The Role of Inner Guidance in Times of Chaos — New Moon Astrology September 2018

New Moon Astrology Report
Sept 9 to Oct 8

• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 9 to Oct 8) Inner Guidance
• 18° Virgo New Moon is Sunday, Sept 9, 11:01 AM PDT
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. Use this creative momentum for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article
The Role of Inner Guidance in Times of Chaos

Our New Moon astrology is supporting a new level of inner guidance. This new wave of energy and momentum will make accessing your own inner guidance much easier moving forward. This is especially important during this historic period where there’s a great deal of confusion regarding what’s really going on in the world.

This New Moon provides the guidance we really need in order to maximize our personal growth in times of chaos and change.  The dawning of the Aquarian Age involves a huge evolutionary jump in consciousness, and the way it unfolds can be messy. Especially when there is resistance within the existing power structures.

As the new age unfolds, I believe this resistance to change is one of the main factors that will require us each to focus on personal growth while we navigate the natural messiness of this transition.  For example, the energies of our last Full Moon were about disclosure and looking at the question of what we each do  when we encounter new information that doesn’t fit the popular or common narrative of the way things are. (See Full Moon article for discussion on disclosure)

With the New Moon energies we can now explore how to use our inner guidance to understand information from a broader point of view.  With more direct access to our inner guidance we can all eliminate a great deal of confusion in our lives. Indeed, the expansion of inner guidance is a key attribute of everything that’s currently taking place in our world.

Synchronicity and a Larger Frame of Reference

A significant aspect of inner guidance at this New Moon is the role that synchronicity plays in helping us strengthen our access to information. The experience of synchronicity creates a direct bridge between your inner and outer worlds.

This New Moon is creating a new link between inner guidance and synchronicity. Your opportunity during this Lunar cycle is to use experiences of synchronicity as affirmation that your inner guidance can be relied upon, especially when new information emerges.

Let me share an example from my own experience, related to the revelations of the “Me Too” movement. The revelations regarding famous people illustrate the ways in which new information challenges our perspectives of what we have believed in the past.  The process of discernment and inner truth requires us to use our intuition.

When I came to the realization several years ago that Bill Cosby was being convicted of serious crimes against women, I thought to myself… “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” In fact, my intuition about who Mr. Cosby really is was tainted by my lack of actual information about him. As a result of limited information my intuition about him wasn’t accurate. What I saw was an incomplete view, based on  what I was presented with. I relied on a story, a specific narrative, that influenced my intuitive perceptions of him as an upstanding family man.

When new information emerged, it was important for me to realize that it wasn’t my inner guidance that failed me. In fact, it was the limited amount of information from which I had to draw. Once I was exposed to the larger picture I was able to see the signs and synchronicity necessary in order for my inner guidance to make a shift and embody the larger reality of the situation.

This is a very specific example, but it illustrates the connection between inner guidance and information. I’ve come the realization that my own intuition and inner guidance become increasingly accurate with a larger perspective. The larger my frame of reference, the more my inner guidance and intuition have to draw from.

This is true for us all. It’s challenging to sift through information and multiple versions of ‘the truth.’ The wider our range of experiences, the more information and perspective there is upon which our guidance can draw. This ability to explore through intuition and synchronicity enables us to sift through conflicting information and allows our perspective to remain flexible as it evolves.

In our current New Moon chart we see this same theme of developing a broader perspective embedded in a positive manner. We have Venus in opposition to Uranus. The Sabian archetype for Venus at 1° SCORPIO states, “A CROWDED SIGHTSEEING BUS ON A CITY STREET.” The theme indicates the need for a widening of experience in order to gain more awareness, as well as the depth of emotion needed in order to anchor a more encompassing frame of reference.

An important concept of this Sabian symbol is the quality of emotional depth associated with a larger frame of reference. In order to be fully activated, your inner guidance needs to utilizes all aspects of you: Your emotions as well as your spirituality, awareness, and your intellect. If your emotions are anchored within yourself, then it is not as easy to be swayed by popular opinion.

