Good News: Experiencing the Hidden Reality of Life — New Moon Solar Eclipse Dec 14, 2020

New Moon Astrology Report December 14, 2020
Dec 14 to Jan 12

Sagittarius New Moon is Monday, Dec 14, 8:17 AM PST
New Moon Theme:  Dec 14 – Jan 12: Preparing for the Future
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
A Solar Eclipse creates a shadow on the Sun, hiding its light. By exposing this shadow of what is normally not seen, it forces the consciousness to recognize the source of light, both internally and externally.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — Good News: Experiencing the Hidden Reality of Life

Our Sagittarius New Moon brings some long overdue good news as we approach the final phase of our historic Capricorn conjunctions, which will culminate in January 2021.

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign immediately before Capricorn. It’s associated with philosophy, wisdom, and the ideals that we hold as being true. Sagittarius truth is not absolute. Instead, it’s constantly evolving and always relative to our current understanding, including the current cultural trends of the times in which we live.

In this way, our current New Moon energies are tied to whatever cultural attitudes we each feel connected to as individuals. As you can imagine, this gives a lot of room for a variety of cultural expressions and perceptions, depending on what a person believes to be true.

The Sagittarius Good News

During the coming Lunar month, you have the opportunity to experience a new level of happiness and successful living that can begin to shape your personal reality in a new way. This new wave of incoming energy even has the power to change your concepts of what true happiness really means.

This quality of inner happiness and joy is dependent on your ability to see through the external layer of preconceptions and current “cultural facts” to discover a more basic realm of personal relationship to nature and the world around you.

We are defining “cultural facts” as those beliefs that are tightly held to be true by a significant portion of society. The phenomenon of cultural facts isn’t necessarily based in reality. As long as there is sufficient repetition, and acceptance, of the information that the “facts” represent, then the facts become culturalized as true.

Allow me to explain this Sagittarian concept of relative truth another way. As we have said, Sagittarius helps us expand our ideas and perceptions of truth into a larger framework. We use systems of thought such as philosophy, religion, and science to help us organize our understandings into a larger framework.

The current New Moon allows you to access the spiritual quality of optimism, so your personal truth can expand beyond cultural consensus, connected directly to your own spiritual understanding of the world.

A Historical Perspective of “Reality”

A brief look at history offers us some additional perspective on how this experience of “cultural facts” has worked in the past to establish a group consensus of reality.

In 14th century Europe it was a cultural fact that the world was flat. This belief shaped every sailor’s experience and every world explorer’s concept of ocean safety. In the late 19th century, when the electron was discovered, it was believed that this was the smallest thing that could ever exist. This fact shaped the truth of science for a long time.

In recent history, there were large groups of people who believed that the government and the media would never lie or provide misinformation to the public. And again, in recent times, there was a belief that the American elections could not possibly be rigged. Do you see my point?

These are all concrete examples of beliefs (cultural facts) that, when adopted, completely shaped a person’s, and a group’s, reality. This is true even if what is believed to be true turns out to be rejected by that person or that society at a later date. As our understanding of reality evolves, so do our beliefs.

In contrast to consensus thinking, the relativity of spiritual truth is extremely diverse. Spiritual truth is based on the concept of free will, giving each individual the freedom to choose which cultural facts they want to accept or reject. This creates a personal spiritual perspective of reality, in which “reality” flows from what you personally believe to be true.

The good news of our current Sagittarius New Moon is that it gives each of us permission to adopt the beliefs, concepts, and cultural facts that support the spiritual reality in which we each choose to live.

The good news of our current Sagittarius New Moon is that it gives each of us permission to adopt the beliefs, concepts, and cultural facts that support the spiritual reality in which we each choose to live.

Cultivating Wisdom versus Dogma

Sagittarius is a fire sign that generates and inspires us to explore and expand into a larger worldview. It’s this expansive quality of Sagittarius, including philosophy, religion, and science, that shapes our understanding of reality.

By exploring these systems of thought, we learn to align our perspectives of reality with universal principles of life. When our worldview is based on larger principles of wholeness, our personal reality can expand to explore new possibilities and new information, even if that information was unknown in the past.

In contrast, when ideas and worldviews are based on a narrow-minded view of the world, without the integrity of holism, beliefs become dogma. Dogmatism is a shadow quality of Sagittarius.

Through this process of exploring the world, Sagittarius uses the quality of observation to see the patterns and generalizations through which universal principles are born. By continually expanding and adjusting our world view to align with universal principles, over time we develop wisdom.

