Awakening to a New Situation — Virgo New Moon Astrology Aug 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Aug 30 to Sept 28

Virgo New Moon is Friday, August 30, 3:37 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Aug 30 to Sept 28: Awakening to a New Situation
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — Awakening to a New Situation

Our Virgo New Moon indicates that a major change is starting to occur, both personally and collectively, just under the surface of our conscious awareness. This article takes a closer look at one of the more dramatic New Moons of our entire year.

From a quick visual glance at the astrology chart you can see that we have a Grand Trine with a prominent stellium that’s surrounding our New Moon. The stellium is formed of the entire group of inner planets (Sun through Mars) clustered together.

This grouping in Virgo represents how to work with the powerful archetype of Virgo in a new situation that is rising.

Life is about to Change for the Better

So far we’ve talked about a new situation that’s potentially emerging, with a strong influence of Virgo energies. The next thing to talk about is what exactly IS this new situation or circumstance?

One of the major themes that makes up the Virgo archetype is the quality of all forms of ‘work.’ In the context of this New Moon, the Virgo aspect of ‘work’ has to do with the efforts and disciplined focus you apply, either to improve whatever your immediate circumstances, or to make the world a better place for all.

The astrological chart doesn’t say specifically what your particular situation will be. What we do know for this lunar cycle is that all forms of change will happen in order to allow you to rise to the occasion and turn things for the better.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, the changes have to be viewed as a completely new situation and not merely an adjustment to what already exists. This is necessary for the full potential to emerge. In other words, with our stellium in Virgo, merely adapting to existing circumstances isn’t enough. A completely new outlook is required. We can understand this new outlook as a specific type of awakening. (Virgo stellium opposed by Neptune.)

What we’re talking about is more than simply a new situation. This is all about you awakening to the possibilities of something new, and something better. The  specific circumstances in your life are less significant that the potential that is held within the circumstances.

This means that the real potential is held within the skill and discipline you apply, as well as new insights as to how your work fits into larger circumstances. In other words, once you realize the power of seeing the new potential, a new situation can be transformed into a change for the better.

A New Situation Requiring a Disciplined Approach

One of the key archetypes of this New Moon is the use of self-discipline to circumvent any potential crisis on the horizon. One of the strengths of Virgo is in the way one deals with all forms of crisis in one’s life. Anytime the word  ‘crisis’ is used it conjures up images of stress and fear. I’m going to propose a different definition, so we can look in a positive way at the opportunities that arise from crisis.

What we are calling a ‘crisis’ can be any form of challenge that arises in your life. This can include any new situation that requires an important decision. It can also include the stress of multiple circumstances that you just don’t know how to balance or deal with. The key to any crisis is the ability to rise to the occasion and deal with the situation as efficiently as possible, working with the opportunity and minimizing the negative impact the best you can.

Virgo excels at navigating crisis, not because Virgo loves drama and intensity, but because Virgo is masterful at working with energy and change. Within the world of Virgo archetypes, change and crisis are often synonymous. In Virgo, crisis is an opportunity to rise to the occasion with skill, technique, and the natural desire to improve any situation for the better.

The shadows of Virgo arise when self-discipline has not been adequately mastered. Instead of rising to the challenge, a person might crumble and feel victimized, or become overwhelmed by responsibility, or – at the other extreme – become rigid and overly critical. Over time, these aspects of Virgo’s shadow have become a stereotype, equating Virgo with qualities such as myopic attention, weakness and emotional upheaval. Instead, Virgo gives you the ability to respond to what needs to be done in the larger context of any situation, using the strength of this powerful zodiac sign.

In summary, with this New Moon chart any new situation that arises could simply appear as another crisis unless you are able to tap into strength of our Virgo stellium, using a disciplined approach to see beyond the superficiality of what going on in your life. The strength of this New Moon lies in seeing the untapped potential and then rising to the occasion to improve any circumstance for the better.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThe first significant pattern is the Grand Trine located in the three Earth signs. It’s remarkable that this Grand Trine contains a total of eight planets: the stellium located in Virgo; the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn; and Uranus in Taurus. This is quite unusual, in that a Grand Trine only requires three planets and instead we have a total of eight. (You can see this reflected in the chart with the preponderance of blue lines, indicating all of the aspects between planets which are within the frequency of the trine.)

Typically with a Grand Trine, we might say that there is a new opportunity in which the energies are harmonious. However, with so many planets involved in this particular formation, it’s not just an opportunity. Rather it’s a brand new situation that’s about to emerge. You can think of the new situation from a personal standpoint as well as larger collective standpoint.

The only two planets in our Solar System NOT involved in this grand trine are Jupiter and Neptune. We’ll look now at the significant role that they each play in activating the Grand Trine.

One significant aspect of the chart is the role of Neptune in Pisces, opposing the stellium in Virgo. Neptune helps us see the bigger picture. Neptune opposed the stellium is bringing awareness to the power of the new situation. The significant aspect here is that this new situation can have a tremendous positive influence, both in your personal life and for all of humanity. The shadow of Neptune in this position speaks to the danger (shadow) that the new situation or opportunity won’t be recognized.

With Jupiter square Neptune and the stellium there’s a tendency to rely on our habits and comfortable dependencies. This would be another reason to miss the opportunity, through an unwillingness to step out of our comfort zone.

The positive aspect of Jupiter in this chart is the opportunity for expansion through the Virgo quality of self discipline.  One important quality of Jupiter is the ability to manage expansion, so Virgo’s power of self discipline has a natural affinity with Jupiter’s energies of management. It’s important to note that this quality of managed expansion is related to Jupiter’s traditional connection with abundance and prosperity.

The squared aspect of Jupiter with the stellium will lead to the ability to harness the energies in a positive way. The shadow of Jupiter’s influence in this chart is a kind of satiation (like too much food at a good meal) and the inability to take decisive action.

The Influence of Uranus and the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

We’ve already talked about the significance of the stellium. To fully understand how the Grand Trine works we need to look at the other two points, specifically how Uranus and Pluto/Saturn are working together.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction is a historic signature that I’ve been covering in recent articles. From a positive perspective it represents the movement of the status quo toward new forms of leadership, and away from systems of authoritarian control. The influence of Uranus in the trine is breaking down the Pluto/Saturn signature of authoritative rule that leads to oppression when left unchecked.

On a collective level, Uranus is helping to break down the authoritative forms of control in society. On a personal level, Uranus is providing a new opportunity or situation that indicates a better circumstance and a better life. For the individual, Uranus is indicating the level of change and new potential that each of us can experience to help us improve our circumstances and create a better life.

The way this plays out collectively and the way it plays out personally is almost opposite. In other words, while collective systems are undergoing slow transformation, the individual and personal situations are able to transform and change extremely quickly. This is part of the symbol of Neptune opposed the stellium. Neptune in the New Moon chart indicates a type of collective stagnation, whereas it is facilitating new awareness of how quickly things can positively change at the personal level.


The Virgo New Moon is introducing a new situation that has the potentiality to transform your life for the better. The astrological chart doesn’t say what your particular situation will be, but for this lunar cycle change will happen in order to allow us to rise to the occasion and turn things in our lives in a positive direction.  The key is to see these changes as a completely new situation and  not merely a change of what already exists.

In the coming days, the most significant element that we can each bring to any new situation in our lives is the Virgo quality of self discipline. Specifically, this is the discipline to see something greater and then to act accordingly.

Even though things at the level of the collective have a tendency to move slowly, change at the individual level can happen very quickly. This could be the cycle where we see things begin to shift dramatically for the better, as more and more individuals begin to awaken to the new potentials of this powerful time.

Happy New Moon!

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