An Historical Choice — Pisces Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 2019

Full Moon Astrology Report
Sept 13 to Sept 28

• Pisces Full Moon is Friday, Sept 13, 9:33 PM PDT. Harvest Moon
• Current New Moon Theme (Aug 28 to Sept 28): Awakening to a New Situation
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — An Historical Choice

Our Pisces Full Moon brings together multiple factors that are very significant when considering the direction and next steps that humanity might take. This particular Full Moon may be an historical marker when we look back to this point in time.

Pluto and Neptune are positioned to indicate that humanity is forced with a decision. This is both a collective decision, as well as an individual one. We are at a point in time where the direction of world events and personal events could make a divergence and go in completely different directions.

The Outer Planets — An Individual and Collective Perspective

This historic situation that we are all awakening to has a direct connection to our outer planets.

The three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are known as transpersonal planets, meaning that they operate beyond the scope of the individual personality. They always involve some type of transcendent reality, or realm, which is why they can be difficult for most of us to understand. These energies operate at an unconscious level until such a time a person is able to consciously work with the individuating (process of becoming a complete individual) aspect that each planet represents.

The individuating process happens more rapidly at the personal level than it does at the collective level. In our world today, at the collective level, the outer planets are operating at an unconscious level. At the same time, on the individual level many people are already consciously working with these expanding energies.

It’s also important to reiterate that society, including the generalized aspects of our culture and the status quo, is operating unconsciously with respect to these three outer planets.

True spiritual change happens through the transcendent planets as they work directly with the individual. It is these awakened people who come together as individuals who are then able to work together and implement positive change within the greater collective.

Once we are able to work more consciously with these outer planetary energies, complete individuation can occur very rapidly. Uranus gives each of us personal insight into the personal quickening (awakening) of consciousness. Neptune exposes the nature of illusion that blinds us to larger realities so we can directly experience the higher values of spirituality. And Pluto energizes our highest potential for a complete transformation at the individual level into a self-realized, or a completely individualized, person.

Moving Forward Without Illusion — A New Level of Consciousness

The most dramatic element in our Full Moon chart is the opportunity to make what I’m calling an historic choice. In fact, each of us will make this choice whether or not we decide to choose to do so consciously, or whether we simply react unconsciously and choose by default.

This choice that we face involves the illusionary nature that is associated with Neptune and whether we can use that awareness to move forward in life. For example, if we adopt the values of the status quo, which we are operating unconsciously, we are blinded to higher realities and those possibilities. Seeing these higher realities IS the expanded consciousness that Neptune supports once we are able to consciously work with the transcendent aspect of Neptune.

This power of Neptune is playing out in a dramatic fashion in our current Lunar cycle. Our grand earth trine with a Virgo stellium is activating this greater individual awareness. We now have the ability to create new and improved circumstances that are better for us, and by extension, the world.  You may find it useful to reread the Virgo New Moon article: Awakening to a New Situation. This article sets the stage for the new situations that are occurring so that we can expand instead of feeling victimized.

Neptune — The Power to Dissolve Reality (an Astrological Paradox)

With our Full Moon conjunct Neptune, Neptune is positioned to play an historic role in our life and in history. To fully grasp how the planet Neptune functions, it’s helpful to see how the energies of this planet can have seemingly contradictory qualities or phases. These contradictory qualities create an astrological paradox.

The primary nature of Neptune IS to act as a powerful solvent, dissolving boundaries. Through this process Neptune rules the paradox between two divergent, or opposite, perceptions of reality.

One version of reality is based on illusion or fantasy, and the other is anchored in a higher and broader spiritual perspective. Themes of rebirth, metamorphosis, and greater spiritual ideals of wholeness are one side of the paradox. On the other side is the glamour of fame, all forms of addiction, and unconsciously swimming in a sea of delusion or fantasy, and being blown about by the winds of what’s popular or trending.

What connects these two opposite trajectories is the concept of a “dissolving of boundaries.” Both trajectories require a dissolving of boundaries as this Neptunian transformation takes place. With Neptune, the transformation will be either a descent into illusion, or an ascent beyond illusion into a greater reality.

This contrast between illusion and a greater reality is at the crux of this paradox. In both cases, boundaries must be dissolved. I’m fully aware that this is a difficult concept to explain in just a few paragraphs, but the same energy is causing an opposing effect on consciousness.

To add to this complexity, it may be extremely difficult to differentiate between these two types of Neptunian energies. When there is a Neptune activation, any form of letting go (dissolving of boundaries) can be exhilarating, even when it leads to addiction, or fantasy and delusion. By contrast, letting go of obsolete and deceptive ideas, or delusional thinking, or realities that aren’t true, can allow room for expanding one’s consciousness. This is the spiritual process of letting go in order to identify with larger realities.

The dissolving of boundaries can have opposing effects. For example, this dissolving effect can be seen in the letting go of morality and decency as constraining idea. By letting go of certain internal constraints, it’s very easy to descend into all types of depravity. By contrast, the letting go of the ego’s sense of small-mindedness and self-importance (a boundary) the person is able to grasp a large view of how their life fit’s into a bigger picture, where pettiness and revenge play no role in expanding one’s horizon and awareness.

Some boundaries are positive, while others are negative as they don’t allow for an expansion of awareness that’s needed to see the larger patterns that are starting to reshape our world. This process begins at the individual level and builds toward a new collective pattern that fully supports the individual.

