Living Life with Courage and Fulfillment — New Moon Astrology Report Apr 11, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Apr 11, 2021

Apr 11 to May 11

  • Aries New Moon is Sunday, Apr 11, 7:31 PM PDT
  • New Moon Theme: Apr 11 – May 11: Dynamic Activity
  • The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — Living Life with Courage and Fulfillment

Our Aries New Moon is the first Lunar cycle of spring. Each year the springtime brings new types of growth and dynamic activity that is fertile for positive changes in your life.

As we explore the meaning of our Aries New Moon we’ll explore these principles of springtime growth. We’ll also take a look at the Aries archetype of courage and fulfillment, and how to incorporate these vital factors into your life.

To take advantage of the vital springtime energy of our Aries New Moon it will first be helpful to review the basic archetype of Aries. This is especially true since the New Moon is generating a quality of Aries energy that’s even more dynamic than usual, due to the concentration of planets. This dynamic quality of Aries has a pioneering spirit that can enable the individual to operate without fear in the face of the unknown.

Exploring the Aries Archetype

Aries represents the symbolic start, or initiation, of the zodiac. I say this is symbolic because the universal archetype of the zodiac itself has no beginning or end. The zodiac represents wholeness, which implies the infinite, the Source, without beginning or end.

In order to help us perceive the wholeness of the zodiac, writers and astrological philosophers have described the energies of the zodiac as a story. This brilliant approach expands our thinking and demonstrates the connectedness and continuity of the zodiac archetypes. The quality of Aries energies, coupled with the Spring Equinox, makes it an ideal starting point in the zodiac story of wholeness.

Our Aries story begins with processes of birth or rebirth, with a new quality of being. Aries initiates a new process of becoming more than what has been before. In this way it can be considered as initiating an evolutionary leap forward.

For this leap to be successful, certain qualities of energy are required. These qualities include fearlessness, dynamic activity, and a pioneering spirit. It is these qualities, flowing directly from Source, that supply the energy for a new quality of birth and rebirth to occur.

This flow of vital energy in Aries can be understood through the element of Fire for which Aries is known. Elemental Fire is both inspirational and intuitive. These dynamic qualities are necessary in order to journey forward into the unknown. The courage and pioneering spirit of Aries further solidify and organize the dynamic activity needed to embark on something new.

The Aries principle of new birth is also reflected in the actual moment of physical birth. The birth process itself is an example of Aries energy in action. Each new beginning, including your own birth, contains an instinctual assertiveness and a courage to push forward without fear. This is true regardless of your Sun sign.

The moment a newborn takes their first breath it energizes the core fabric of their soul for moving forward with life. This courageous forward movement is undertaken at all cost.  In the same way, all forward progress in Aries is instinctual and intuitive, especially because the quality of life force is so directly tied to original Source energy. 

The intentional development of these qualities throughout one’s life helps us to develop personal initiative, with the energy to push forward through new situations without fear.

The Aries New Moon and Finding Inner Fulfillment

Courage is a fundamental quality of Aries that allows you to push forward without fear of failure. Because the Aries archetype has a personalized quality of vital energy, fulfillment and feelings of success in Aries naturally take on an inner perspective.

Our New Moon qualities of inner fulfillment and courage are fundamentally tied to the internal drive that is typically associated with Aries.

Inner fulfillment is the personal experience of satisfaction and success that is internalized and becomes a driving force for moving forward in life. To access the Aries New Moon quality of fulfillment you must be willing to move forward in life, regardless of external challenges. This is the courage of the Aries pioneering spirit that’s internalized and helps to integrate the dynamic activity needed for all types of success.

We can see from the following Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 23° Aries that dynamic activity begins as an internal process.

ARCHETYPE — The state of being a fertile field.
COMMENTARY — The divine masculine and feminine principles of creation are integrated through a gestating child, representing the inner fruit of dynamic activity. It is this basic three-fold sequence of integration that brings forth the resulting dynamic activity that works internally to move one forward in life with inner fulfillment.

The New Moon Sabian describes the integration of a new quality of energy that allows you to access all of the vital and dynamic processes that result in an inner quality of fulfillment.

Our New Moon has the potential to be fearless and to move forward in life regardless of the unknown.

This element of courage provides an antidote to all the fear and trepidation that’s being pushed now 24/7 in our mainstream media.

This Lunar cycle is also presenting a new quality of being, a rebirth of sorts, to help you find inner fulfillment through being a pioneer in life, regardless of other people’s fear, and the general fear held within the collective.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur bowl pattern is providing a concentration of energies that can be utilized in many ways for the dynamic activity of vital energy. The main pattern that interests me is the double sextile of Jupiter/New Moon/Mars. The other notable pattern is that the New Moon is balsamic (letting go) to Uranus and Venus.

The Double Sextile of Jupiter/New Moon/Mars

A sextile represents a synergistic type of organization, defined by the specific planets involved. Our double sextile suggests the need for intentional management (Jupiter) of our new vital energies in order to fully integrate our Aries New Moon.

Mars, as part of this pattern, suggests that our dynamic activity, if managed without fear, has a great chance for personal success and inner fulfillment. This is especially true if you can use dynamic activity to overcome any restrictive circumstances you may be experiencing in your life.

Uranus and Venus

In our New Moon chart these two planets are working together. Venus brings the value of courage and faith, and the desire to release the fear of failure. Uranus is supporting Venus and working with a higher frequency.

This Uranian higher frequency is working within the realm of altruism, especially through cooperation and the infusion of spiritual energies. At this level of consciousness, one’s faith and belief are supported by an internal knowingness that is felt and experienced as inner fulfillment of a higher spiritual function.


With our dynamic New Moon energies we are ramping up for something new on the horizon. This Lunar cycle appears to be setting the stage for a worldwide growth spurt. Everyone will experience these dynamic energies slightly differently. Whether your experience will come through a type of rebirth, through facing new activity without fear, or through finding new levels of inner fulfillment, what matters now is that we all move forward with courage.

In order to experience success it will be important to manage these powerful Aries energies without fear. This is the time to incorporate a new quality of being in which you’ll access your pioneering spirit in order to move forward in life. You have the capacity now to transcend fear regardless of the warnings of doom and gloom around you. It’s a time for rebirth, courage, and fulfillment.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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