The Art of Courage — Taurus New Moon Astrology May 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
May 4 to June 3

  • Taurus New Moon is Saturday, May 4, 3:46 PM PDT
  • New Moon Theme: May 4 to June 3: The Art of Courage
  • The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article
The Art of Courage — Taurus New Moon

The underlying theme of courage with our Taurus New Moon is earthy and practical. The question I would like to briefly explore in this article is how or why courage is a practical approach to life.

The bottom line is that growth is always a forward-moving process. Our current New Moon is using the frequency of courage to anchor your forward momentum. Life isn’t static, but is in fact a cycle and a process that always moves you forward. The lunar cycle itself is a continuous process of growth that specifically supports how each of us adapts to the changing nature of life.

The Art of Courage

The way I’m using the word courage is related to the way we commonly think of “character.” The development of character is a process of positive growth that blossoms out of things that may be experienced as difficult or hard. For example, the experience of weathering one of life’s many storms, or living through some form of trial or tribulation, gives each of us the opportunity to develop skills or to grow the character needed to move forward in life in a positive manner.

Building character isn’t a set formula. The process is unique for every person. It’s not like you can “do this,” or “do that” and you will build character. The development of character is more of an art form. It’s a creative process unique to your circumstances.

The question you might be asking now is, “How does courage fit into this picture? And how is this quality of courage relate to the Taurus New Moon?” The answer is simply this: Courage is an individualized trait that enables each of us to meet ANY crisis or challenge in life, through faith in ourselves and in the processes of growth.

This personal experience of faith is a mature response to life’s unknowns. There’s no set formula to building character or courage, rather, it is a creative process of developing faith in oneself that enables us to meet life’s storms head-on.

We can recognize this quality of courage and character in the practical application of rising to the occasion.  This form of courage is an earthy “Taurus” response to any of life’s challenges, and one of the practical ways Taurus supports our growth and maturity.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology chart is a bowl pattern with Mars and Jupiter sitting in direct opposition, forming the outer edges of the bowl. A New Moon bowl pattern signifies a unified process of growth, and our specific New Moon pattern is signifying a process of growth through our responses to challenge.

Both Mars and Jupiter are planets of expansion. What’s expanding now is our ability to deal with crisis and all forms of challenge, and all the unique forms in which they may appear (Uranus). We are not to run from challenge, but to meet it head-on with faith in ourselves.

The archetype for the New Moon at 15° Taurus is quite telling.

ARCHETYPE: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition and cultural integration.
COMMENTARY: The mind, matured and full of character, meets every crisis with the courage developed as an individual. The mental field becomes the soil in which higher forms of consciousness take root and grow. Courage is the sign of character during the chill of an internal conflict or social crisis.

Uranus has a strong position at 9° behind our New Moon, meaning that the Sun and Moon are new-phase to Uranus. The significance of this is in the way Uranus is supporting our ability to be present to creative change and the unexpected nature of life and personal circumstances. In other words, Uranus is supporting your personal individuality, in practical terms, for dealing with all forms of crisis and challenge.


The art of courage is found in the building of one’s character. The New Moon is supporting each of us in this process through the practical nurturing of our own faith. We must each learn to rise to the occasion in order to figure out how to best meet unexpected events or circumstances in our life.  Having faith in ourselves to rise to the occasion leads to courage, which is a Taurus sign of character, enabling us to meet all forms of crisis or an unexpected turn of events.

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