Preparing for Unexpected Experiences — Aquarius New Moon Astrology Feb 11, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Feb 11, 2021
Feb 11 to Mar 13

Aquarius New Moon is Thursday, Feb 11, 11:06 AM PST
New Moon Theme: Feb 11 – Mar 13: Preparing for the Unexpected
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — Preparing for Unexpected Experiences

Our Aquarius New Moon brings in a new cycle of energies that will shape your reality in unexpected ways. It is up to each of us to use these new energies to prepare for the future, as we overcome whatever difficulties we may face during this coming Lunar cycle.

It’s encouraging to remember that there is always a surge of new potential after any crisis. During this coming Lunar cycle, it will be more and more apparent to each of us that our future is already active within our awareness, through the current seed of the present moment.

Aquarius is the Archetype for Change

The air sign of Aquarius holds the archetype of change through new ideas of freedom, progress and cooperation.

Because Aquarius is a thinking (Air) sign associated with social progress, the values of freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of information become the bedrock of any ideology for humanity’s growth.

Like any astrological sign Aquarius has a shadow element. One of the shadow elements that is most easily recognized in Aquarius is the intentional use of deception and fear to coerce cooperation from individuals and groups.

The Aquarius shadow results in the suppression of freedom in order to promote an authoritarian vision of humanity’s progress. This typically occurs in communication channels when censorship, misinformation, and the promotion of fearful events are used to shape how a society thinks about the present and the path to the future.

This distortion of Aquarian values is typical for all totalitarian ideologies. Fear and deception become useful tools to control the need for changes within a society. However, in the long run the Aquarian ideals of freedom will ultimately reign supreme and totalitarian control eventually breaks down.

The Barometer of Creative Change

Change can be stressful. However, rather than focusing on the stress of the unexpected, you’re encouraged to think of this Lunar cycle as a creative process. Yes, creative change can bring unexpected events, but the more we can understand the need for change the more we can lessen its potentially stressful impact.

We are all aware that there is a natural order in Nature through which we can observe life processes unfold. One way to connect with Aquarian principles of change is by aligning with these natural processes and cycles of Nature.

All creative change unfolds through the organic processes of life. The ability to sense your participation in the unfolding processes of life is what we are calling the “barometer of creative change.” The symbol of a barometer refers to your ability to intuitively recognize the process of creative change as it occurs. This awareness can provide you with the tools you need to anticipate the next steps in the natural unfolding processes of life.

The Aquarius New Moon is future oriented. Your inner barometer of change can help you align with those seeds of the future that are already active in the momentum of the present moment. We hold these seeds of the future within, and our inner barometers of change can sense this future momentum. Through this awareness we can sense now that humanity is posed for a new stage of development.

Safeguarding Humanity’s Future

Change is in the air. With change comes challenge and the potential stress of the unexpected. Without Aquarian values of individual freedom, the need to protect oneself and safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures can easily turn times of change into experiences of crisis.

Those who can perceive the hidden aspects of reality are able to enter with more ease into these new realms of change and greater possibility.  This quality of ease during times of change represents the emergence of a new evolutionary leap in alignment with the great rhythms of the cosmos. Many are already developing this ability. For others, this realm is a stage yet to come.

The opportunities of this time are giving us access to spiritual realms that have traditionally been guarded and hidden from most people. It is these higher spiritual realms that are also responsible for nourishing the soul.

In astrology this hidden realm is ruled by the processes of Neptune, through which these hidden energies are linked together by a spiritual web of forces.

Currently, Neptune’s shadow is predominate in our world. We can recognize this shadow through the webs of energies in which people are unconsciously caught in various and complex social crises. The current solutions and ideas that are being presented to the collective to resolve these crises further emphasize Neptune’s shadow, and are all centered around limiting freedoms as the only feasible way forward.

A Stage Yet to Come

What everything is pointing to with our New Moon trajectory are new processes that are unfolding through the energies of creative change.

Our current astrology suggests that these processes are a natural development, representing a new phase of human evolution. These processes of evolving consciousness are complex. They may be  resulting from the cosmic energies of our current great cycles, or perhaps we are simply experiencing what has always been present but previously hidden from our consciousness.

Whatever the specific reason, we are currently experiencing a new stage of collective development. This stage that is ‘yet to come’ for the majority of the collective is referred through the Sabian as the “Potential of Fluid Consciousness.”

