Disclosure and the Great Awakening: Full Moon Astrology Aug 2018

Full Moon Astrology Report
Aug 26 to Sept 9

• Pisces Full Moon is Sunday, Aug 26, 4:56 AM PDT
• Current New Moon Theme (Aug 11 to Sept 9): Examining Limiting Beliefs
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article: Disclosure and the Great Awakening

By Steven Shroyer

Our Full Moon Astrology is presenting a shift in consciousness unlike anything I have ever seen. As a result, I am going to take the time to review how we got here astrologically and then discuss the impact of where we are headed with this dramatic shift.

This article represents a departure from my typical astrological reporting over the past eight years. This divergence is directly related to this new huge shift in cosmic energies.

The current shift is about expanding our understanding so that we can observe how the Age of Aquarius is actually unfolding on a larger scale in our world. As we step into this shift I want to use the tools of astrology to tie what is happening to us personally more directly with what is happening on a larger scale in our world.

The dramatic shift of this Full Moon requires us each to make necessary shifts in consciousness. The astrology indicates that there will be a broad spectrum of reactions. We will each experience the future in dramatically different ways, depending on our willingness to struggle with our own limiting beliefs so that we can make these necessary expansions.

It is my sincere intent with this article to provide insight and context to those who are feeling that something has shifted, as well as to those who sense something is definitely wrong, but can’t put their finger on it.

The remainder of this astrology article will directly address the uncomfortable topic of “Disclosure” and its connection to The Great Awakening of consciousness, which was triggered at last summer’s eclipse. For insights into the ongoing process of revealing what’s been hidden I encourage you to review the article “Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius: Solar Eclipse Aug 2017.”

To fully comprehend what has taken place astrologically since last August we must realize our connection to what’s currently taking place in our world, including our government and the world’s financial system. This unfolding astrology outlook correlates to the current transits of Pluto in Capricorn, and is reflected in what is known as the Deep State, and an even more sinister global agenda called the New World Order.

Astrology always mirrors actual world events. Individual growth is tied to the bigger picture which is simultaneously unfolding. The New Moon and Full Moon cycles directly connect us to what is occurring in life and on the bigger world stage.

In past articles, I’ve stuck to reporting on only the personal growth aspect of Lunar astrology, however the world has completely changed since the August 2017 Lunar and Solar eclipses. Moving forward I feel it’s absolutely necessary to include how our current astrology is connected to the bigger picture of what’s happening nationally and worldwide. Everything is connected. As above, so below.

Perspectives on Disclosure

Since the New Moon two weeks ago I have become fully aware of how the New Moon theme of “Examining Limiting Beliefs” implies a greater understanding of the relationship between disclosure and exactly what constitutes limiting beliefs. The conclusion I have come to is this: understanding disclosure is not possible if our personal beliefs contradict what is being disclosed.

The term “disclosure” refers to information that has been previously hidden or obfuscated. We are talking here about information that has been suppressed for the purpose of control. Forms of disclosure include: history of the earth and ancient civilizations, suppressed technologies, secret government programs, crimes against humanity, and extraterrestrial intelligence.

We have now fully entered the Age of Aquarius (“The Golden Age of Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse Aug 2017“). In order to participate in the Aquarian Age we must each explore our relationship to information and the various issues of disclosure. How will we address the release of suppressed technologies and the revelation that UFO’s are real? And what will it mean to accept the levels of corruption, collusion, and control of information that have taken place within our own government and the world at large?

The mainstream media is directly involved in the perpetuation of obfuscation. The degree of misinformation makes it difficult to determine how much is being hidden. The current shift requires us to challenge our personal limiting beliefs, including what we’re being told. We must each ask to what degree our own limiting beliefs assume that what we hear, prepared and packaged for us by the mainstream media, is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Challenging Personal Beliefs

As an astrologer, my overriding concern is about censorship and control of information.  One of the easiest ways to control people is through the manipulation of information. I’ve personally experienced an increasing amount of censorship related to my work. The increasing trend world-wide is alarming.

This Full Moon brings a conscious awareness that disclosure has already started taking place. Until recently I, for one, did not fully comprehend or see that disclosure has indeed already begun. Perhaps my beliefs were too limited or I was too arrogant about my own assumptions to see what was truly occurring.

Now I believe that this Great Awakening is only possible if you and I can begin to see what’s actually being disclosed. This includes what disclosure actually looks like, the different forms it can take, and where to find it.

In my own journey, I began researching a CIA operation called “Mockingbird.” Operation Mockingbird occurred in the 1950’s and was the CIA’s  first known attempt to manipulate the news media for propaganda purposes. The CIA’s ongoing involvement in propaganda and disinformation escalated through the 60’s. In fact it was in the 60’s, when people questioned the mainstream account of JFK’s assassination, that the CIA began using the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit anyone who questioned the official narrative.

