Grounding Oneself in the Midst of Chaos and Change — Full Moon Astrology Report Mar 28, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

Mar 28 to Apr 11

  • Libra Full Moon is Sunday, Mar 28, 11:48 AM PDT
  • Current Full Moon Theme (Mar 28 to Apr 11):  Grounding To Transcend Chaos
  • The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Grounding Oneself in the Midst of Chaos and Change

Our Libra Full Moon is part of a magnificent astrological kite pattern. This extraordinary planetary configuration takes the shape of a “kite” with key planets positioned to create the famous kite outline.
A kite pattern is a highly organized and harmonious pattern. When it occurs in a Full Moon chart it can signify a grounding energy that’s able to transcend your current circumstances. With the current Full Moon, our kite is directly activating a particular type of focus that’s needed in order to ground ourselves to something larger.
Our Full Moon energies are bringing into full focus a quality of Aries (Sun) in which inner realization is the result of concentrating one’s attention in a clairvoyant manner. Intuition is greatly expanded when we are able to hold on to a larger perspective (Full Moon). Clairvoyance in the context of this chart refers to the ability to see the bigger, holistic picture of your life.  
Our Aries Sun is full of inspiration and new qualities of intuition. Our Full Moon in Libra (opposite of Aries) is acting like a focusing lens to give each of us a new ability to concentrate on what inspire us. Our kite pattern is organizing this inspired focus to help us navigate the forces of change and chaos in our lives without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Inspiration, once focused inwardly, can becoming a powerful tool for various types of personal expansion. The quality of expansion is key to understanding how to use the kite energy in your specific circumstances. Expansion inward is needed to transcend experiences of chaos or confusion around you. In this way the chaos isn’t ignored, but its negative effects are transcended.

The Libra Archetype of Expansion

The qualities of Libra that are activated at the Full Moon involve a naturally expanding type of energy. Libra is an air sign, and in Libra the element of air has the freedom of space as its domain. Libra energy expands as easily as the fragrance of a rose or a beautiful essential oil. The expansive quality of air and space can have a profound effect on the mind, especially if consciousness is allowed to freely expand without restriction.
Libra is often associated with relationships, however in Libra’s expansion phase, relationship also implies there is an ability to expand into something larger. This is because the archetype itself has more to do with participating at a greater level, rather than just through social interactions. Yes, relationships can be part of a greater participation, but so can the inner experiences of life.
The key point we need to take away from our Full Moon in Libra is that our current energies involve an inner type of expansion. This expansion can be related to a variety of inner circumstances and experiences and not simply our relationships with others.

When we combine this special quality of Libra’s expansion with our current kite pattern, we find that all of us have the opportunity to expand into a greater awareness. For those who think of life in spiritual terms, you can think of this expansion and a way of expanding into a greater soul awareness and higher possibilities in your life.

The Aries and Libra Polarity

Each Full Moon involves a natural polarity between two opposite zodiac signs. Our Aries/Libra Full Moon polarity sheds some additional light that’s worth exploring.
Aries holds a tremendous amount of independence and inspiration. Libra complements and expands Aries’ independent thinking in order to include a bigger picture. With this type of expansion, inspiration then has the power to operate on a larger scale that includes others.
When Libra is able to incorporate the Aries polarity into its field, Libra energizes the intellectual courage to enable one to separate from the crowd. Herd consciousness (a shadow of Libra) becomes more difficult with the Aries qualities of inspiration, courage, and independence. These qualities are foundational of the Aries pioneering spirit, and they are antithetical to going along with the group out of fear or peer pressure.

The Full Moon Kite Presents a Rare Opportunity

Astrology ChartIn our current chart the Sun/Moon opposition provides the context and circumstance for how we will need to focus in order to transcend energies of confusion or chaos. In our Full Moon pattern we have the Sun and Moon as the spine of the kite pattern. This adds significantly to the power of this Full Moon, contributing to the pure potential of the power to transcend chaos around us.

When one thinks of a kite, we automatically picture that kite flying high in the sky. Our Full Moon kite has a grounding effect which, on the surface, is the opposite of flying high in the sky. This apparent contradiction takes into account the ability of consciousness to operate inwardly.