Fluid consciousness refers to new ways to process information, by connecting to the hidden or spiritual realms. This new type of consciousness is coming into existence through the processes of shifting back and forth between 3D reality and the higher realms of consciousness that some are calling the 5th dimension.

We will be exploring this concept of “fluid consciousness” in future Lunar Journals reports. Moving forward, with each Lunar cycle, our development at the soul level will continue to be greatly accelerated.

What’s most important to take away from this article is the understanding that soul awareness will steadily increase as we collectively continue to move deeper into the Aquarian Age. With soul awareness on the rise, each of us must become more aware of what we do day-to-day to nourish our souls.

It’s your commitment to soul nourishment that provides for spiritual growth and allows for the momentum of positive creative change in our world.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology chart is a very compact bowl pattern. This means that there’s a great deal of concentration in a specific area of life.  In this chart the specific concentration is pointing toward the future and the momentum of creative change.

Astrology ChartThe Stellium in Aquarius. We have six celestial bodies grouped in Aquarius. This strong Aquarian formation is emphasizing the creative change toward which humanity is headed. Regardless of how these changes occur, they are part of the universal creative process. The stellium says change IS happening, but doesn’t determine the outcome.

Because of the strength and complexity of the energies, the shadow of a stellium includes confusion and disorientation. For this reason, the effects of this New Moon could be challenging, especially in the short term. The determining factor is the consciousness of the collective and how ready humanity is for positive change.

The Influence of Uranus and Mars. With both Uranus and Mars squaring our Aquarius stellium we can definitely expect the unexpected. This is a complex configuration and how it plays out will be dependent on a lot of factors. With Uranus and Mars both in Taurus we can see how the desire for physical safety and protection will play an even more crucial role in how humanity is being conditioned to think.

At its most basic nature this configuration represents expansion through crisis. Depending on the consciousness of each individual, the unexpected change will be experienced as a either a contraction or an expansion. The contraction response is a reaction through fear and crisis thinking.

At the other extreme, the expansion response involves the opportunity for inspired actions that result in new freedom. With expansion, the strong influence of the squares means that you can choose to change your perspective about how crisis, choice and control are interrelated.

One practical example of these two extremes is the empowered choice to express oneself as a free individual, rather than reactionary fighting in the streets against government overreach and control.

The Sextile Trine. What we can see within this pattern is the double sextile formed between Mars, Neptune and Pluto. The sextile energy points to a reorganization of energies. In this chart the double sextile energy represents a potential shift in consciousness, not just for individuals but in the overall consciousness of humanity. With the influence of these three planets working together, this is a powerful aspect that indicates an evolutionary leap into a higher state of being.

The Splitting of Consciousness

As we move into 2021, we will continue to deal with the split in consciousness that occurred at the last New Moon. (See article, The Epiphany of a Completely New Direction.) With the current New Moon we can see now that this split is being reinforced by two divergent paths moving forward.

One path forward is anchored in 5D energies of soul awareness, including the access to hidden realms of consciousness. The other trajectory is anchored in 3D energies of crisis and fear, and the fight against totalitarian control.

The first path forward, anchored in 5D, is activated by the double sextiles formed by Neptune, Mars, and Pluto. This represents the new shift in consciousness, with energies of cooperation and expansion into the higher, once hidden, realms of reality. With this path, the squares of Mars and Uranus to the Aquarian stellium will enable an acceleration of momentum, and new awareness that was not previously possible. Pluto in the trine provides the raw power that suggests that this change is permanent.

The second path forward, anchored in 3D, is activated by the squares, which amplifies the existing systems of control and fear. Here the energies of Mars squaring the Aquarius stellium represent the active suppression of free thought and the aggressive push of totalitarianism through fear and control.

Our wish is for the continued emergence of the new Aquarian energies that will continue to expand the conscious awareness of the entire planet. We are now experiencing the beginning of the Aquarian Age, in which new evolutionary potential is anchored at the soul level and openly expressed without fear of reprisal. Together, as we commit to our own expansion, we all contribute toward the smoothest transition possible into the new Age.


Our current Lunar cycle provides you with the tools you’ll need to weather the unexpected. Our Aquarius stellium brings new momentum of creative change. What this change looks like will be dependent on the role freedom and awareness play in your life.

Consciousness itself is now operating on two levels. It is your power of perception that will enable you to see the clear difference between control through fear and the expansion of freedom and free thought. The more each of us is now engaged in these positive changes, the more we contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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