Something Big is on the Horizon — Cancer Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 29, 2020

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Full Moon Astrology Report
Dec 29 to Jan 12

Cancer Full Moon is Tuesday, Dec 29, 7:28 PM PST
Current Full Moon Theme: Dec 29 – Jan 12:  Preparing for the Future
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

By Steven Shroyer
Co-authored Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — Something Big is on the Horizon

Our Full Moon in Cancer has a unique quality which is highlighting our use of individual awareness and the power to trust our alignment through inner security (Cancer).

Each of us has access now to the power and faith needed to navigate the coming events in order to align with potentials that will result in the highest good for humanity (Capricorn).

Cancer as an archetype can provide each of us now with a tremendous amount of personal focus. As we work and live through the final two weeks of this historic Lunar cycle, each of us has the opportunity to focus on a more independent approach to life and what it means to live successfully.

The Reflection of Independence

Every Cancer Full Moon enables us to feel our individual connection to life through the power of the Moon.

Because the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, the Cancer Lunar energies enable us to work directly with the Moon’s basic nature of growth and success. When growth through Cancer is successful, we feel empowered through our personal authority.

This authority of healthy independence and inner security also expresses the current Full Moon energies between Cancer and Capricorn.

Cancer’s ability to focus becomes crucial now. Cancer, as the polarity of Capricorn, allows us to focus our independence so we can make decisions and successfully adapt and grow through all types of change in our circumstances and environment.

Connecting To Your Feeling Nature

The Moon connects each one of us directly to all of the cycles and rhythms of life, and to Nature itself. When we are connected with the energies of Nature we feel alive, we feel empowered, and we feel inspired.

It’s the Moon that creates these connections and awareness of the energies of life through your feelings and your feeling nature. It’s your ability to feel, and focus on your feelings, that creates your personal connection to all processes of growth and change.

This process of internal focus through your feeling nature is what leads to inner stability (Cancer).

Ultimately, through this process, we can use feelings to monitor our success day to day, and exactly how well we are adapting to our changing world through our personal growth.

With our Cancer Full Moon opposite our historic Capricorn/Aquarius stellium, the focus on this type of successful living becomes crucial now in navigating our personal trajectories as we move into the final weeks of this historic Capricorn cycle.

 An Individualized Response To Life

To appreciate the significance of our Full Moon we must understand the significance of the relationship between Cancer and Capricorn, and the way that Cancer is becoming more and more empowered by the momentum held within our historic stellium.

When change comes through the complementary signs of Capricorn and Cancer, Cancer contributes an individualized response to life, especially through feelings of independence and personal success that are stable and free of interference.

With Cancer’s influence, the Capricorn energies that are activated lead to personal power and inner strength. These qualities must be anchored through individual success in order to avoid the Capricorn shadows of collective control. Without Cancer’s influence, the qualities of independence, freedom, and creative change are traded away for stability, security, and safety.

To put this into a greater perspective, all of this powerful momentum of the historic stellium needs to be directed now into personal authority.

What’s being felt now is something big and life-changing. Momentum is building, and with so much energy concentrated in our Capricorn-Aquarius stellium, events will be world-changing.

Each of us individually is in the process of turning all this energy into something useful and positive. Because of the tremendous momentum and power contained in Capricorn, our Cancer Full Moon is able to fully express the most positive elements of healthy independence.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartWith a quick look at our Full Moon chart, we can see that the chart itself is quite dramatic. We can call this a bowl pattern, signifying a concentrated pattern, with the Moon as part of the bowl. However, because the other planets are all tightly concentrated together, the Moon is also functioning as a singleton.

Considering the Moon as a singleton means that the whole energy pattern of the chart is focused through the Moon.

With the Full Moon in Cancer, this further emphasizes all of the qualities we’ve discussed, including the qualities of new levels of personal independence against the shadows of authoritarian control.

Aquarius and Uranus

Aquarius and its ruler Uranus are about to begin a new phase of development, both personal and global. Current events, ideologies, and social structures are on a collision course.

