom to make individualized decisions for moving forward. This is a crowning hour, with the day-force fully active. Consequences are of the highest premium. What’s needed is a larger perspective of allegiance where decisions and consequences are necessary to reorient the ways in which one moves toward establishing a greater sense of stability.

To move forward in life with our Cancer New Moon we are each asked to establish a greater level of inner stability that will promote even greater levels of independence and autonomy.

Cancer initiates a reorientation process, using the qualities of emotional maturity and emotional independence. These qualities establish the needed stability that builds the foundation for healthy emotional connections with others.

We see these Cancer qualities of emotional stability play out within positive family dynamics and the home. As our perspective of allegiance matures, our sense of home expands from our immediate family to our community and, ultimately, into the idea of being a global citizen.

Where the misunderstanding of true allegiance occurs is in the Cancerian shadow of insecurity and lack of true independence.

The Cancer shadow of insecurity is one of the most powerful shadows that we astrologers encounter. As insecurity turns into fear, independence is exchanged for group influence. This helps us understand how personal fear can become expressed as racism and other forms of prejudice or bias.

It’s important to note that this shadow of Cancer is also active within the opposite polarity of Capricorn and our historic Capricorn stellium. There’s little doubt that these energies are playing out now on the international stage.

Establishing An Individual Autonomous Zone

Moving forward successfully with this New Moon depends on establishing a greater personal allegiance, not to an organization or a movement, but to yourself. This is the time for individuality to reign supreme, the time for each person to establish their own autonomous zone of sovereign individuality.

As we move forward in life, independent thinking is a must. Currently, we have group after group telling us all what to think and what values we must have. The individual spirit of freedom and fearlessness is being crushed.

This is a Lunar cycle of unprecedented opportunity for new independence. Claim your allegiance now to your individualized perspective, and you will be creating a new foundation for moving forward. This is what is meant by the point of no return.

Astrology Pattern

We have a strong bowl pattern which signifies a concentration of energy. This particular chart features Mercury leading the bowl and Pluto trailing.

With Pluto in Capricorn at the end of the bowl, the issue of power and control is anchoring the chart. Pluto is also the slowest moving planet, so notice in the chart how every other planet is moving away from Pluto. This means that Pluto’s theme of power and control has influenced every other planet in the bowl.

The opportunity within this chart is to return power and control to the individual. The anchoring of Pluto with all of the planets moving away indicates a tremendous power build-up that’s in the process of being released. For the individual, Pluto’s energies will provide inner strength.

The shadow of Pluto in Capricorn is playing out in the collective as an abuse of power. Collectively, almost all institutions are involved in this Capricorn shadow to some degree. It’s important now to not get sucked into choosing sides.

With the eclipse energies, we can see the shadow of Cancer’s insecurity and fear being polarized and activated within in the Capricorn shadow. We can also see the Capricorn shadow playing out in the Cancer New Moon in the form of blind acceptance and believing whatever the official narrative is, without thinking as an individual. Some astrologers call this type of shadow “group think.”

The empowering pattern in our New Moon chart is firmly anchored in an individual’s ability to think for themselves. This is particularly emphasized by Mercury leading the bowl pattern.

This individuality, once established, allows each person to realize that their true allegiance is first to themselves. From this foundation, one can consciously choose to rise above the conflicts as a global citizen.

A global citizen is an individual first, a person who feels equal and part of the larger whole of humanity. This true global citizenship is the opposite of the imposition of a totalitarian or controlling one-world-government, which is the shadow of Capricorn.

Our dramatic summer solstice Solar eclipse holds the energy of a new allegiance to oneself. What’s good for the world must also be good for the individual.

Our encouragement now comes through the focus and personal strength of the Cancer archetype, which provides inner security at an emotional level, allowing each of us to feel at home in any circumstance or with any group of people.


During this Lunar cycle, we are each in the process of establishing a new allegiance to ourselves in order to create new connections with others as equals.

The unrest we are experiencing in society is symptomatic of a lack of individuality and commitment to individual good. This Lunar cycle is really about the people thinking for themselves and protesting every form of Capricornian control and group influence.

The level of individuality with this Solstice eclipse is infusing us with new solutions that begin with the individual. These solutions need to work for the people first, not organizations or governments first. This is a time to stay strong through inner allegiance, find common ground, and seek solutions that work for everyone.

Happy New Moon and Summer Solstice,
Steven Shroyer

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  1. Love your knowledge and writings. A student- gem rising – for 30 years, I’ve concentrated on relationships using dynasty and developed the rating with a simple explanation to my clients. I hope astrology never dies. My interest started when I was in 4’th grade. Mythology, stars, animals, meanings. If you want a writer, let me know? I can’t figure out my YouTube channel and the mysteries of the universe paired the the science and art of astrology has been in my soul for many years. Over 7,000 emailed readings and reports since 1997. Took a break, but you are such a talented person. I’ll help.

  2. I stumbled on your website as I was looking for an answer to something I realized entirely by “accident”: the convergence of the new moon with the summer solstice – 21 June 2020.
    I thought it was an unusual coincidence but when I learned that there was a lunar(or is it solar) eclipse on the same date, I found myself saying: “Wow! This is unusual. It must be the reason behind the turbulence in my mind”. I even went to see neurologist to find out if I was OK. I could not trust a psychiatrist and even told the neurologist as much when he asked me if he could refer me to one.
    I am glad I refused.
    How do I become a regular recipient of your correspondence? Do you have entry qualifications to your organisation, if any? I think I am “qualified”

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