Wisdom is a quality of understanding that lies beyond cultural facts and consensus thinking. Wisdom lies within the core truth of reality that holds principles together. You can think of wisdom as having a core quality of integrity that holds principles in a unified system. This is akin to the way geometry holds patterns of wholeness together within mathematics.

Transmitting Wisdom – A Hidden Quality of Sagittarius

The wisdom associated with Sagittarius has a hidden quality that highlights how wisdom is shared or transmitted. The best way to explain this Sagittarian quality of transmission is through a simple example using a telephone.

During a phone call, electrical data travels from one location to another. When that data is analyzed and measured we see it containing packets of energy in the form of electricity or light. Hidden within these electrical impulses, we perceive sounds that can be understood as words. As these electrical impulses are being transmitted, the true purpose of the transmission lies within the ideas and concepts that one person is passing on to the other.

In the same way, the hidden quality of information in Sagittarius lies not in the facts, but in the meaning of what is being transmitted from one person to another. Using the example of the telephone, the electrical impulses, even the words themselves, aren’t the actual “truth” of what’s being passed along. The truth lies in what is intended to be conveyed.

My spiritual teacher once said to me, “What’s important is not so much what the teacher says, but the quality of mastery that passes through the teacher.” This teaching underscores an important principle of our New Moon, which is that true transmission is akin to wisdom and not simply information.

Moving Forward with a New Understanding of Reality

As an archetype, Sagittarius has been called the “great teacher.” Sagittarius teaches us that the Universe is transmitting wisdom in the form of universal principles, guidance, and intuitive knowledge. This wisdom is transmitted directly from Nature itself, including spiritual truths that offer humanity a beacon of hope for a positive future.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius brings us this hope of a better world for us to experience now in the form of transmission, without restriction or limits. It brings us hope that new revelations will occur, and even the possibility of a new paradigm.

It’s important to realize that within this new paradigm, disagreement and contrast is welcomed as a part of healthy growth. We don’t need to live in a world where everyone agrees. We don’t need a world in which arbiters of truth set cultural standards of what’s acceptable to believe. Nor do we need to be told what personal truths we must reject in order to conform to what’s been pre-determined as the acceptable “cultural facts.”

Currently, there is a tremendous amount of energy and power centered on information, and what’s “true” and what isn’t. The solar eclipse that’s occurring with our New Moon will bring forward a unique shadow for all to see, in the form of further exposure, including all the attempts to control what we believe to be true. One quality of the eclipse shadow will be to reveal Sagittarian dogma that is expressed in our culture as censorship. This includes official narratives, cultural facts, suppression of information, and overt disinformation.

This New Moon brings to the forefront of reality the spiritual quality of free will, with the freedom to explore and choose what you believe to be true. This Lunar cycle holds an important key to the trajectory of how information and freedom of thought will be used to shape our world post-historic Capricorn era.

Astrology Pattern

Our New Moon chart is another bowl pattern that concentrates energy in a particular area of the zodiac. As of late, we have experienced multiple bowl patterns, one after another. This is an indicator of how powerful and concentrated the cosmic energies are, month after month, as we begin to reach the final trajectory of our historic Capricorn conjunctions in late January 2021.

Our bowl mid-point holds the overall archetype of this concentrated energy. Our mid-point at 19° Aquarius suggests that karmic situations of a culture can result in unexpected outcomes.

ARCHETYPE: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness or an unnecessary karmic visitation.
COMMENTARY: Seemingly insignificant acts can result in spectacular reactions or outcomes. Our reaction tests our ingenuity, mental-emotional stability, and strength. The effort required to meet carelessness or karma head-on is anchored in faith in oneself and the direct access to a superior power.

The need for determination, faith in oneself, and a spiritual perspective is required to meet our current situation head-on.

Genuine Optimism and the Solar Eclipse

Our Solar eclipse at 24° Sagittarius indicates that events that are occurring all around us may in fact be part of a larger beneficial cosmic plan that isn’t yet fully apparent. The Sabian archetype suggests that the outcome of these events can result in good fortune for all.

ARCHETYPE: The reward which meets every effort at integration into a social environment, for those who remain true to their own selves.
COMMENTARY: Happiness and successful living is the result of a spiritually oriented mind. When the universal principle of joy is recognized as a cosmic response to life itself, consciousness is able to integrate the fundamental experience of harmony operating as an original impulse to cosmic energies.

The Solar eclipse is amplifying these New Moon energies of cosmic harmony. A Solar eclipse creates a shadow on the Sun and hides its light. By exposing this shadow of what is normally not seen, it forces the consciousness to recognize the source of light, both internally and externally. As the power of inner light becomes highlighted and more available for all to see, it helps the individual to remain true to themselves.