From an astrology point of view, it’s impossible to separate our Full Moon from our kite pattern. When you visually look at the kite pattern (I’ve outlined the kite pattern to make it stand out) you’ll see the Sun and Moon making up the backbone or spine of the kite.

The Sun provides the energy needed to make positive changes in your life. The Moon provides the level of awareness needed to understand and adapt to the specific qualities of courage and independence that the Sun is providing.

The Sun is at the head of the kite. When we apply the principles of the Sun and Moon to our kite pattern, we see that the Sun is energizing a tremendous amount of focus. The Sabian archetype for 9° Aries beautifully describes this energy.

ARCHETYPE — The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.
COMMENTARY —Images forming within may reveal future events, but more importantly they reveal the whole situation, which is the true power of its clairvoyant interpretation. Dominate emotional or cultural thinking helps to centralize and perceive wholeness. What the intelligence perceives in its concentration is the function of inner impulses and outer events which are unclouded with self-importance.

In this archetype we not only see concentrated attention, but we also see that the focus is energizing an internal expansion. This inner process is in the form of a clairvoyant (intuitive) interpretation in which circumstance are connected to something larger.

The Moon, as the tail of the kite, is providing the conscious expansion of your personal perspective. However, this isn’t any ordinary perspective, for this new perspective is allowing you to ground yourself directly into the presence of your soul. The Sabian archetype of 9° Libra describes this soul connection.

ARCHETYPE — The need to ground oneself to source during a search for higher values while within a chaotic society.
COMMENTARY — Grounding and connecting to one’s Soul essence is needed for the 3-fold transfiguration into power, love, and intelligent action to occur.  This transfiguration a fundamental change in both substance and  form. This process enables the seed of yesteryear to become the seed of tomorrow. Identity is grounded through a cyclic continuity of Spirit operating through the power of succession and continuity.

From this archetype we can clearly see that the Full Moon kite is grounding your consciousness inwardly toward soul awareness. This is providing a continuity from the past to your present connection to source energy. It also is providing a more holistic view of how we can begin to shift our identity to the Libra archetype of something larger and more expansive.

The two other planets in the kite are Saturn and Mars. These two planets work together to initiate the individual’s highest potential. Saturn’s presence in the kite indicates the potential and focus for something greater.

Mars is able to harness this potential through the self-discipline to expand inward. This inward process not only produces greater Saturnian stability, but it represents an expansion that is only possible through the desire to create a better world for yourself.

A New Approach to Chaos

I want to offer a practical synthesis of our Full Moon energies and how to use them to transcend fears of chaos. Our experience of change and chaos ebbs and flows to varying degrees during our lifetime. Furthermore, this experience of chaos can be internal or external. 
External chaos, such as what we’re experiencing in our world today, can be extremely challenging and we don’t want to minimize how difficult it can be. Controlling chaos is not the goal. Expanding your awareness to include your connection to Source can expand perspective so you have new abilities to focus and discern what you can and can’t directly control.
When you are able to realize (Full Moon) that your personal equanimity (Libra) is directly under your control, you can begin to empower yourself with a more clairvoyant awareness and bigger picture of your own connection to Source energy.
True soul awareness, such as what is being offered at this Full Moon, has a natural calming effect on internal stress through the experience of connecting to something larger. In this case, Source energy. This is a sure way to expand beyond the outer chaos and change of the world, without ignoring it.


Our Full Moon kite pattern is a rare opportunity to expand your consciousness into a greater awareness of the presence of your Soul. This is a very rare and powerful astrological configuration that can energize your circumstances to new heights.

As we continue to move into the Aquarian Age, we can expect continued opportunities to expand our consciousness. This is a great moment to realize that activity and potential are ripe for a jump in consciousness. As you take advantage of this rare Full Moon, remember that inspiration comes to each individual in many forms. Don’t be surprised if your own intuitive abilities, including clairvoyance, take a leap forward.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  1. Dear Steven and Beth,
    Thank you for this reading!
    Indeed, I “see” the kite of groundedness AND expansion.
    I appreciate your explanation.

    So many options in my life right now…

    This helps to recognize which ever way I go will expand!!!

    Thanks again!
    Dee Escobedo

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