The Libra Factor of Connecting through Relationship: New Moon Astrology Oct 2018

New Moon Astrology Report
Oct 8 to Nov 7

Libra New Moon is Monday, Oct 8, 8:47 PM PDT
• Current New Moon Theme (Oct 8 to Nov 7): Rebuilding Connections
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article

The Libra Factor of Connecting through Relationship

By Steven Shroyer

The theme of relationship repair and rebuilding connections is the central focus of our Libra New Moon. One of the major archetypes of Libra is relationship, which we can describe as the opportunity to extend beyond our identity of our personal self, in order to participate in something greater than simply being an individual.

With this New Moon, the Libra quality of connecting to something greater than self deepens our intuitive connection to relationships through our emotions. This emotional aspect of our connections is especially significant now to help us identify where breakdowns in our connections and relationships occur.

This Libra New Moon will help us strengthen our connections and move forward through all forms of damaged relationship. I’m finding it quite interesting to notice the parallels that are currently playing out on a national level with the recent Supreme Court confirmation, showing how the divisive nature of politics can damage the connections in our personal relationships. The opportunity now is to use these conflicts and breakdowns in relationship as a larger catalyst to rebuild and establish new and stronger more enduring connections.

This central theme of relationship repair and rebuilding connections is portrayed with the Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 16° LIBRA, “AFTER A STORM, A BOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION.” The boat dock represents our emotional connections to our circumstances and the way we need to continually adjust and heal as life changes.

The deepest part of our relationship to others is the connection we experience that can’t be put into words. When any relationship becomes damaged, whether through neglect, misunderstanding, or direct confrontation, repair to our psyche becomes necessary. When a relationship goes sideways, it’s often this internal connection within our psyche that is in need of repair.  At the deeper levels of relationship it’s this intuitive factor that words and feelings just can’t convey.

Intuition plays an important role in our relationships even if we aren’t fully aware of the extent to how our intuition operates in our moment-to-moment experience. As you move forward this month, pay close attention to the quality of connection you experience in all of your relationships. Strengthening and repairing relationships implies nurturing that unspoken connection within that can only be described as an intuitive quality that relates to something intangible and yet very real.

Astrology Pattern

Our New Moon chart is a bowl pattern with Uranus at the bowl’s edge on one end, and our New Moon in Libra at the other. It’s quite significant that Uranus holds this key position. This is because Uranus has such a big and active influence on our awareness of intuition and various psychic components that form the internal foundation for strong relationships.

Because one of the major archetypes of Libra is relationship, we all have the opportunity now to participate in something greater than ourselves. This goes beyond simply being a strong individual, which is the polarity aspect of Libra, found in Aries. Something greater in this case implies the Uranus intuitive connection to something larger. Uranus is traditionally associated with revolution because it enables us to reform what’s not working, with the opportunity to both breakdown and then rebuild. This contribution of Uranus is significant now to the overall theme of rebuilding our connections.

The New Moon also has major aspects to Mars and Pluto. It’s quite significant that Mars and Pluto are playing a big role in the chart. Mars and Pluto in this placement bring to the forefront how conflict in relations always involves some type of expansion. The main key here is the opportunity to expand and transform what has been damaged or is in need of repair.

The placement of Neptune’s inconjunct with the New Moon is also noteworthy. The significance is due to Neptune’s dual role of spiritual insight as well as a divergence from the existing reality. An inconjunct points to the adjustments that are necessary to establish a higher or deeper connection. In this chart, Neptune points to the active adjustments that are necessary in order to avoid being blindsided by our emotional responses and perceptions of reality. Neptune can dissolve our distortions. It also rebuilds when existing connections have been damaged.


We can utilize the positive side of our Libra New Moon to strengthen our connections and move forward by expanding all forms of relationships. Our Libra New Moon brings an opportunity to strengthen the intuitive portions of your existing relationships, and to repair any damage to the deeper connections that may surface through expansion and growth. Conflict within relationship requires occasional reconstruction in order for emotional stability and intuition to operate at the highest level. This month the energies of the Planets are all aligned to help you heal your unspoken, intuitive, and emotional connections to the world.

Happy New Moon

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