Neptune in Pisces — The Need to Expand One’s Consciousness

Because Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces, this dissolving power of Neptune is most powerful when Neptune is operating within Pisces. Neptune only transits through Pisces, as it is now, approximately every 160 years. During this 13 to 14 year period a major reshaping of reality occurs on our planet.

Pisces at the collective level, rules large cultural energies. This is the reason Pisces rules long standing organizations, institutions, the world’s oceans (cultural trade), cultural trends, the collective unconscious, and a larger emotional connection to humanity. One interesting aspect of Neptune in Pisces will be the creation of new institutions, and also the dissolving of those institutions that have become obsolete.

Neptune in Pisces has also created a new awareness within humanity at the individual level. Many people are awakening to the choice of working consciously with Neptune in order to see beyond the illusionary nature of what the world is presenting as ‘normal’ reality. (This is the theme of the current New Moon.)

When it comes to “normal reality” it would be worth mentioning in this discussion that Hollywood is also ruled by Neptune. The reality that’s being presented to the world through Hollywood is illusionary by its very nature. By contrast, the most transcendent of spiritual organizations are also ruled by Neptune as they can represent higher forms of awareness that operate beyond the shadows of illusion. Again, this points to the paradox that is coming to the surface with our Full Moon.

Our Current Chart

Astrology ChartIn our current Full Moon chart, Neptune and Pluto are playing an important role in what I’m seeing as a splitting of humanity into a conscious and unconscious division. Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in an historic configuration that represents an unconscious acceptance of the status quo that’s supported by the Moon’s South Node, meaning this is a pattern of the past that is obsolete and the opposite direction of spiritual progress represented by the conscious influence of Neptune.

The conscious and transpersonal aspects of Pluto operating at the individual level is the understanding that individuality is a precursor to breaking free of Capricorn’s shadow of authoritarian control of the status quo. We can all see this playing out on the world stage with the authoritarian ideals of globalism and socialism.

With Neptune’s unconscious elements operating at the collective level, society is happy to just go with the flow and to feel the larger pull of society operating as a type of group emotional power (Pisces).

Remember, Neptune wants to dissolve any personal resistance to our newest types of cultural trends like socialism, where the illusion of a centralized authority (government or religious) takes equal care of everyone, as long as the masses are willing to give up personal responsibility and individual freedoms.

At the positive individual level, Neptune transforms us into a powerhouse of social reform, where individual responsibility and work ethic (stellium in Virgo) promote opportunity based in skill, mastery, and the dedication to a higher purpose and better world.

Neptune’s higher spiritual function is to see through the distortions around institutionalizing the status quo (Shadow of Pisces) against the individual’s rights to live spiritually without authoritarian interference. Remember, all forms of socialism and communism are based in authoritarian control and not free enterprise that supports the individual.

Jupiter in our chart is square our Neptune/Full Moon and the Virgo stellium. The Jupiter square points directly to a crisis in action and a crisis in perceptions and indicates that any type of expansion in conscious needs to be managed in practical ways. The only true solution to our astrological paradox is the management of our own expansion in consciousness.

The Power of the Individual

The higher function of the three outer planets operating consciously at the personal level is based on spiritual ideas of complete individuality. It’s only through self-realization that an person then understands how to live at the cutting edge of evolutionary change (Uranus), without distorted ideas of serving the whims of an unconscious status quo (Neptune), and the realization of exactly how to participate in the total transformation of a new type of society (Aquarian Age) into its highest potential for everyone (Pluto).

The bottom line is to understand that this concept of individuality is, at the highest levels, a spiritual concept. It’s this spirituality that is supported by the conscious operation of the outer planets working in a personal way through the individual. It’s important here to understand what complete individuality really means.

Completely individuality implies the ability to separate the self from what has been standardized, accepted, distorted, and institutionalized. Individuality is more akin to the meaning of wholeness as a centralizing power than to the idea of being unique, or simply doing your own thing. Individualizing means you are impervious to peer pressure, because as an individual there’s an inherent understanding of the singularity of wholeness, and how wholeness is working through the individual, as an agent of the whole.

This section touches on some advanced concepts of astrology and the individualizing power of the outer planets. Please ponder these concepts and what it means to truly be an individual, and allow the energy of the outer planets begin to become more consciously active within your awareness.


The power of our Pisces Full Moon is that we are each being presented with an historic choice to participate in life at an increased level of awareness. All of us are awakening to the paradox of a new situation where making more conscious choices in our life is more important than ever before. This Full Moon with its Neptune paradox may have the potential to be confusing, or it will begin to release the potential of a greater awakening.

This historic choice involves the recognition of what needs to be dissolved and dismantled, and what will come to light with an new awareness. Do we choose to dissolve our resistance to the larger forces of Piscean shadow of institutionalism and Capricorn’s shadow of authoritarianism? Or do we choose conscious awareness and the larger spiritual forces of self-realization and complete individuation?

Consciously working with the power of Neptune to see beyond the delusions and illusions that have become the collective status quo is the key to moving forward.

Happy Full Moon,


Astrology Class Update

We have finalized our fall 2019 Astrology Class: Pure Principle Astrology and Cutting Edge Basics. It’s a ground breaking class in new astrological information with a completely new way of understanding the principles of astrology. This class will benefit the beginner as well as the professional astrologer. This 7 week class starts on Sunday, October 27th. A formal announcement and registration will be sent out in the next few days to everyone who is current receiving the Lunar Journal and Astrology Report.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has worked behind the scene to make this happen. With much appreciation, Steven and all of Seattle Astrology.

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