The Moment of Cosmic Inspiration — Winter Solstice 2020

Winter Solstice: 2:03 am PT, Dec 21, 2020.
Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: 10:21 am PT, Dec. 21, 2020.
Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters 1° Capricorn. From this magical moment, until the Summer Equinox at 1° Cancer, the Sun’s light grows in strength and influence. Winter Solstice is considered to be the time when the mystical return of the Light supports individual expressions of consciousness and awareness. We know this as the “Light Of The World.”

My Dear Friends,
Greetings and best wishes on this magnificent Winter Solstice day of 2020. Each year on the Winter Solstice there is a bit of magic that occurs in the world, and this year is no exception. This quality of magic represents a moment of cosmic alignment when seeds of light and new potentials germinate.

On occasion, when the alignments are extraordinary, as they are this year, each of us has the opportunity to experience a moment of cosmic inspiration. Furthermore, if and when conditions are just right, the impossible becomes possible.

The Magic of a Rare Astrological Alignment

The reason that this year’s Solstice is so powerful begins with the power of the ongoing alignments of the previous twelve months.

The year of 2020 energetically began on Christmas day of last year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn. The Christmas New Moon of 2019 marked the seed energy for the year to come. Last year’s astrology article, “A Christmas Seed of Excellence,” outlined the coming birth of the Great Capricorn cycle of conjunctions of 2020 that have become a historic marker, closing the past era and beginning a new great 750-year cycle.

Collectively we are now entering the final stages of these historic Capricorn conjunctions. The conjunctions of 2020 are directly reflective of the authoritarian challenges we’ve all experienced over the last year. These historic conjunctions will conclude in a few weeks at the end of January 2021.

The three Lunar cycles that conclude the conjunctions are critical in setting the final trajectory for humanity. This year’s Winter Solstice occurs in the middle of these three final cycles, acting as a catalyst for changing energies.

This year’s Winter Solstice releases a new quality of power that is in perfect harmony with what it means to become a true individual. Individualization is the process in which consciousness moves beyond collective thinking into the realm of unique perspective, regardless of socialized pressure.

On this Solstice, we will each experience a bit of cosmic magic.

This potential for magic is amplified by the fact that at the time of Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are making an exact conjunction at 1° Aquarius. This alignment at 1° Aquarius is exceedingly rare. (I was unable to find the last time this has occurred. It might even be a unique event, having never occurred until this point in time.)

The Ultra-Rare Jupiter and Saturn Cosmic Alignment

We are calling this conjunction a cosmic alignment because it’s more than just a typical conjunction. First, in addition to being a direct conjunction, the declination of the two planets make them appear at the same level in the sky, which isn’t always the case.

To strengthen the rare nature of this alignment, the conjunction occurs on Winter Solstice AND also at 1° Aquarius, in which both planets officially leave the Capricorn energies of the past several years.

Together Jupiter and Saturn work to shape your personal destiny. Jupiter represents your ability to manage your growth, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Saturn represents your relationship to your potential and what you are able to achieve and bring into form. These qualities of Saturn develop as processes over time.

The more individualized your soul becomes, the more this process becomes conscious, and the more your direction in life becomes intentional. This cosmic alignment of the current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction holds the opportunity for you to manage your potential in new ways for your highest good.

As Jupiter and Saturn come conjunct in 1° Aquarius, this Solstice represents the opening of a conscious doorway into the New Age of Aquarius, with an invitation for each of us to fully participate.

A Crescent Moon to Harness Your Momentum

Our Solstice occurs during a Crescent Moon, which carries forward a great deal of momentum from the recent New Moon and Solar Eclipse. I haven’t written about the Crescent Moon recently, but it’s one of my favorite Lunar phases.

The Crescent Moon is energizing your Winter Solstice with a strong urge toward assertiveness. It empowers you to experience success in every accomplishment, whether large or small, so that each new challenge sustains momentum and even feels easier. Each new success strengthens your alignment so that you’re able to secure what you need to maximize your future efforts.

What I love most about the Crescent Moon is that there is a natural faith that develops internally as each obstacle is overcome. It’s as if each positive step is rewarded with increased confidence and a positive self-image.

A Crescent Moon occurring during Solstice is an extremely positive indicator that whatever is about to come your way, you can feel optimism that you will handle it successfully and thrive. Growth is dependent on your ability to face your challenges, successfully struggle, and then overcome.

A New Doorway Opens

This Solstice officially marks the point where Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn and move into the new energies of Aquarius.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. At Solstice Uranus is directly supporting this opening of personal transformation and individuality through a “new factor” that is being released at this rare cosmic moment in time.

Although we don’t know exactly what this new factor represents, we do know that, through the activations of Uranus, it will act as a catalyst for major changes in the world as well as for you personally. (This new factor will be in effect for several weeks and I’ll say more about this in upcoming articles.)

During this time of extraordinary cosmic alignment, personal fates are tied to world events in such a manner that your thoughts, your prayers, your intentions, and your actions will all play an important role in what happens next for humanity.

This is a time for hope, and a time to realize that each of us makes a difference in shaping the world to come.

A Personal Solstice Message

Each of us has access now to this powerful cosmic event and the energy that flows with it. We’re all part of humanity, and we each have an important role to play.

We are living in an extraordinary period of history. I would like to take a moment to thank every one of you. No matter where you are in the world, I think about each of you, and you in are my heart and mind.

On this Solstice day, my heartfelt wish is for you to thrive as we move together toward our new world. My hope is that together we can use the magic of this Solstice to recognize our highest potential and our ability to manifest an extraordinary life.

Happy Solstice,
Steven Shroyer


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