Cultivating Independent Thinking as World Events Unfold: Full Moon Astrology Oct 2018

Full Moon Astrology Report
Oct 24 to Nov 7

Taurus Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 24, 9:45 AM PDT
• Current New Moon Theme (Oct 24 to Nov 7): Rebuilding Connections
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article

Cultivating Independent Thinking as World Events Unfold

The Full Moon in Taurus is sitting majestically in our night sky alongside the planet Uranus. We don’t see Uranus in the sky, because it’s not visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean its impact won’t be felt in your life. In fact, if you know what to look for, you’ll see the effects of Uranus playing out all around you.

We often think of Uranus tied to the brilliance associated with personal intuition. At this Full Moon it’s something bigger. It’s tied to a quality of bigger picture realizations. Uranus is amplifying the natural realizations that always come with the Full Moon, connecting us more deeply with the urge toward freedom and independent thinking, beyond the status quo narrative of reality that we often take for granted.

Let’s take a deeper look at what we are looking for so we are able to expand our thinking and connect with the Full Moon realizations that are available during the coming two weeks.

Even when we consider ourselves as independent thinkers, our perceptions of reality are still deeply influenced by the world around us. It’s no coincidence that Uranus’ current position with the Full Moon is occurring during a time in history when people are increasingly questioning which version of reality to believe. Personally, I can’t help but notice the widening divide between the way in which events in the world are being presented by different groups of people and organizations.

Using objective inquiry we see that Hollywood portrays their version of reality. At the same time, the political left and right in our country each portray completely different views of reality. And, depending on where you live in America, and your personal circle of contacts, people have vastly different perspectives on “what’s really going on in the world.”

The awareness of divergent viewpoints is a key signature of the Uranus influence. This natural inquisitiveness and questioning is definitely connected to our Full Moon energies. It’s the first step, and absolutely necessary, in order for each person to begin developing an independent picture of what’s going on the world.

This is easier said than done. How do we determine which version of reality is correct? How do we confirm what is true? Do we dare call into question the corporations that fund our main stream media? My goal here isn’t to point the finger at anyone, but instead to ask the key question, “Who gets to decide our reality?”

I would like to reiterate at this point that we are experiencing a potentially high-impact Lunar event, which will continue to unfold over the next two weeks. Each of us will need to make sense of what we are experiencing and feeling as personal and world events unfold. This divergence in how people are experiencing reality needs to be checked. The Full Moon is creating the opportunity for a reality check, so to speak.

So what’s the astrological basis for this personal reality check?

This Full Moon is calling for each of us to question everything that’s occurring in our circumstances, both immediately and in a larger context. The planet Uranus, now conjunct the Moon, is a cosmic seeker of independent thinking. It’s urging freedom of thought, freedom from control, and the freedom to initiate your own reality check. Ultimately, this quality of independent thought will enable you to trust the integrity of your relationships and build stronger connections.

The remainder of this lunar cycle will undoubtedly trigger events that will directly impact your world. It has the potential to be a big deal, especially if you’re watching with awareness. This potential for change is especially poignant when you consider that the New Moon theme this month is all about “rebuilding connections.” When divergent realities collide with each other, a rebuilding will be necessary. Holding to the bigger picture of seeing beyond the immediate conflicts will keep you grounded and rooted in reality so you can move forward constructively.

While the events of this Full Moon will be playing out on the world stage, they will also directly affect how you feel about what’s going on in your daily life. Our Sun, along with Venus, has just now transitioned into Scorpio, which is calling into question how we really feel about all of our relationships, including our relationship to society.

As stated earlier, it’s the bigger picture that’s needed.

Because the bigger picture within this lunar pattern pits divergent realities on a collision course, larger perspective is needed to stay grounded. During the next two weeks of our Lunar cycle, pay attention to your connections with people. We live in a world that’s connected through people. Keep your relationships strong. Using the deeper feeling nature of Scorpio will help you stay grounded into a larger, more independent, view of reality.

Astrology Pattern

When the Full Moon is in Taurus there’s always an urge to find some type of practical confirmation in the world to support what we are feeling, seeing, and hearing around us. Taurus wants to support us through what we value.  Relationships of all types end up playing a crucial role in this Taurus process, mainly because relationships need to be trusted and valued in order to truly be supportive.

The primary Full Moon astrology pattern is focused on three main points involving the Sun/Venus, Moon/Uranus, and Saturn. Our Sun/Venus conjunction is opposed our Moon/Uranus conjunction. Saturn is sextile to Sun, and trine to the Moon (see chart).

Let’s break this down.

Our Moon/Uranus conjunction in Taurus is working together to challenge the status quo and the relevance of our most treasured and established institutions. It’s challenging our relationships to them. There’s also an emphasis on experiencing a Uranus awakening, with a new found urge for freedom, independence, and a deeper more intuitive understanding of what’s really going on in the world.

Our Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio in working together to question the deeper, or hidden, implications of your relationship with institutionalized society. There’s also a personalized aspect to consider with Venus’ connection to the Sun, especially with its current retrograde influence. Your personal values and connections with people that overlap with the status quo may have to be rebuilt, especially if new revelations come to the surface, and what you thought to be true is challenged with a reality check. (Sun in Scorpio opposed Uranus).

Saturn in this chart represents the status quo, and the approved and official narrative within our society. What’s considered to be normal and acceptable in the world is about to undergo a reality shift over the next few weeks. How you handle that shift depends on your relationship to independent thinking.  It’s this connection to inner awareness that directly sustains your ability to allow your perceptions of reality to evolve.


The more we can bring the influence of the planet Uranus into our conscious awareness, the more our Taurus Full Moon will help us initiate our own reality check. This is simply a practical (Taurus) check on reality. It’s crucial that we don’t lose our ability to independently think for ourselves. At the same time, there’s a need to maintain strong relationships and rebuild any damaged connections. It’s through these connections that we can create a larger perspective of what’s truly important to us. This is a good formula for helping to determine what’s really going on in our world and to stay grounded in the midst of uncertain times.

Happy Full Moon,

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