The “bluebird” represents the inner truth that large processes are in play, even if we aren’t able to see the details. With this eclipse, each of us can experience an integration of inner light as happiness, especially once we’re able to see the hidden reality of this cosmic principle of Joy.

Even though we’re not always able to follow the details of the larger processes, cosmic events and cycles continue to unfold over time. Seeing cosmic progress unfold over time requires both wisdom and optimism in order to see the hidden reality unfold.

Jupiter — The Manager of Truth

Astrology ChartThere’s more to talk about with this New Moon than space allows, however, the position of Jupiter deserves some additional explanation. Jupiter is currently part of our historic Capricorn conjunctions and functions as a manager of energies. Right now, Jupiter in Capricorn is 1° balsamic to Saturn. This will become an exact conjunction on the Winter Solstice and will take on new meaning with the next New Moon.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Its current position supports the letting go, or putting to an end, the control that the Capricorn shadow is exerting on all current systems of control and consolidation of power. Jupiter in this position supports your ability to manage your beliefs, with the freedom to reject (balsamic phase to Saturn) external pressure to conform to an official narrative.

In contrast, within the collective sphere of influence, Jupiter has been operating at a shadow level, as the arbiter of truth and justice. Jupiter, when working within the shadow of Capricorn control and power structures, will exert control by managing public opinion. This is done by elevating dogma to official truth or cultural facts, as a  “Ministry of Truth” that cannot be challenged under the threat of censorship.

Saturn — The Developer of Potential

On the personal level, Saturn operating through Capricorn is a powerhouse of discipline and inner strength. The positive aspect of Saturn in Capricorn wants to protect people and achieve stable social structures so that it is able to control growth in healthy ways. At the individual level, this inspires us to achieve our highest potential in practical ways.

Collectively, Saturn has been operating at a shadow level. With the current conjunctions, the difficulty is amplified when Saturn is working with Jupiter’s ability to manage and control. Then, when Jupiter and Saturn are energized by the raw power of Pluto, their combined shadow in Capricorn morphs into systems of absolute control.

The need to control every aspect of society becomes the new mandate for progress. This is the power behind every totalitarian, authoritarian, and socialist system that replaces freedom with a false sense of security.

As an example, socialism on the surface sounds great. It appeals to our positive sense of humanitarianism until we realize that socialism itself ends in centralized authority and forced equality. When equality is forced, personal rights, ownership, and individual freedoms are removed, with the rationale that one person cannot have more than another.

Who makes these controlling decisions? What groups of leaders decide what’s best for each of us? Who determines how much freedom you are allowed to keep?

These questions about leadership and control of power are perfectly summed up in the archetype for 30° Capricorn, which is the exact degree of Saturn during our New Moon Solar eclipse.

ARCHETYPE: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power.
COMMENTARY: The highest form of social interactions is the planetary and evolutionary guidance of the spiritual leaders, and the humbling responsibility that accompanies it. The shadow of this power lies in the absolute control over all world affairs.

The commentary for this archetype perfectly depicts the current divergent visions and trajectories of leadership for the future of our world.

The Trajectory of Our Historic Capricorn Conjunctions

This New Moon is the second of three critical Lunar cycles that will shape our world history for generations to come. After the conclusion of these Lunar cycles, energies that are currently playing out will appear to be more permanent with a more clear trajectory forward. The world is currently making decisions that will determine the final direction. As world events occur over the next months and years we’ll have a clearer picture of the direction of humanity for the future.

Our current Sagittarius Lunar cycle has a high potential for a positive major shift in the trajectory of world events. Our Sagittarius New Moon not only offers this hope, it also provides the inner strength we need to transcend consensus reality. The Solar eclipse shadow will further reveal the obvious attempts to control what we think, or what we are allowed to say through the threat of censorship or retaliation.


This New Moon Solar eclipse brings good news of a hidden reality in which you have the freedom to choose to live free and to think for yourself. We are entering the second Lunar cycle of our final three cycles that will complete our historic Capricorn conjunctions. The current eclipse cycle will continue to expose all forms of disinformation, misinformation, and outright fabrication of reality. People will have a new opportunity to see what they haven’t seen before.

This is THE Lunar cycle to make a positive shift toward freedom, with the belief and understanding that you have the power to see the truth of the world from your individualized point of view. Nobody but you has the authority to determine your spiritual reality.

This is your Lunar cycle to stand for your own truth, with the hope that others will join you in your quest. Both happiness and freedom are Sagittarius qualities of wisdom and personal truth. The Lunar energies are quite positive for us all. The choices we all make now will have the power to turn probability into a positive reality for the future of our world.

Happy New Moon,

Steven Shroyer

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