What I discovered in my research about corruption and cover-up was hard to believe. What I learned simply did not fit into ANY of my preconceived ideas about the world or what I thought I knew.  In fact, it would have been easier for me to put my head in the sand and forget everything I uncovered.

I had to ask myself, “Am I a victim of my own limiting beliefs?” After all, I’m intuitive, rational, intelligent, and aware… and evidently, I was still completely in the dark. Given what I learned, was I now capable of accepting the uncomfortable realities that were being disclosed?

Having become aware of the history of manipulation of information, I now pay attention to the mainstream media in a new way. Whenever I hear narratives decrying a conspiracy theory, for example, my radar goes off.

A recent discovery has shocked me. Within a recent 48 hour period, a multitude of mainstream articles (I counted over 100) appeared out of nowhere, all of them decrying the horrors of a new conspiracy theory, simply called “Q.” I immediately asked myself, “What is Q, and what is Q saying that has the powers-that-be in such a panic?” Could this be an aspect of disclosure?

What I uncovered in my research regarding Q is not what I expected. I learned that Q is an anonymous insider with top level clearance and connections to military intelligence. Q writes on a secure message board with posts that include documentation, files, and direct open-sourced information. This is all open-sourced intelligence provided in order to enable individuals to do their own research about what’s really going on in the world.

I’m not pushing or even suggesting how you discover disclosure for yourself, but in case this example has piqued your interest, I watched two videos which I’ve included here. https://youtu.be/5vYqqH3-xFY, https://youtu.be/nKH_hEiuw10. Then I went to https://qmap.pub/ and read all 1,930 individual Q posts to see for myself what all the fuss was. In my opinion, Q is legit. This IS a huge concrete step toward disclosure. Very likely this information will become mainstream in the next few months.

I believe astrology mirrors what is occurring in the world. Disclosure has begun. The Great Awakening has begun. For those who want to know and are ready, the time is ripe. The Full Moon message is about our awakening, specifically through the disclosure of what is really taking place in the world.

Remember that what is being revealed in our political and cultural world mirrors what is unfolding in each of our personal lives. We are all being challenged to expand our perceptions of reality and the ways in which we have been programmed to accept limitations or distortions.

What are YOUR limiting beliefs? Whatever they are, they are about to be challenged.

The Astrology Kite Pattern: Disclosure and Awakening

An astrological Kite pattern is a uniquely positioned group of four planets that appear in the shape of a kite. This recognizable pattern is a powerful indicator of a harmonizing and organizing influx of cosmic energies. The spine of the kite illustrates the contrast of what is being revealed through a higher level of organization. The arms of the kite indicate the kind of energy that is necessary for the harmony and organization to occur.

Our current Full Moon Kite involves the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Uranus.  The specific pattern of this Kite is showing the ways that individual consciousness can expand beyond limiting beliefs through the process of disclosure of what has been hidden in the past.

This particular Kite stands out as being extremely significant for two reasons. First, the spine of the Kite is the Sun and Moon. This formation, especially when combined with Saturn and Uranus, by its very nature reveals what hasn’t been seen before.

Along with the impact of the Sun/Moon opposition as the Kite backbone, the second significance is that the arms of the kite are the planets Saturn and Uranus. What’s important here is to understand how Uranus acts as an activator and catalyst to break down Saturn’s rigid thinking, including old belief systems and control mechanisms.

This Saturn/Uranus pairing has the signature of disclosure, as well as the awakening of consciousness as a result. Be prepared to either be awakened by Uranus, or to put your head in the Saturnian sand of the official narrative. Uranus is prompting us to look beyond the surface and to pursue freedom of choice, while Saturn is screaming, “Move along…there’s nothing to see here, it’s only fake news.”

Finally, the Full Moon is also occurring with a balsamic conjunction to Neptune. The Sabian archetype for Neptune at 16° Pisces states, “IN THE [Q]UIET OF HIS STUDY A CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES A FLOW OF INSPIRATION.”

This archetype for Neptune symbolizes that disclosure will not be in the mainstream news. It will not occur with fanfare, but will be inspirational and flow from a quiet place of personal exploration. Neptune is also known as the great dissolver. In this case, it’s dissolving old limiting beliefs that must be broken down in order for the awakening of a higher knowledge to be released into the consciousness of those who are ready.


This Full Moon represents the potential for a major shift in consciousness. This shift requires a deeper understanding of the world around you. Indeed, it may shake the very foundation of your beliefs and what you know to be true. This shift is necessary in order to move past limiting beliefs, no matter how dear and sacred those beliefs may be.

In each Lunar cycle we move further and further into in the golden age of Aquarius. The Great Awakening and expansion of consciousness isn’t always a smooth transition. Sometimes it requires struggle and discomfort, but with a sincere attempt to examine what we believe and whom we trust, this transition can absolutely give way to the harmony that is offered by our Full Moon astrology Kite.

Happy Full Moon,

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