With inner guidance, what you already know or don’t know in terms of literal facts isn’t as important as your ability to pay attention. For example, it’s less about who you follow or which news source you listen to, and more about how you’re able to connect the dots. The key to ask yourself is, “How will I widen my perspective in order to access a more encompassing frame of reference?”

Astrology Pattern

The central astrology pattern that’s supporting our overall New Moon theme of inner guidance is a half-grand sextile. This pattern holds a high degree of organized energy. This is organized energy that each of us can use to provide additional structure to our personal intuition, as we adapt to what’s unfolding at a larger level. In addition, there’s a grand trine involving Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn. The grand trine adds an energy of harmony and ease to the structure and organization of the half-grand sextile. More on the trine later.

The half-grand sextile is known for providing energy that each of us can use to organize our life in ways that benefit our individual circumstances. In other words, this New Moon is organizing and expanding your frames of reference so that you’re more able to accurately see the bigger picture and what’s unfolding. The frame of reference you’re receiving is the ability to use your intuition to understand what you’re perceiving without emotional distortion.

I feel it’s important to mention how each New Moon continuously and harmoniously builds on the previous Lunar cycles. This is especially true with our current cycle as we look at the significance of the half grand sextile, which ties into the previous cycle’s Full Moon Kite. The sextile pattern brings a level of organization, structure, and harmony so that the previous energies of the Full Moon Kite can unfold in a positive way.

The New Moon forms one point of the half-grand sextile. Virgo is a yin sign and works with mastery through inner processes of integration. The Sun/Moon conjunction in Virgo contributes an element of mastery to the chart, by harnessing Virgo’s quality of mastery to go within.  In addition, this New Moon’s ability to connect signs and synchronicities with inner guidance is a Virgo process of discrimination. The is because of Virgo’s attention to detail and the kind of mastery it takes to go inward.

Jupiter also plays an important role by managing and organizing these energies.  It’s Jupiter that provides answers to the question “How can I utilize this organizing energy within my own circumstances?” As the world and life continuously change around us, Jupiter organizes energies in a way that combine complementary qualities in order to transcend the chaos that’s naturally generated. This “organizing” factor that is embedded in the 60° sextile, is ultimately related to the Jupiter archetype as an organizer and manager of these expanding energies.

It’s interesting to note that Jupiter’s Sabian archetype for 19° SCORPIO states,  “A PARROT REPEATS THE CONVERSATION HE HAS OVERHEARD.” This implies the need to transcends one’s normal mental understanding, rather than merely repeating what is heard without any true understanding. This definitely relates to our previous Lunar cycle theme of “Examining Limiting Beliefs.” (see article.)

The final piece of the astrology pattern is the grand trine involving Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn. To break down the meaning of this particular grand trine, it’s important to understand that trines in general provide a harmonious working relationship between the planets involved. Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn are working harmoniously here to expand our awareness, specifically by challenging what things look like on the surface.

This complex trine directly relates to the disclosure theme of my last article, which talked about the need to see beyond to surface of our trusted information sources. In the trine, Mercury is providing the skill necessary to separate oneself from what has been standardized in the past. Uranus is providing the gradual expansion of our individual consciousness after a seed of truth has been planted. Saturn is harmoniously working to anchor the direct experience of embodying what’s new.

The harmony of this trine comes through this anchoring and embodiment. Embodiment in the context of this New Moon comes through the experience of being centered and grounded through the inner affirmation that occurs when you recognize the meaning of synchronicity within yourself. Moving forward, these experiences of synchronicity will be correlated through external signs within your own circumstances.


With this Lunar cycle we each have a greater access to inner guidance, including an increased sensitivity to the signs and synchronicities necessary to expand our intuition and understanding into a larger frame of reference.

The harmonious and organized elements of our Virgo New Moon astrology chart are bringing new energies that will help us navigate the confusion and chaos that is being sown all around us. Trusting our inner guidance and being open to new possibility will help us to recognize that the corruption we see in the world doesn’t have to bring fear, only awareness.

True reform can only come about when injustice is exposed. Remember, these are all important aspects of navigating the unfolding reality of the Golden Age of Aquarius. What we are experiencing now is the beginning of a new cycle of time.

Happy New Moon,

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