The astrology of the past year has activated a new capacity to recognize the difference between freedom and control.  What’s pertinent now is that Aquarius and Uranus are forcing these issues into the consciousness of humanity.

This is for the cosmic good, and for the purpose of forcing humanity to make decisions toward the final trajectory or outcome. With humanity’s choice still in the balance, it’s up to us to determine now whether that outcome will be pushed toward totalitarianism or sovereign freedom for individuals.

Our historic Capricorn conjunctions have now become a historic Capricorn/Aquarius stellium (tight grouping of multiple planets). This powerful stellium will reach its maximum strength at our Capricorn New Moon on Jan 12th. What’s important to notice now about this stellium is the sheer amount of momentum that is being generated. We haven’t seen this degree of concentrated power in a long time.

Now that a portion of this stellium is in the sign of Aquarius, the planet Uranus is using this momentum to activate a unique pattern of revolution. With such a strong concentration of energy and momentum, astrologers are expecting a certain amount of organized chaos and disruption. This will not be the time for a smooth transition of power.

Every cosmic indicator suggests that the new momentum into Aquarius will initiate a worldwide rebellion against centralized authority, now and into the near future.  What’s important to remember is that, as individuals, we have the power now to join together to work with Cosmic alignment and activate the most positive trajectories forward.

The 2020 Eclipse Cycle Comes Full Circle

Our current Cancer Full Moon is bringing to full circle the energies of personal independence that have been activated through this year’s powerful cycle of eclipses.

The first eclipse of 2020 occurred with the January 10th Cancer Full Moon. This represented the formal activation of the historic conjunction between Pluto and Saturn. (See article “An Historic Realization of Success.”)

The second eclipse cycle occurred six months ago at Summer Solstice with a Cancer New Moon.
The Cancer New Moon eclipse occurred directly on the Solstice at 1° Cancer. This New Moon theme was “The Point of No Return.” This Solstice eclipse highlighted the dramatic shift toward individual freedom and personal authority.

This year’s eclipse cycle of personal independence has now come full circle with our Cancer Full Moon, which falls after the final eclipse, signifying the final opportunity to set the new trajectory of this historic year.

These energies of personal independence that were activated at the Summer Solstice, and now again at our Cancer Full Moon, include the deeply felt need for individualized freedom (Cancer). These energies stand in direct opposition to proposed shifts toward absolute control, through the guise of safety, protection, and the use of fear (Capricorn).

While Capricorn’s shadow lies in the promise of safety through external control, Cancer’s shadow lies in the giving up of personal freedom in exchange for security out of feelings of fear. These shadows of fear, both personal and collective, are being brought to light and healed through the final eclipse cycle of this historic year.

This Full Moon holds a huge opportunity to take individual responsibility for your contribution to the trajectories of our collective future. This is a time to commit to your personal alignment with what is highest and best, and your trust in Cosmic law and the processes of life.

With enough people joining together and becoming aware of our own personal power, together we can set a firm course toward a positive future. This quality of healthy independence is the archetype for the new Aquarian Age of Enlightenment.


Our Cancer Full Moon represents a unique point in the history of humanity. Cosmic forces are converging now with our personal intentions to allow each of us as individuals to experience a new sense of awareness of our participation in our collective destiny. This Full Moon is generating a final push to deeply feel (Cancer) the power of true individuality.

Freedom and self-governance are universal principles of astrology and Cosmic law. It is within this Cancer Full Moon that the maturity of true individuality and personal freedom are made real.

Humanity is on the verge of something big. This is the Lunar cycle in which to experience the shift. You now have the inner strength you need to see the world in which you want to successfully live, and then make your personal stand for freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Happy Full Moon
Steven Shroyer
with Elizabeth Schermer


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  1. What a powerful message! Thank you both for your valuable insights. I have been following your writing for many years, and look forward to your lunar messages each month. You provide a wonderful service to humanity by doing this. Blessings to you and happy new year!

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